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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

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Moving can be a hassle, and the stress of moving often makes it more likely for mistakes to occur. Avoid these missteps to ensure your move happens without a hitch

Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

Packing everything at the last minute

Waiting to begin packing until a day or two before your move is one of the worst things you can do. Packing is not only time consuming but needs to be methodical and organized as there is only so much room in the truck to fit all your things.

Disorganized packing also makes unpacking much more of a chore than necessary. Plan ahead by gathering packing supplies or ask your moving company for moving boxes. Pack similar items together, marking them with a title (kitchen, bathroom).

Once finished mark each box per how many you have (one out of five, two out of seven) to ensure all boxes are accounted for. Don’t pack boxes too tightly as it can make the box more fragile.

Picking the wrong time to move

Timing matters, and moving at the wrong time can make your move more of a hassle than it needs to be. Keep in mind spring and summer are considered peak moving seasons, meaning if you’re choosing a moving company you should contact them months beforehand to ensure your exact moving date is locked in.

If you’re planning a local move or have children, move during the summer to avoid moving during the middle of the school semester or move just before fall starts to avoid peak season.

Not choosing a moving company

Moving by yourself may seem like an affordable option, but it also comes with costly “baggage” of its own, including renting a truck, packing the truck by yourself and handling all the stresses of moving on your own.

Hiring a moving company is the best option, as most moving companies offer bundled services, which ensure professional movers pack the truck efficiently, handle fragile goods with care and come prepared with the necessary insurance should an accident occur.

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