Scouting New Neighborhoods

Relocation Tips: Scouting New Neighborhoods Scouting new neighborhoods before a long-distance relocation can be a fun adventure, but our San Diego relocation specialists know that this excitement can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you don’t have a lot of... Scouting New Neighborhoods

Tips for Packing Soft Goods

San Diego moving company, Move Central, Inc., knows that packing your soft goods such as towels, blankets, sheets, table cloths and mattresses may seem like an easy task. But what you may not realize is that you need to pay extra attention to keep these items from...

Tips for Packing Shoes

Your shoe collection may represent a pretty big investment in your wardrobe, and you don’t want to arrive at your new home to find your shoes crushed or disfigured, so throwing them in a box and calling it done is not an option. San Diego local moving company, Move... Tips for Packing Shoes

Mover’s Tips For Changing Address

When you move, you will need to officially change your address through the United States Postal Service so you can ensure that every important piece of mail gets delivered to your new home, in the case that you forgot to notify someone on your contact list of your new... Mover’s Tips For Changing Address