San Diego Luxury Apartments – Top 2019 List [Images]

The stunning city of San Diego is filled with opportunities for opulent living and resort-style communities. The luxury apartments of San Diego provide far more than a space to call home. Most include access to 24-hour fitness centers, rooftop pools and areas to build community within your complex. What’s more, most apartments and townhomes come equipped with updated features like stainless steel appliances, smart-home technology and a balance of timeless style and modern minimalism. Many of these San Diego luxury apartments are designed by renowned artists, each adding a personal touch to create distinction from room to room.

Explore this 2019 guide of our favorite luxury apartments in San Diego. With a few just hitting the market and others boasting years of high ratings, each one creates the opportunity to live to the fullest in this dynamic seaside city.

1. Park 12 The Collection

Park 12 San Diego luxury apartments feature panoramic views of the bay and direct access to some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city. Nestled between the Gaslight District and the East Village, residents are just steps to San Diego’s hippest nightlife scene and arts communities. Enjoy afternoons by the rooftop pool, play a round at the golf simulator or kick back in the courtyard with friends around the firepit. With six luxury — and pet friendly — residency options to choose from, Park 12 offers a balance of comfort and modern elegance.

2. Pinnacle on the Park

Live in San Diego’s most exciting hub for fashion and art at the Pinnacle on the Park East Village luxury apartments. Residents enjoy a stunning view of the city and the bay from one of their 45 stories of suites. The brand new building features a 24-hour fitness center, pool and spa as well as a community-focused lounge and gaming area. Private balconies, designer countertops and fully equipped, modern kitchens make this a stylish choice for those seeking the best apartment experience in San Diego.

3. Montecito Point Apartments

Fit with a collection of newly renovated one- and two bedroom apartments, Montecito Point offers luxury and convenience just a short walk from downtown. Gather friends for a barbecue on the lounge deck or unwind at the on-site spa after a long week. Its central location is close to major freeways for an easy commute and close to most San Diego hotspots for perusing restaurants and shopping on the weekend. Each luxury apartment offers central air and heating, granite countertops and private balconies.


Luxury apartments in San Diego offer resort living year-round, and LUX UTC pulls this off with classic style. The designers at the new LUX UTC melded high design with fine living, filling each apartment with smart technology, designer bathrooms, walk-in showers and stainless steel appliances. The modern fitness center, rooftop pool and spa keep you healthy and rested while the lounge and co-working space allow you to balance life and business. Located within steps of the Downtown Westfield Mall and popular campuses in the area, professionals and students of all ages enjoy the bustling lifestyle of this downtown San Diego luxury apartments.

5. Presidio View

Overlooking the San Diego River in Mission Valley West, these apartments for rent in San Diego combines charm with modern elegance. Each elegant suite is filled with natural light, bold color and modern accents of architectural style. The heated outdoor pool is inspired by resort-levels of luxury and includes outdoor wifi for poolside connection. The 24-hour fitness center and bbq-equipped picnic areas create a space for residents to build community find work-life balance in a bustling city. Additionally, apartments are pet friendly, air-conditioned and filled with modern appliances and amenities.

6. The Villas of Renaissance

Set in the stunning La Jolla area, the Villas at Renaissance provide luxury styled after Italian Renaissance art while polishing off each suite with modern elegance. Studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments offer resort-level design with private patios, vaulted ceilings, wood-burning fireplaces an Italian-styled crown molding. The clubhouse design is inspired by the Duomo in Florence sits among a rich landscaped property equipped with a pool, movie theatre spa, fitness center and more.

7. La Jolla Palms

From the same company that designed The Villas of Renaissance and Village at Mission Valley, La Jolla Palms San Diego Luxury apartments provide sleek and stylish living accessible to the area’s best spots. Verdant landscaping filled with palm trees and Mediterranean-inspired accents fill the outdoor lounge and pool area. Residents enjoy a fully equipped fitness center and business center for easy transition between work and home. Gated parking ensures complete privacy and a sense of luxury right at home.

8. The Village at Mission Valley

Residents enjoy an Italian-inspired village all their own in this modern, dynamic living community. A village market offers a bistro and craft bar, fitness studios and a range of shopping opportunities right in the luxury living community itself. Apartments large and small — up to three bedrooms — come appointed with high-speed internet, stainless steel appliances, private balconies and towering vaulted ceilings. The Village at Mission Valley also includes five resort-style pools, including salt-water and lagoon pools as well as those perfect for laps. Five spas top off their impressive list of amenities, making this an all-inclusive resort living space for year-round enjoyment.

9. Broadstone Coronado

A luxury opportunity for bayside living, Broadstone Coronado apartments is just a short drive to downtown, making this a convenient and rejuvenating spot for San Diego life. Sun-filled residencies mirror the cozy, bungalow style of design with floor plans that range between studio and two-bedrooms in size. Wood-plank flooring, fireplaces and bayside views combine with quartz countertop kitchens, European-style cabinets and plantation shutters for a classic coastal look with modern edge.

10. Broadstone Balboa Park

Combining timeless style with modern elegance, Broadstone Balboa Park incorporates hand-crafted art into each of their suites. Some of the most popular designers in California have personally styled their range of studio, one and two-bedroom apartments. No two apartments are completely alike, all featuring their own distinct energy, views and layout. Multi-level apartments, bungalows and row homes are also unique options compared to other San Diego luxury apartments. All residents have access to the on-site clubhouse, rooftop, spa, fitness center and creative workspace.

11. Hanover Mission Gorge

Be one of the first residents of the new Hanover Mission Gorge luxury apartments in the popular Grantville section of San Diego. Gourmet, professional-level kitchens and floor-to-ceiling windows give the feeling of complete opulence. Smart technology throughout the apartment also makes apartment living simpler and more eco-conscious. Throughout the complex, residents enjoy outdoor lounge areas and expansive green space and a movie room with surround sound and full entertainment center. Open-air rest areas and executive conference rooms balance life and work as well.

When perusing apartment complexes in San Diego, luxury communities supply a whole new level of living and service. San Diego luxury apartments are often located in some of the area’s most desirable neighborhoods, combining amenities with accessibility. When moving to San Diego, consider all the resort-level apartment options for the ultimate living experience.

Office Moving Company Expectations

Office Moving Expectations

When you hire a San Diego office moving company, you should expect a certain level of service that will ensure that you are hiring the right moving company for the job. In this article, we have provided a list of five things the moving service you hire should absolutely not be without.
Full Service
Professional office movers should be full-service. That means they offer all the basics you need to get the job done right and protect all of your valuable equipment, office furniture, and even your office floors and walls.
A qualified office moving company will have made many office moves. They understand the complexities of moving an office and the importance of avoiding productivity loss, and will work efficiently to avoid it.
You should not be left with any big pricing surprises when working with a San Diego office moving company that is operating on the up and up. They should offer a free consultation and give you a solid, flat-rate price quote that will be what you pay on delivery day.
Properly Equipped
From manpower to supplies to trucks, the San Diego office movers you choose should have the capability to actually make your move a reality.
From the very first time you work with them, your prospective office relocation company should show up on time, every time. This indicates that they respect your time and know how important it is to get things done when they say they will.  Using this short list, you should be able to weed out San Diego moving companies that are not suitable for your office relocation.
To find out more about how our San Diego office moving company can help with your upcoming office relocation, contact us to schedule your free consultation today.

Office Moves: Labeling

Office Moves: Labeling

San Diego’s office movers, Move Central, always stresses the importance of office move labeling and organization to make your office move easier and less stress free. Proper labeling is even more crucial for an office or company move than it is for a household move. If not labeled properly your office equipment may wind up in the wrong office or even on the wrong floor.

Labeling for Office Moves

When you move with us, we will give you specific information to use on every label. Then, using a ballpoint pen, you will write the specific information on the labels to be used for your office.
You will then stick the labels on the top or front of each item to be moved, including but not limited to the desk, chairs, bookcases, computers, lamps, etc. You will also put these labels on the boxes of items you packed from your desk, file cabinets, or bookcases.
By doing a thorough job of labeling each item in your office correctly, you can ensure that all of your familiar office equipment will be delivered where it belongs. This will create less hassle and lost productivity for everyone involved in your move.
Whether your office is moving in San Diego or across the country, we hope these tips will help your move be easy and frustration free. As always, our full service, office movers in San Diego are always here to help.

Mover’s Tips For Moving With Pets

Moving with pets poses a few problems, mostly because pets sometimes have a hard time being in unfamiliar environments or having to stay crated up for an extended length of time. Since we know how much you love your fur babies and want the best for them, our San Diego moving company, Move Central, Inc., wants to give you our best tips for moving with pets.

A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

There are a few things you will need to consider when moving your pet, and you should plan ahead for your pet’s accommodations well before you make the move, to ensure that your pet enjoys a comfortable, safe move. These considerations include:

Adhering To State Or City Laws

States may have laws on pets crossing state lines, and cities often have their own sets of laws, restrictions, and licenses for pets. If moving across state lines, you should contact the State Animal Health Official of your new state to determine the laws in your new state. If you are moving to another town or municipality, contact that area’s city clerk to determine what you need to do to legally have a pet there.

Making Sure Vaccinations Are Up To Date

You may need to have a record of your pet’s vaccinations to prove that they are up to date. Get a copy from your current veterinarian and keep it with you in an easy-to-get-to location when moving. For a list of accredited vets in your new area, go to the AAHA’s website at https:/

Getting Your Pet An ID

Your pet should already have its rabies tags, but when moving to a new home, you will want to have another tag that includes the name your pet goes by, your name, your new address, and your phone number. This is just in the case that your pet gets loose or runs off on the way to, or once you reach, your new home.

Transporting Your Pet Via Airplane

As all airlines are different, you will need to contact them for prices and rules. Some other things to keep in mind when transporting pets by planes are: You will need to provide a crate for your pet. You will want to make your reservations as far ahead of your flight as possible, to ensure there is room for your pet. You should not feed your pet within five hours before your flight time, and water should be given no less than two hours beforehand. If you need help, our San Diego full service moving company would be glad to set you up with a trustworthy pet transportation company.

Transporting Your Pet Via Car

You will need a carrier or other restraint to keep your pet safe and secure during your ride. Be sure to bring food bowls, treats, food, and water for your pet. If you do not frequently take your pet on rides, you may want to get him or her used to it by taking a few short drives first. If you think your pet will be too stressed traveling, talk to your vet about medications that can relax him or her.

You will want to limit water and food right before getting on the road, but you may provide treats to keep your pet happy throughout the day. Also make sure to stop every few hours to let your pet stretch and have a bathroom/water break.

Make Your Pet Comfortable In Your New Home

Familiarity can be a great comfort to your pet in your new home. Make sure that your pet has its regular bed, chew toys, and feeding bowls ready for him or her when you arrive. If possible, also try to put them in similar spots in your new home that you kept them in your old home and keep your feeding schedule as close to the same as possible.

If you are moving with a dog, you will want to take him/her out walking as soon as possible to familiarize him/her with your new neighborhood and yard. If you are moving with a cat, you should keep your cat inside until he/she is comfortable in your new home so he/she won’t run away. Start by giving your cat access to just a room or two, and then let him/her start to explore further as he/she becomes more comfortable.

Moving with your pet can be challenging at times, but having a well thought out plan will ensure that both you and your beloved pet have an easy, safe move. If you have any further questions about moving with a pet, feel free to contact Move Central moving company, San Diego.

5 Steps For Moving Antiques Safely

Move Central, Inc. San Diego’s movers understands that your beloved antique collection can be both valuable and hard to replace that’s why we put together 5 steps for moving antiques safely. It is only right that you take the steps to protect it from damage when moving from one location to another. That is why we are going to share with you the five simple steps our San Diego movers use to safeguard our clients’ valuable breakables during a move.

Step #1: Have Your Antiques Appraised

If you believe you have items of high value, then you should have an appraisal done on them by a professional appraiser. Not only is this a good idea for purchasing insurance for your move, but it may also be required when transferring your homeowner’s policy.

To find a qualified appraiser, you can contact your insurance company, lawyer, or bank. You may also find an appraiser by searching online or going to to order your copy the Directory Of Certified Professional Personal Property Appraisers, which gives a list of appraisers by state. During your search for appraisers, look out for those who are members of the ASA (American Society of Appraisers), as these appraisers may be more reputable and committed to professionalism.

Alongside your appraisal, it is a good idea to also have good photos of each antique piece. Videotaping the items in your home may be an acceptable alternative or addition to photography.

When you have your in-home estimate done by the moving company, show the assessor any antiques that are of high value, are easily breakable, or that will require special consideration for moving. Customized boxes or crates can be made for these items.

Step #2: Set Up A Protection Plan

During your in-home estimate, it is important to talk about the valuation of your collection. Move Central movers, San Diego, have several insurance plans to cover accidental loss during your move.

You will want to have items that are valued at over $100/lb. to be listed on our High-Value Inventory Form, along with any special markings such as signatures, hallmarks, maker’s marks, or identification numbers.

As discussed before, photographing your high-value antiques is recommended, but videoing them can be even better for documenting their conditions. Whichever way you decide or are able to document your valuables, you must ensure that your images are clear, well lit, and highly visible so that it can be used when making a claim.

Step three: Prepare For packing

For some antiques, cleaning is recommended before moving. This will ensure that your items are dust and grit free so they will not be scratched during the move.

We suggest asking a professional at a hardware store, home furnishing store, or antique dealership what they recommend for cleaning your antiques.

We do, however, recommend that you do not use oils or waxes on your furniture previous to moving them, as these types of cleaners can temporarily make finishes softer, and furniture pads could impress into the finish during the move.

If you still have questions about how to clean or take care of a certain item during a move, you may contact historical societies, antique dealers or libraries to find information on the subject.

Step #4: Help The Movers Identify Your Antiques

You will either want to be available or have a trusted individual available during the packing and moving stage of your move to show your movers which items require special care. This is also important as those helping you pack and load items will not know the specifics of every item in your home and they may need help answering questions about certain items.

Regardless of if they are antiques or not, our moving company in San Diego will protect all of your larger furniture with furniture pads to prevent damage.

Step #5: Check Your Items Upon Arrival

Once your items reach your new home, you should check what has been delivered against your inventory list to ensure that you have received everything. Once you are sure that you have, you should sign for receipt. If there is any damage to your items, simply contact our San Diego moving service, and we will help you file for reimbursement.

And remember, if you have any questions about moving your antiques, San Diego local moving company Move Central, Inc., is always here to help.



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