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Tips For Moving Stoves and Ranges

Though they may seem sturdy, there is a lot to consider when moving a range or a stove. There are many high-voltage connections, delicate parts, and smooth finishes that will need special care during a move. Move Central, Inc., which has been moving San Diego for several years, has put together several tips for moving stoves and ranges safely.

We recommend that you hire a technician to service and disconnect your unit before we move it, and we always warn you to be cautious when preparing to move appliances with high-voltage or gas connections.

1.     Disconnect the appliance.  
If you are using our San Diego moving company for your move, then you should have arranged for the disconnection of your gas range before moving day. Upon arrival at your new home, you will need a certified gas installation professional to come to your home to install your gas range and light the pilot.

If you decide to have our San Diego moving company handle the appliance disconnection before your move, we will handle the details for you through a third-party company that we know and trust. This service will be conveniently charged to your final bill.

If you have an electric range, you will only need to unplug the range before the move, and then have a technician check the electrical requirements at your new home to ensure that your range will match the power supply, as some ranges require different voltages.

2.      Clean your appliance.
To prevent scratches while moving, you will need to clean your stove or range prior to moving it. Wipe down the exterior of your appliance to remove dirt, food, and grease. If you have a stainless steel unit, we recommend using a steel protecting product before wrapping the unit with appliance pads.
Take off any knobs, burner coils, drip pans, racks, and broiler pans and put them in a box to keep them together and safe.

Things to Remember

Your range, stove, and other large appliances need special handling and care during a move. Some have high-voltage or gas hook ups, and these will require servicing by a certified technician, as Move Central movers in San Diego cannot help you with the disconnection, servicing, or reinstallation of these appliances.

To make your move easier, our San Diego moving company can arrange for a technician from a third party company to come to your home to service your appliances prior to your move. This service can be added to your final moving bill for your convenience.

As always, we want to do everything we can to make your move smooth and easy, but we have to protect the safety of our employees, our clients (you), and your property, so we cannot perform the following services as part of your move:

  • Appliance disconnection or reinstallation
  • Disconnection or installation of any utilities
  • Appliance repair
  • Removal or installation of your window air conditioner, TV, or satellite dish
  • Help with things like carpentry or home repair, wiring, plumbing, or electrical

If you have any questions about your move or are looking for reputable moving companies, San Diego movers, Move Central would love to hear from you!

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