Moving to Vista, CA – 2019 Complete Guide

Considering moving to Vista, CA? You’re not alone. This stunning, affordable and accessible area is growing in popularity each year. Whether it’s the incredible Vista schools, rich diversity or an ample list of things to do, the population of Vista is only set to keep growing. Its elevated terrain lends Vista its name, which translates appropriately into “view.” Looking out over the Pacific ocean just seven miles away, the northern part of town has ocean views throughout the year. A relatively young city, the history of Vista goes back to its establishment in 1963. It has since blossomed into a thriving city with theatres, amusement parks and active popular hiking trails.

If you’re looking for a life by the sea but want to avoid expensive beach towns, moving to Vista is a lovely option. Only 20 minutes to the shore by car, residents can zip over for a swim in the morning and head back home with little-to-no planning. Vista is known for its temperate weather, popular waterpark and friendly, community-focused neighborhoods. Find out why we are one of the top San Diego moving companies by inquring today about your Vista move!

Let’s check out whether moving to Vista is right for you and your family.

Vista, CA Population

Many ask, “Where is Vista, CA?”. Well, Vista is in San Diego County and close to almost all that San Diego County has to offer.

The population of vista is slowly approaching 100,000 people but still sits just under at 99,496. As more and more people see the benefits of moving to Vista, population growth is projected to keep rising. Still, with over 18 square miles of stunning land, the population density of Vista is still suburban and comfortable.

Vista’s diverse demographics are quite impressive, bringing amply culture to the region. Over 48% of the Vista population is over Hispanic descent. Residents living in Vista also speak a list a large range of different languages, including Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. Vista’s diversity adds to its thriving arts scene, incredible restaurants and liberal-leaning views.

Cost of Living in Vista

So, how much does it cost to live in Vista? Practical Vista cost of living, from home prices to amenities are drawing new residents in from across the state. Although it is commutable to San Diego and within a 3-hour drive to LA, the average cost of living in Vista is quite manageable. The number of homeowners and renters are split down the middle. Median home prices in Vista are just under $400,000 and median rent at about $1,400 a month.

Both home prices and the median household income are both on the rise, however. Between 2015 and 2016, the median home price jumped nearly 9%. Clearly, the benefits of living in Vista are spreading throughout the region, from its good schools and convenient location. Other factors such as groceries, restaurants and utilities in Vista are on-par or only just above the national average. In comparison to other LA and San Diego suburbs, cost of living in Vista is quite desirable.

Vista Neighborhoods

No matter which Vista neighborhood you choose, enjoy access to two major highways — 15 and 78 — that cut right through town. The northern side of town hosts more commercial developments with large properties and operational horse ranches. As the older side of town, the northern neighborhoods have an old, mod-style feel with space to spread out and take in the ocean views. Expensive neighborhoods in Vista become more common as you head south, where more modern homes fill the landscape.

The downtown mainstreet area has old-Hollywood energy, with an art-deco-style theatre at the center of town. A collection of old and new blend into a diverse and eye-catching architecture, making Vista a great place to both visit and live.

A handful of popular developments and neighborhoods in Vista include:

  • Twin Oaks
  • Oak Dr. Villas
  • Main Street
  • Vista Village

The safest neighborhoods in Vista sit to the northeast of route 78, especially as you head up to higher elevations in the northernmost region. Safety and cost of home do tend to correlate, though there are plenty of neighborhoods throughout Vista that are safe and welcoming.

Weather in Vista

If you chat with someone from town, they’re bound to mention the idyllic year-round weather in Vista. The area enjoys all of the stunning ocean-side perks of Southern California climate with a bit of elevation to cool things down. Enjoy an average of 258 sunny days a year, ideal for heading to Green Oak Ranch for the day or the local waterpark.

There’s also no need to worry about temperatures rising to high in the summer. The average high in Just and August peak at 83 degrees, remaining comfortable for most of the year. Temperatures in Vista can be a bit cooler in the winter compared to other towns in Southern California, but you’ll rarely see them go below 40.

Things to Do in Vista

Even with the ocean a 15-minute drive to the west, there is plenty to do in Vista right in town. The downtown Vista area is as charming as a Main Street right out of a history book. Here you’ll find fantastic restaurants, a local brewery, yoga studios and beautiful parks. One of the highlights of downtown Vista is the AVO Playhouse. With architecture right out of the 1940’s, the iconic building now hosts live performances but the local theatre company.

If the weather is beautiful — as it often is — head over to the Moonlight Amphitheatre in Brengle Terrace Park to catch an outdoor concert or show as you sit under the stars. The park itself also features a botanical garden, recreation center, and acres of green space to take in the surrounding views.

You will also find plenty to with kids in Vista. The Wave Waterpark is the obvious pick, with a lazy river and waterslides for all ages. If your children are passionate about trains and vehicles, head over to the Antique Gas and Steam Museum, which features early-American machinery and technology. Afterward, head over to Little Cakes bakery for a cupcake for them and homemade cold brew for yourself.

For a free activity in Vista, the local library system features plenty of kids programming and story times throughout the week. Wildwood Park and Breeze Hill Park also provide plenty of space to explore, play on jungle gyms and pick up a game of baseball or soccer.

Jobs in Vista

Though the median household income is a bit lower for those living in Vista, the lower cost of makes this possible. Still, over 45,000 people have jobs located in Vista itself. Some of the top industries of the area include healthcare and social assistance, agriculture and manufacturing and retail. Several tech companies based in Vista also provide administrative, management and programming jobs to the area. Plenty of those living in Vista also commute to San Diego or surrounding areas for work, which is made easy by the major highways cutting through town.

Vista, CA Schools

There’s no doubt that families are moving to Vista for the excellent school systems. The Vista Unified School District serves the area with traditionally public, charter and magnet schools. Several of Vista public schools receive excellent ratings across the board, including Mission Vista and San Marcos High School. The town also offers Vista Charter schools with top marks, including Guajome Park Academy and North Country Trade. Nearly all schools in Vista are highly ranked among the top schools in the state. Several private, religiously affiliated schools are also offered to Vista residents.

Relocating to Vista

If you’re moving to Vista, or simply wondering what it’s like to live in the area, give our experienced team a call today. At Move Central, we specialize in both local and long-distance moving services to Vista as well as commercial move, storage and packing needs. We have experience navigating the area to make moving to Vista as simple and straightforward as possible. Before you begin, meet with our team for a detailed estimate to cover all your moving, packing and storage needs.

Moving to Chula Vista, CA — 2019 Complete Guide

One of the most naturally stunning coastal cities in the San Diego area, living in Chula Vista offers year-round access to panoramic views, a passionate artistic community and an active lifestyle. Literally translating into “beautiful view,” the benefits of living in Chula Vista are right there in the name. Need a San Diego moving service to make sure your move to Chula Vista goes as planned? Call us today!

This incredibly diverse city hosts festivals throughout each season to honor the many cultures, artisans and natural wonders of the area. Grab a decadent seaside home by the San Diego Bay or right near their historic downtown Chula Vista neighborhood, filled with shops, bed and breakfasts and weekly farmers markets. Though some areas still see more serious crime rates, Chula Vista residents boast about the ever-improving safety of the city with each coming year.

No matter the neighborhood you choose to explore, the active community enjoys endless chances to get and enjoy their beautiful view. The city is easy to explore on foot, bike or even by horse, depending on whether you’re walking through town or exploring one of the many expansive protected parklands. Explore our guide for moving to Chula Vista to discover everything it has to offer for you and your family.
Chula Vista’s Population

Chula Vista hosts a population of 267,169 over 52 square miles, making it the second largest city by area in San Diego County. Over 59 percent of the city’s residents are of Latin American heritage with over 110,000 residents speaking Spanish as their first language. The median age of residents is 37 years old—which is slightly higher than a few years ago—but still includes a large percentage of people living in Chula Vista under the age of 18. Considered a liberal and highly welcoming city, the community is known to be passionate about their heritage and for keeping their city clean and safe.

Chula Vista Cost of Living

Though the area is considered a bit less expensive than nearby San Diego, the cost of living in many parts of Chula Vista can be a bit steep. The median home value is over $535,000 while rent prices in Chula Vista have a high median $2,500 for an apartment. Though you save on home prices compared to San Diego itself, the cost of transportation is a bit higher, mainly due to the large number of people commuting for work.

Overall, the average cost of living in Chula Vista levels out with the area’s median household income of $68,699, providing access to management and business jobs throughout the region.

With a long list of free things to do in Chula Vista—from its beaches to ample green space with outdoor festivals—one can balance the high cost of living in Chula Vista with a less expensive yet active lifestyle.

Chula Vista also aims to cuts down both its cost of living and carbon footprint but designing a walkable and bikeable city, especially with its over 100 miles of biking trails. A public trolley and bus system also run throughout the city, assisting those who would prefer to forgo owning a car.

Explore Chula Vista’s Neighborhoods rates Chula Vista as one of the top places to raise a family in the country. Chula Vista neighborhoods range in price, safety and accessibility, but schools throughout the city receive consistently high marks.

As one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the nation, North Chula Vista features a collection of apartment developments and affordable homes for large families and individuals alike. The downtown area, known as the Third Avenue Village, has undergone recent developments to improve pedestrian access to town, landscaping and bike access.

More opulent neighborhoods, on the Chula Vista map, such as Bella Lago, hosts a median income of over $130k a year. At the same time, these pricier spots are also some of the safest areas to live in Chula Vista, some of which completely contained as a housing association development. Master plans for other main downtown spots are currently underway to increase the overall energy and look of the city.

Schools in Chula Vista

With such a large number of children living in Chula Vista, educational opportunities run the gamut from religious-affiliated private academies to highly rated public schools. Several of the town’s schools, such as Arroyo Vista Charter School and Veterans Elementary earned top marks across the internet’s top ranking systems.

Several colleges, such as Southwestern College, United Education Institute and Pima Medical Institute graduate thousands of students every year. Students also have access to ample universities in San Diego such as USD, San Diego State University and Point Loma Nazarene.

Things to do in Chula Vista

Above all, there are more than enough fun things to do in Chula Vista no matter your age or family size. Begin by checking out the natural beauty of the San Diego Bay at the Living Coast Discovery Center, designed to educate and uphold the natural ecosystems throughout the region. Children and adults can get up-close-and-personal with local wildlife while learning about how to protect the environment in their everyday lives.

If you’re a sports buff or are particularly passionate about the Olympics, stop by the Olympic training center to see future competitors prepare for the upcoming international games. Guided tours give you access behind the scenes, teaching you about the history of the center and showing off the grounds where famous athletes continue to train year-round.

Spend a beautiful day outside with the kids exploring the Otay River Valley Regional Park with 200 acres of biking and biking trails, playing fields and picnic areas and ample birdwatching. Afterward, head to Aquatica San Diego with the kids, a SeaWorld waterpark located in Chula Vista. Slides and water activities for all ages make this perfect for hot summer days.

Lemon-Friendly Weather

There’s no question why Chula Vista is the lemon capital of the world. Year-round sunny skies and warm weather are ideal for growing and enjoying local produce. The stunning weather does encourage a community with endless outdoor activities. The average high temperature in the summer only reaches the upper 70s which the lows in the winter are 46 in the coldest of months. Without a frost to prepare for, the area is ideal for growth and enjoyment of everything the coastal city has to offer.

Working in Chula Vista

An array of healthcare, manufacturing, arts and education opportunities make up some of the best jobs in Chula Vista. With such a concentration of colleges and universities, Chula Vista is home to a large population of professors and administrators. Wellness, health and sports medicine is all a hot industry in the city, including work at the well-known Olympic training center.

The city’s website also speaks to the importance of tourism-related jobs in Chula Vista, supporting small businesses that welcome the many visitors who come to the area for beaches, festivals and Chula Vista sightseeing that many enjoy throughout the year.

Once you’re sold on the stunning Chula Vista landscape and enthusiastic community, we can move you with thorough organization and ease. Offering both local and long-distance Chula Vista moving services, we guide families and businesses alike looking to move to the area. Give us a call to speak to us about our packing and storage services as well. Living in Chula Vista is bursting with opportunities to enjoy coastal life to its fullest. Speak with us today about making your move quick and stress-free.

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