Top Tips for Picking a Moving Company

If you’re looking for advice on how to pick a moving company, it probably means you’re quite familiar with all the benefits of hiring professional movers, and that you’re finally ready to look into securing the services of a reputable moving company.

And that’s great. Why go through all the trouble of planning to move, if experienced professionals can do it for you? But, how to find the best San Diego movers? Easily, if you read through this list of tips. 

How to choose a moving company?

With plenty of rogue movers currently in the market, it’s quite reasonable to seek advice on how to choose a trustworthy moving company to help you with your relocation. Here are some tips that will help you navigate these treacherous waters easily and confidently.

  1. Licence – The first sign, and one of the most important signs that point to a good moving company is the fact that it is licenced, bonded, and completely insured. 
  2. Inventory – Every moving company that strives to become the best will, first, take an inventory of all the belongings in your home. This will help them reach an estimate.
  3. Estimate – Once the process of listing inventory is complete, professional movers should reach an as-close-as-possible estimate of the projected moving costs.
  4. Deposit – The first red flag of bad movers is the insistence on a big deposit. If a deposit seems too unreasonable, it probably is, and you should keep looking. 
  5. Name switch – There are moving companies that, in order to circumvent Better Business Bureau assessments, operate under a variety of different names. Stay clear of these movers.
  6. References – Good moving companies have previous satisfied customers talking about them. If none of your friends can recommend professional movers, you can always try the American Moving and Storage Association for recommendations.
  7. Blank contract – There are some moving companies that insist on you signing a blank moving contract. This is not something you should do, and you should never consider hiring such a company. 
  8. Hidden costs – Reputable movers need to be completely up front about any potential additional costs, such as for narrow streets, many flights of stairs, etc. 
  9. Protection – Finally, make sure that movers are prepared to take full responsibility for any possible damages to your property. This means they are confident in their abilities and prepared to admit mistakes. 

How do I hire a good moving company?How do I hire a good moving company

Now that you’ve found a moving company that ticks all the necessary boxes, it’s time to take a closer look into all of the most important steps in the process of hiring movers. Now, make sure not to skip any of these.

  1. Screening – The first thing you should do when hiring a moving company is to perform some online background checks. See what the people say.
  2. Choice – There’s always that one moving company that seems like the best possible choice. And it usually is. But, just to be completely on the safe side, invent several movers to provide an estimate. 
  3. Participation – When it comes to the process of movers estimating the costs, make sure to be at their side and show them every single item you want to relocate. This is the only way to receive a realistic estimate. 
  4. Review – Once you’ve received several estimates from a couple of moving companies, it is time to sit down and review them until you decide on one that seems best to you. 
  5. Duel – The best thing, upon reviewing all the estimates, is to boil your choice down to two of them, and then perform an in-depth research into their business.
  6. Licence – Once you think you’ve come to a choice, never hire until you inquire about the said company’s licence and insurance. 
  7. Complaints – Finally, call the Consumer Complaints hotline and see if there have been any complaints against the company you’re set on hiring. If not, then hire away!
  8. The call – Call your movers of choice, set a date for them to come to your home and start packing your belongings, sit back, exhale, and relax. You’re all set. 

“Now that I know how to hire Diego’s professional movers, do you have a suggestion?”

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