San Diego Luxury Apartments – Top 2019 List [Images]

The stunning city of San Diego is filled with opportunities for opulent living and resort-style communities. The luxury apartments of San Diego provide far more than a space to call home. Most include access to 24-hour fitness centers, rooftop pools and areas to build community within your complex. What’s more, most apartments and townhomes come equipped with updated features like stainless steel appliances, smart-home technology and a balance of timeless style and modern minimalism. Many of these San Diego luxury apartments are designed by renowned artists, each adding a personal touch to create distinction from room to room.

Explore this 2019 guide of our favorite luxury apartments in San Diego. With a few just hitting the market and others boasting years of high ratings, each one creates the opportunity to live to the fullest in this dynamic seaside city.

1. Park 12 The Collection

Park 12 San Diego luxury apartments feature panoramic views of the bay and direct access to some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city. Nestled between the Gaslight District and the East Village, residents are just steps to San Diego’s hippest nightlife scene and arts communities. Enjoy afternoons by the rooftop pool, play a round at the golf simulator or kick back in the courtyard with friends around the firepit. With six luxury — and pet friendly — residency options to choose from, Park 12 offers a balance of comfort and modern elegance.

2. Pinnacle on the Park

Live in San Diego’s most exciting hub for fashion and art at the Pinnacle on the Park East Village luxury apartments. Residents enjoy a stunning view of the city and the bay from one of their 45 stories of suites. The brand new building features a 24-hour fitness center, pool and spa as well as a community-focused lounge and gaming area. Private balconies, designer countertops and fully equipped, modern kitchens make this a stylish choice for those seeking the best apartment experience in San Diego.

3. Montecito Point Apartments

Fit with a collection of newly renovated one- and two bedroom apartments, Montecito Point offers luxury and convenience just a short walk from downtown. Gather friends for a barbecue on the lounge deck or unwind at the on-site spa after a long week. Its central location is close to major freeways for an easy commute and close to most San Diego hotspots for perusing restaurants and shopping on the weekend. Each luxury apartment offers central air and heating, granite countertops and private balconies.


Luxury apartments in San Diego offer resort living year-round, and LUX UTC pulls this off with classic style. The designers at the new LUX UTC melded high design with fine living, filling each apartment with smart technology, designer bathrooms, walk-in showers and stainless steel appliances. The modern fitness center, rooftop pool and spa keep you healthy and rested while the lounge and co-working space allow you to balance life and business. Located within steps of the Downtown Westfield Mall and popular campuses in the area, professionals and students of all ages enjoy the bustling lifestyle of this downtown San Diego luxury apartments.

5. Presidio View

Overlooking the San Diego River in Mission Valley West, these apartments for rent in San Diego combines charm with modern elegance. Each elegant suite is filled with natural light, bold color and modern accents of architectural style. The heated outdoor pool is inspired by resort-levels of luxury and includes outdoor wifi for poolside connection. The 24-hour fitness center and bbq-equipped picnic areas create a space for residents to build community find work-life balance in a bustling city. Additionally, apartments are pet friendly, air-conditioned and filled with modern appliances and amenities.

6. The Villas of Renaissance

Set in the stunning La Jolla area, the Villas at Renaissance provide luxury styled after Italian Renaissance art while polishing off each suite with modern elegance. Studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments offer resort-level design with private patios, vaulted ceilings, wood-burning fireplaces an Italian-styled crown molding. The clubhouse design is inspired by the Duomo in Florence sits among a rich landscaped property equipped with a pool, movie theatre spa, fitness center and more.

7. La Jolla Palms

From the same company that designed The Villas of Renaissance and Village at Mission Valley, La Jolla Palms San Diego Luxury apartments provide sleek and stylish living accessible to the area’s best spots. Verdant landscaping filled with palm trees and Mediterranean-inspired accents fill the outdoor lounge and pool area. Residents enjoy a fully equipped fitness center and business center for easy transition between work and home. Gated parking ensures complete privacy and a sense of luxury right at home.

8. The Village at Mission Valley

Residents enjoy an Italian-inspired village all their own in this modern, dynamic living community. A village market offers a bistro and craft bar, fitness studios and a range of shopping opportunities right in the luxury living community itself. Apartments large and small — up to three bedrooms — come appointed with high-speed internet, stainless steel appliances, private balconies and towering vaulted ceilings. The Village at Mission Valley also includes five resort-style pools, including salt-water and lagoon pools as well as those perfect for laps. Five spas top off their impressive list of amenities, making this an all-inclusive resort living space for year-round enjoyment.

9. Broadstone Coronado

A luxury opportunity for bayside living, Broadstone Coronado apartments is just a short drive to downtown, making this a convenient and rejuvenating spot for San Diego life. Sun-filled residencies mirror the cozy, bungalow style of design with floor plans that range between studio and two-bedrooms in size. Wood-plank flooring, fireplaces and bayside views combine with quartz countertop kitchens, European-style cabinets and plantation shutters for a classic coastal look with modern edge.

10. Broadstone Balboa Park

Combining timeless style with modern elegance, Broadstone Balboa Park incorporates hand-crafted art into each of their suites. Some of the most popular designers in California have personally styled their range of studio, one and two-bedroom apartments. No two apartments are completely alike, all featuring their own distinct energy, views and layout. Multi-level apartments, bungalows and row homes are also unique options compared to other San Diego luxury apartments. All residents have access to the on-site clubhouse, rooftop, spa, fitness center and creative workspace.

11. Hanover Mission Gorge

Be one of the first residents of the new Hanover Mission Gorge luxury apartments in the popular Grantville section of San Diego. Gourmet, professional-level kitchens and floor-to-ceiling windows give the feeling of complete opulence. Smart technology throughout the apartment also makes apartment living simpler and more eco-conscious. Throughout the complex, residents enjoy outdoor lounge areas and expansive green space and a movie room with surround sound and full entertainment center. Open-air rest areas and executive conference rooms balance life and work as well.

When perusing apartment complexes in San Diego, luxury communities supply a whole new level of living and service. San Diego luxury apartments are often located in some of the area’s most desirable neighborhoods, combining amenities with accessibility. When moving to San Diego, consider all the resort-level apartment options for the ultimate living experience.

Scouting New Neighborhoods

Relocation Tips: Scouting New Neighborhoods

Scouting new neighborhoods before a long-distance relocation can be a fun adventure, but our San Diego relocation specialists know that this excitement can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the area or a long time to research before the move.

Here are three of our best tips for making an informed decision you can feel good about when scouting new neighborhoods:

Utilize the Power of the Internet
Before you ever go on the scouting trip for your new home, narrow down your choices by getting online and looking around. Our San Diego relocation specialists recommend browsing sites like and to find out about an area’s demographics and home prices. Even typing in things like “best neighborhoods (your city)” or “safe neighborhoods (your city)” can give you some great information.
Ask Your New Coworkers
If you know people at your new work location or can talk to them on your visit to the area, they can be a wealth of information about the best places to live. If you don’t know anyone, see if your supervisor or HR department can put you in touch with a helpful person at your new work location.
Consider a Temporary Arrangement
Our long distance movers in San Diego know that sometimes the best way to find out if you like a place is to live there. There are many great long-term suites and hotels you can book in most cities, where you can live until you pin down your perfect neighborhood. Though they may be a little more expensive in the beginning, at least you won’t be stuck somewhere you don’t like.
To find out more about how the San Diego relocation specialists at Move Central can help you with your moving and storage needs, contact us today for a free quote and consultation!

Tips For Packing Wine Bottles

Wine is one of those items that can be very worrisome to move. Not only can wine bottles be broken easily, but wine can also be ruined if not packed correctly. The good news is that Move Central of San Diego, is here with all of the advice and tips for packing wine bottles you need to get your wine safely to your new home.

Use The Right Supplies

A little preparation and the right supplies are as you need to protect your wine investment. Our San Diego full service moving company carries boxes and wine cases that are made especially for the purpose of moving wine bottles.

Pack Bottles Correctly

Some red wines must be packed so that their corks do not dry out and their sediment doesn’t get disturbed. Pack these bottles sideways or upside down inside the packing boxes to fulfill these requirements.

Let Bottles Rest

Wine can shake around inside its bottle, no matter how careful you are in packing it. The resulting bottle shock can cause your wine to spoil if it is not allowed to rest before opening. Once you reach your new home, you should let your wine rest a minimum of 7 days for each day it was moved before opening it.

Our San Diego movers hope that these tips for packing and moving wine bottles will help you have peace of mind during your next move, as well as a successful, stress-free move. If you are moving in San Diego, we are always here to assist you with the supplies and help you need.

How To Get A Tax Break On Moving Expenses

Interested in learning on how to get a tax break on moving expenses?  In some instances, it is possible for you to get a tax deduction for the expenses associated with moving when you file your federal income tax. If you are not familiar with the procedures or rules for claiming your move on your taxes, then you should consult your accountant for the full details. But as far as getting a general idea of if and what you can claim when it comes to moving expenses, our San Diego local moving company, Move Central, Inc. is going to provide that information to you in this article.

How to Get a Tax Break on Moving Expenses

Determine If You Qualify

In the case that you are moving to a new area because you have gotten a new job or are transferring within your current company to a new location, you can deduct your moving expenses by making an adjustment to your gross income. The following conditions must apply:

  1. Your new job location requires more than a 50 mile drive (one way)from where you currently live, based on the most direct and common routes.
  2. You are moving within 365 days of your start date at the new workplace.
  3. You will work at least 39 weeks out of a 12 month period in the new area after the move and   are considered a full time employee. In the case that you are self-employed, you must work full time for 78 weeks during the 24 month period after you move.
  4. Different rules may be applicable to those in the military, those who have retired from the military, and their survivors living outside of the U.S.

Go to for full details on the qualifications.

Allowed Deductions

If you qualify for getting a deduction on your moving expenses, you may deduct the following if your move was within the U.S. or if you moved from another country to the U.S. or its territories.

Packing & Transportation Expenses

The reasonable expenses associate with the packing, crating, and transportation of your belongings from one home to the next can be deducted. This can include transporting your vehicle or pet and any in-transit storage. When moving inside the U.S., in-transit storage deductions for the expenses for thirty successive storage days from the time your items are moved. To find out the guidelines about reasonable expenses, go to

Travel Expenses

The expenses associated with your travel and lodging can be deducted. This includes travel expenses for only the most direct route depending on your mode of transportation. You and your family can travel at separate times if needed, but only one one-way trip for each person can be deducted.

Expenses For The Self-Employed

Any of the previously mentioned expenses can be deducted if you own your own business and are considered self-employed, as long as you are relocating your business as well. For the self-employed, there is no limit to the deduction available for moving personal belongings and travel expenses.

Expenses That Are Not Deductible

  • Food
  • Trips to find a new home
  • Deposits lost
  • Deposits required
  • Lost membership dues
  • Temporary housing
  • Fees, costs, or losses for buying, selling or leasing a home
  • House repair or improvement
  • Drivers licenses or tags
  • Penalties on early mortgage payments
  • Real estate tax (though these can be claimed as itemized deductions)

How Are Moving Expenses Reported?

Moving expenses are deducted as adjustments to your gross income. In most cases, you should use the moving expenses form 3903 from the IRS to list your moving expenses and their amounts. There may be special cases where another form is necessary, so you should always contact your tax preparer or the IRS website to find out which for is appropriate for your situation.

Tax Implications For Reimbursements

If your employer has reimbursed you for your expenses, there will be tax implications. These can be discussed with your tax preparer or your employer.

Discuss Your Moving Expenses With Your Accountant

Though we are here to help you in any way we can, our moving company in San Diego is not a legal tax advisor and cannot give tax advice for your specific situation. The advice given here should be used only as a guideline, and you should always talk with your tax advisor or the IRS to get advice on your taxes.

Here are just a few more things to remember when claiming your moving expenses on your taxes:

  • Save all of your receipts for your moving expenses, including those for hotel rooms, plane tickets, gas, cabs, as well as the bill of lading and additional services receipt from your moving company. All of these will be necessary for proving your expenses and claiming them as a tax deduction.
  • It is good to consider ahead of time how your moving expenses might affect your tax liability. If you were reimbursed for any moving expenses that cannot be deducted on your taxes, these could be taxable. In this case, you would need to put aside the extra money to pay your taxes or start having additional money withheld by changing your W-4 form. Again, your accountant is the best person to help you make these decisions.
  • In the case that you have sold your home, you will need to put this information on Schedule D when filing your taxes. Publication 523 from the IRS can help you in correctly filling out of this form. Additionally, Publication 521 from the IRS can help you to fill out form 3903 to claim your moving expenses.
  • – To request any federal tax form or publication, you may call your local IRS office, dial toll free at 1-800-829-3676 or go to For additional help or inquiries, you can call the IRS helpline at 1-800-829-1040.
  • At the beginning of each new tax season, the Internal Revenue Service releases its annual Highlights of Tax Changes booklet, also referred to as publication 553. This booklet can be helpful in determining what changes may have been made to the deductions allowed for moving expenses.
  • Since there are special allowances for members of the military or civilians moving outside of the U.S., if either of these situations applies to your case, you should contact your tax preparer for more information on how to quality and claim the expenses associated with your move.

We hope that this article has helped you to gain a better understanding of your tax exemptions for moving. Even though our San Diego moving service, Move Central, Inc., is not able to give you legal advice for your move, we want to help you in any way we can to make your move easier and better.

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