Negotiating Moving Rates

Negotiating moving rates effectively will save you some money and potential headaches.  While many people may think that searching Google for “cheap movers San Diego,” is the first step, the fact is that most people don’t want “cheap moving companies”, what they want is an affordable moving company with professional movers and storage capabilities.
If you are looking for a great rate, we have a few tips for getting one with a San Diego residential moving company. Feel free to use any of these on us when you call Move Central Inc. for your long distance or local San Diego moving quote.

Negotiating Moving Rates

Get Several Quotes—The best way to get a good rate is to get several quotes and compare them. Be sure to see what is included in the price you have been given.
Keep an Eye Out for Specials—If you don’t have a time limit on moving, look out for specials from local moving companies. These could save you hundreds.
Move in the off Season—If you move during the winter, when fewer people move, you may be able to ask for a discount, and get it!
Pit Competitors Against Each Other—If you have several quotes, you may be able to get your preferred company to come down on their price by showing them what a local competitor quoted you. You may have to be flexible on your move dates, but this could save you money.

Get started on negotiating your moving rate with a FREE quote from Move Central Inc., home of the affordable moving services in San Diego, California.


Packing Flat Screen Televisions

Packing Flat Screen Televisions

Packing flat screen televisions properly will save you time and safeguard your investment. Move Central’s movers and storage experts knows that your flat screen televisions are both expensive and fragile. Keeping your flat screen televisions safe during a move is one of your top priorities. When you let our full service movers do the packing, we will take all the necessary precautions to secure your flat screen. But what about when you are not utilizing our San Diego packing service?

Pack It In The Box It Came In—If you are one of the lucky few who saved the box, just slip it back in using the included packing Styrofoam, and you are set!
Buy A New Specialized Television Box—Specialty TV boxes come in a variety of sizes, and you can easily find them online or purchase them through us.
Add Some Padding—Bubble wrap or a soft, non-abrasive sheet or blanket packed into the box will ensure the screen is protected during the move.
Label It “TV Fragile”—Be sure to label your TV so it is handled with care. By labeling it on all sides “TV, Fragile” our movers will know where to put it and will understand not to stack anything on top of it if it is laid horizontally in the moving van.
Out of all of the San Diego moving companies out there, Move Central cares most about you, your moving experience, and your TV.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about packing or your next move!

Packing Supply Checklist

Our San Diego local moving service knows from experience that having the right packing supplies can make your move much easier and worry-free. In our Packing Supply Checklist we share our San Diego Movers’ favorite packing supplies and tell you how we use them to make moving a breeze.  When you have everything on hand that you need for your move, you can pack things quickly and safely, and you can be at peace knowing that your favorite items will reach your new home in one piece.

Small-Sized Boxes – The smallest sized boxes are great for items that need to be packed separately because they are either easily breakable or very heavy.

Medium-Sized Boxes – Medium-sized boxes are very frequently used when moving, and you will want to have many of these on hand when packing. They are just the right size for packing most small items in the house. They can be used with dish packing and glass packing inserts that keep breakable dishware separate and secure.

Large-Sized Boxes – Large-sized boxes can be used for larger, medium weight items like throw pillows, stuffed animals, and clothing. You don’t want to weigh them down with a lot of heavy items, as they will be hard to carry and move.

Extra-Large-Sized Boxes – Large-sized boxes should be used for large, but lightweight items like pillows, blankets, and clothes.

Electronics Boxes – These boxes are made specifically to accommodate your electronics like blue ray players, laptops, and game players.

Heavy Duty Boxes – For items that need a little more protection, such as electronics, appliances, and collectibles, these boxes, with thick, reinforced walls, are perfect.

Wardrobe Boxes – Wardrobe boxes come complete with a clothes rod. This allows you to take hanging clothes out of your closet and hang them directly into the box, so they don’t get wrinkled or require folding. They also come in a variety of heights for different sized clothes.

Newsprint – Clean newsprint paper is perfect for wrapping fragile items before packing them. Use this instead of used newspapers to keep your items clean and free from ink stains.

Glass Packing Kit – Glass packing kits are specially made to protect glasses, vases, bottles, and crystal items. Some have foam in them to further protect your fragile items.

Dish Packing Kit – Dish packing kits are specially made to separate fragile dishes, plates, and bowls. Some have foam in them to further protect your fragile items.

Bubble Wrap – Not just fun for popping, a big roll of bubble wrap can be used to wrap glass or other easily breakable items. It can also be used to stuff in empty spots in boxes to keep items from shifting.

Markers – Permanent markers are great for writing on boxes to tell the movers which rooms boxes go in and let them know if the boxes contain fragile items or require a certain orientation when transporting.

Packing Tape Gun – Packing tape is a must, but a packing tape gun will make closing boxes easier and less frustrating. Your tape will not get stuck to itself, and you will never have to search for the tape seam.

Additional Tape– Everything comes to a halt when you run out of tape, so you will want to be sure you have a few rolls for packing.

Utility Knife – Also known as a box cutter, this sharp little knife is great for unpacking boxes, and you can lower the blade, so you can keep it in your pocket safely when not in use.

And remember, whether you are using Move Central moving company in San Diego for your move or not, you can always purchase the moving supplies you need from us when moving in San Diego. It is our goal to always be here for you for all of your moving needs.


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