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San Diego Mover’s Tips: Using Plastic Containers

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Using Plastic Containers for a Move

Today, our San Diego packing experts will share how you can use plastic storage containers for moving when you choose to pack your own items instead of using Move Central packing service, San Diego.
Many people love using plastic storage containers and Move Central moving service, San Diego, knows there are several reasons why: They require no tape, are sturdy, have handles, and are usually easily stack-able.
Nevertheless, they are not foolproof, but here are a few tips our professional movers in San Diego have for using them wisely:

Don’t Over Pack—You want the lid to secure easily, the boxes to easily stack, and to be able to lift them. Be sure to leave at least three to four inches of space at the top.
Make Sure Items Are Dry—Because of the seal on these containers, packing damp or wet items could be a recipe for mold and mildew, and nobody wants that.
Stack Carefully—Two or three high is about all you will want to go, depending on their size and weight. You will also likely need to secure them during the move.
Don’t Forget The Label—As always, label these for later so you can unpack at your leisure and still be able to find things you need.
And remember, if you have any questions about your move, just ask the experts at Move Central, San Diego’s premier local and long distance moving company.


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