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Safely Pack Mirrors for a Move

Protect your valuables when moving. Here is Move Central of San Diego’s guide on how to safely pack mirrors for a move.

For a safe transit, mirrors must be packed in specially padded cartons!


Move Central Inc., a leading moving company in San Diego, is today sharing some of the best tips to pack mirrors that can ensure safe transit and prevent damages.

To begin with, you need to first buy a sturdy glass carton or a flat box that’s a perfect fit for your mirror. Once you have purchased the ideal box, you need to line its outer edges and form a padded bed with the help of a crushed paper in order to provide the mirror with a strong support, where it could rest.

However, prior to placing the mirror in this box, make sure to cover it properly with a bubble wrap or padded paper that can prevent it from coming in direct contact with the box, and provide enough cushioning. Now use a tape to tightly secure the wrapping over the mirror, and place it in the box.

Put some crumpled paper in the box to fill in the space or gaps. However, if you are trying to put multiple mirrors in a box, then you must put enough padding between the mirrors in order to prevent shifting or friction.

Packing Table Tops, Stones or Heavy Mirrors

When it comes to packing stone and heavy glass, we personally recommended you to take help of professional movers in San Diego, since such items require specially designed wooden crates for optimum safety. We at Move Central Inc. are the premier San Diego Movers who can take care of all your San Diego moving needs and specialize in offing such services.

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