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Tips For Packing Wine Bottles

Wine is one of those items that can be very worrisome to move. Not only can wine bottles be broken easily, but wine can also be ruined if not packed correctly. The good news is that Move Central of San Diego, is here with all of the advice and tips for packing wine bottles you need to get your wine safely to your new home.

Use The Right Supplies

A little preparation and the right supplies are as you need to protect your wine investment. Our San Diego full service moving company carries boxes and wine cases that are made especially for the purpose of moving wine bottles.

Pack Bottles Correctly

Some red wines must be packed so that their corks do not dry out and their sediment doesn’t get disturbed. Pack these bottles sideways or upside down inside the packing boxes to fulfill these requirements.

Let Bottles Rest

Wine can shake around inside its bottle, no matter how careful you are in packing it. The resulting bottle shock can cause your wine to spoil if it is not allowed to rest before opening. Once you reach your new home, you should let your wine rest a minimum of 7 days for each day it was moved before opening it.

Our San Diego movers hope that these tips for packing and moving wine bottles will help you have peace of mind during your next move, as well as a successful, stress-free move. If you are moving in San Diego, we are always here to assist you with the supplies and help you need.

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