Tips For Packing Silverware

Packing silverware requires special attention, as you will want to protect the delicate metal and its finish, as well as keep sharp knives and forks from poking through boxes and causing injury to your help during the move. As one of the most caring and detail-oriented moving companies in San Diego, Move Central, Inc., is about to share with you how we make packing silverware a cinch in our expert tips for packing silverware.

Wrap All Pieces

The first thing you need to know is that the two biggest threats to your silverware when moving are scuffing or scratching, caused by items shifting, and tarnishing.

To keep your larger fine silver pieces like trays or serving pieces from tarnishing, they need to be protected from air by wrapping them in clean tissue paper. Then pack your wrapped items with your other dishes to ensure they are easy to find once you get to your new home.

Stack utensils together and wrap them with plastic wrap or tissue before putting them in boxes.

Use Your Silver Chest

If your silver pieces are kept in a chest, it is still a good idea to wrap them all with tissue to protect them. Make sure they will remain secure in the chest by packing any spaces with crumpled paper. Then use a towel or bubble wrap to protect the outside of the chest.

Now you know the mover’s tips to packing silverware the right way. We genuinely hope that these tips will help you during your next move, because at Move Central, Inc., our only job is making moving San Diego better.

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