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Three Steps for Moving Refrigerators and Freezers

San Diego Movers, Move Central, Inc., wants to remind you that your refrigerator and freezer require special treatment when moving them, as movement, rapidly changing temperatures, and shortage of air can all negatively affect these appliances during transport. Taking just a few precautions and preparing your refrigerator and/ or freezer before the move will help protect them, so they will be set for use at your new home.  Here are three steps for moving refrigerators and freezers safely and effectively.

#1 Clean It

Before wrapping it up and putting it on the moving truck, your fridge/freezer will need a good cleaning. Empty all perishable food items from inside your appliance and unplug it. Then remove all frost, ice, or moisture from the interior. Once defrosted (if needed), clean the outside of the fridge with a cloth and mild cleaner or soap. Take out all shelving and pull-out compartments and rinse with warm water, wiping with a soft cloth where needed. Once cleaned, leave open for 24 hours to air dry or dry thoroughly with a clean towel if time is an issue.

#2 Prepare It For Moving

There are many breakable parts inside your refrigerator, so you will need to secure them properly for moving. Plastic drawers can be left in the refrigerator and taped shut so they do not slide during moving. Glass shelving will need to be taken out, wrapped, and packed into a box to prevent breakage. Wrap the doors with a string or plastic wrap or tape them shut so they remain closed during the move.

#3 Have It Serviced

If you would like to have your appliances serviced and disconnected by a professional before moving them, our San Diego full service moving company can arrange this for you. We will use a third-party company that we know and trust, and we will simply add the charge to your final bill.

If you choose this option, you will need to prepare your fridge/freezer by taking off the back cover and vacuuming the condenser/compressor, emptying the evaporator pan, and drying any moisture before putting the cover back on the unit.

If you have a water or ice dispenser, disconnect the water line (closing the water valve off at the back first if possible) and empty out any remaining water by holding down the water dispenser lever.

If you have an older refrigerator, the motor or compressor may need to be bolted down, but most current models do not need this done.

Once your refrigerator arrives at your new location, you should leave it to sit, unused, for at least 24 hours so the oil in the compressor can settle. If this is not done, damage can occur.

After 24 hours, plug in your refrigerator and connect the water (if applicable). Be sure to dump the first few batches of ice and several glasses of water to ensure that any contaminants have been washed from the line.
Other Important Info

Move Central Movers, San Diego, has a few restrictions applying to large appliances that require high voltage connections or gas hook-ups. Our movers cannot disconnect or reinstall these types of appliances for you, and you will need to have a certified technician to handle this for you.

If needed, our San Diego moving service would be happy to arrange a technician for the purpose of servicing these appliances for you on, or prior to, your moving day. We will use a technician from a third-party company we know and trust and will conveniently add the charge for this work to your final bill.

Our San Diego movers cannot do the following:

  • Disconnection or reconnection of any large household appliance
  • Utility cut off
  • Appliance repair
  • Removal or installation of air conditioners, antennas, or satellite dishes
  • Electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, or repair service

If you think that any of these services may be needed, please ask us about how our third-party appliance technicians can handle all of your appliance removal, installation, and service needs. As one of the few moving companies San Diego loves and trusts, we will always work with you to make your move as easy as possible.



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