Tips for Packing Shoes

Your shoe collection may represent a pretty big investment in your wardrobe, and you don’t want to arrive at your new home to find your shoes crushed or disfigured, so throwing them in a box and calling it done is not an option. San Diego local moving company, Move Central, Inc. wants to help you pack your shoes the right way! Read on to find out our professional mover’s tips for packing shoes for a move.

Prevent Mold

As odd as it may sound, shoes can hold moisture, and they can mold when packed up in a moving box, if this issue is not addressed. To avoid this problem, let shoes that have been sweaty or wet air out several days before packing them. You may also put cornstarch or baby powder inside your shoes to soak up extra moisture.

Protect Shoes From Scuffing

Shoes that have a polished, smooth finish are at risk of scuffing during a move. The best way to prevent this type of damage is to wrap shoes individually and then together in pairs and put them in their original boxes. These individual shoe boxes can then be packed into a larger moving box.

To save you time, you can alternately use an over-the-door shoe organizer. Put the shoes in the organizer and roll it up carefully so shoes are not crushed, but are held securely.

Whether you are moving in San Diego, or anywhere else in the country, San Diego moving service, Move Central, Inc., hopes this tip will make packing your shoes a breeze!


5 Tips for Packing Clothing for a Move

Are you moving in San Diego, and you want to make sure your clothes make it to your new home in good condition?

At San Diego moving company, Move Central, Inc., we know that using the wrong packing methods can lead to your clothing, accessories, and shoes getting crushed, wrinkled, damaged, torn, dirty, dusty, or misshapen.  Here are our 5 Tips for packing clothing for a move:

Today, we are going to give you the techniques and tips we use at our San Diego moving company to keep our clients’ clothing in the same condition in which it left their home, so they have one less thing to worry about during, and after, their move.

Tip 1: Utilize A Portable Closet

Did you know that there is actually a moving box made for moving clothing? It is called a wardrobe box, and it is like a regular moving box, except it comes complete with a built-in clothes rod, so you can simply move your hanging clothes from one closet to the next.

Because they will be hanging vertically for the entire trip, your clothes will still be clean and unwrinkled when you reach your new home, and if you don’t have time to unpack them right away, you will be able to wear them straight out of the box, without frustration or hunting.

Tip 2: Leave Folded Clothing Folded

The clothes you normally keep folded can be left folded and put directly into a box or your suitcase. Just be sure that you use a box that allows you to put the clothes in without having to crumple them, and when you get to your new home, they will still be in good shape. Some lightweight clothing, like socks and underwear, can be left in your dresser drawers during the move.

Tip 3: Stuff Hats To Help Them Keep Their Shape

If you do not have hat boxes for your hats, simply crumple clean paper or tissue paper and place it inside your hats to help them keep their shape. Then wrap the outside of each hat to keep it clean. The hats can then be placed inside a moving box, from heaviest to lightest.

Tip 4: Separate Your Shoes

Shoeboxes are ideal for moving your shoes. If you have your original boxes, simply wrap each shoe with tissue paper, and then wrap the pair together. The shoeboxes can be placed into a larger box for transport, just be sure to put heavier pairs on the bottom.

Tip 5: Take Care Of Special Fabrics

Certain fabrics, like leather and fur should not be packed into boxes or the moving van, as the extreme temperatures or moisture that may be present could affect them negatively. It is suggested that you keep them in the bags you normally store them in and move them inside your vehicle if possible.

Now you know the secrets to moving your clothing to keep it in good condition. If you need any other help moving in San Diego or you would like to purchase specialty moving boxes like the wardrobe box mentioned above, we have everything you need at Move Central, Inc. to make your move easier.


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