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Tips For Packing Lamps And Lampshades

When moving, most people have never considered the best way to pack their lamps and lampshades. So in this article, Move Central, Inc., San Diego full service moving company, will give you the our mover’s tips for packing lamps and lampshades.

Pack Lamps & Lampshades Separately

It is best to pack lampshades together in a box and lamps in another box, to prevent the crushing of the lampshades and use space more efficiently.

How To Pack Lamps

First, disassemble the lamp, taking off the lamp shade, the light bulb, and the harp. Then wrap each of these separately with newspaper and place them in a box. You may put more than one lamp, with all of its parts, in one box. Once the box is full, minimize shifting by packing spaces with crumpled newsprint.

How To Pack Lampshades

Use only clean, unprinted tissue paper to wrap lampshades because ink can transfer from printed newspaper onto the fabric of lampshades. Clean pillowcases and sheets or unprinted paper towels can be used for wrapping as well.

Choose a box that allows the lampshades to fit inside with a couple of inches of space around the base of the shades, as you don’t want them packed too tightly, which could cause crushing. You may nest lampshades inside each other, as long as they don’t touch, and don’t pack other items with them. In the case of silk lampshades or other very delicate shades, only pack one per box. Gently pack crushed paper around the sides of the shades and seal the carton.

Now, you know how professionals pack and move lamps and lampshades. Our moving company in San Diego, Move Central, Inc., hopes you found these tips useful for your next move.

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