Office Moving Company Expectations

Office Moving Expectations

When you hire a San Diego office moving company, you should expect a certain level of service that will ensure that you are hiring the right moving company for the job. In this article, we have provided a list of five things the moving service you hire should absolutely not be without.
Full Service
Professional office movers should be full-service. That means they offer all the basics you need to get the job done right and protect all of your valuable equipment, office furniture, and even your office floors and walls.
A qualified office moving company will have made many office moves. They understand the complexities of moving an office and the importance of avoiding productivity loss, and will work efficiently to avoid it.
You should not be left with any big pricing surprises when working with a San Diego office moving company that is operating on the up and up. They should offer a free consultation and give you a solid, flat-rate price quote that will be what you pay on delivery day.
Properly Equipped
From manpower to supplies to trucks, the San Diego office movers you choose should have the capability to actually make your move a reality.
From the very first time you work with them, your prospective office relocation company should show up on time, every time. This indicates that they respect your time and know how important it is to get things done when they say they will.  Using this short list, you should be able to weed out San Diego moving companies that are not suitable for your office relocation.
To find out more about how our San Diego office moving company can help with your upcoming office relocation, contact us to schedule your free consultation today.

Furniture Movers

How Professional Furniture Movers Move Over-sized Furniture

To professional furniture movers, moving an over-sized piece of furniture is really no different than moving anything else in your household. It is all about using the right tools, protecting your valuable furniture and your real estate while getting the job done efficiently.  One of the best tips our San Diego movers can give you, is to hire an experienced, professional mover to help, especially if you want your valuables to arrive at their new destination in good condition. While almost anyone can move furniture and belongings, professional movers have the experience and equipment to do the job right, meaning less hassle, headache, and backache for you.

Here’s how professional furniture movers do it:

Disassemble the Furniture
The first thing our professional movers in San Diego will do is break the furniture down to its smallest state. That makes it easier to get through doors and around corners without bumping anything.
Pack the Furniture
This step involves wrapping all loose parts, like table legs, cabinet doors, and glass shelving in plastic wrap to keep them together and not swinging around or shifting in the moving van. Then our furniture movers will wrap everything in blankets or pack it in boxes, whichever the situation calls for, and place it safely in the moving van, taking special care to protect the finish from gouging or scratching, while leaving some space so moisture doesn’t get trapped.
Using the Right Tools
Our full-service moving company will use a variety of specialized moving tools, from special furniture dollies to extra men, to ensure that your furniture is moved with care. This helps us prevent drops and accidents when moving an extra-large piece.

In short, everything our San Diego movers do is to ensure that you are happy and your property is safe.
To find out more about how our Move Central’s professional furniture movers can help with your upcoming office or residential relocation, contact us to schedule your free consultation today.

Office Moving Tips

Office Moving Tips

These Office Moving Tips by the experts at Move Central Inc., specifically covers moving day and what to do before the movers arrive.  Follow these Office Moving tips to make your office move run smoothly.  Note: the key to any successful office move is dependent on you to having the contents of your office ready for us to move when we arrive.
Here is a short list of some of the things that need to be done:
• Take down adjustable shelves and place pegs in a small, sealable bag and pack into a moving box. Label the shelves separately and place them on the floor.
• Unplug computers and disconnect cables. Wrap and place items like your keyboard, speakers, mouse, cables, and other small electronics in a moving box and label.
• Label large items like printers, computers, filing cabinets, copiers, etc.
• Empty wastebaskets and label.
• Ensure all office machines are serviced by professionals before the move. Remove paper and toner from machines and roll up cords.
• Leave files in file cabinets unless instructed otherwise.
• Empty contents of all storage cabinets, desks, and bookcases, and pack items into moving boxes and label.
• Label large or heavy pictures to be moved by the moving company. Small pictures should be wrapped and packed into a box labeled “fragile.”
• Consult with your San Diego office moving company to find out what else may be required for your particular move.

Whether your office is in San Diego county or outside of the area, we hope your move will be a breeze with these office moving tips. To get a free quote from San Diego’s affordable moving company contact the experts at Move Central today.

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