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Tips For Packing Small Appliances

Packing small appliances can actually be quite simple when you know the techniques the pros use.  Here are Move Central, Inc’s tips for packing small appliances such as:  coffee makers, waffle irons, and blenders to prevent damage during your move.

Use Ample Padding

Whether they are made from plastic or glass, all small appliances should be wrapped well to keep them from being damaged, inside or out. Wrap each item separately with bubble wrap to protect it from shock or jarring.

Prepare Items Correctly

When wrapping items, don’t forget the cord. The plug end should be wrapped so it does not nick or scuff other items.

Ensure that coffee makers, irons, and other appliances that use water are completely empty and dry before packing. You may need to check the manufacturer’s instructions for specialty appliances.

As batteries can corrode easily from heat and humidity, causing your appliances to no longer work, they should always be taken out prior to packing.

Once all items are prepared, place them in a box that has been cushioned with bubble wrap or crumpled paper and ensure that they are secure for moving by packing extra spaces with crumpled paper. Seal the box tightly to keep air and water out, and you are ready to go!

As you see, packing small appliances the right way just takes a little preparation and know-how. At Move Central, Inc., professional movers in San Diego, we hope that this makes your next move just a little less stressful.



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