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What Happens on Moving Day?

San Diego Relocation: Moving Day

Our San Diego relocation experts know that when planning and getting ready for a move, you want to know exactly what to expect from the moving company on moving day. We can’t say exactly what your move should or would look like without knowing your situation and all of the factors involved, but we can give you a quick list of things to ask your local or long distance movers to find out what will occur on your moving day and what you are required to do:

Moving Day

• How many movers will be there? You usually have to pay a certain amount per mover per hour, but more movers means you will get done much more quickly. Our San Diego relocation specialists can easily estimate how many movers will be needed for your move.
• How long should the packing and loading take? Knowing this can help you plan for when you can leave for your new destination, especially if plane tickets or temporary lodging is involved.
• How much prep work are you expected to do? Depending on what your moving package includes, the movers might expect you to have things like packing and disconnecting the appliances done before they get there.
• What do you have to do the day of the move? Our San Diego relocation team offers full service moves, meaning we can do it all, from the packing to hiring third party contractors for your move.
• When are the movers expected to arrive and depart? This will let you know when you or a representative need to be at the home to unlock it and lock it.
• Will you be charged more if the move takes longer than estimated? Again, whatever is agreed upon here should be in writing, just so you know what to expect.
By asking and knowing the answers to these few questions, you will feel more in control over your moving day. If you have any questions for our San Diego relocation specialists or want a free quote, please contact us today!

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