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Relocation Tips: Negotiating

Relocation Tips: Negotiating

Before you relocate, take advantage of Move Central’s relocation tips and learn how to negotiate your moving package before you sign the dotted line.  While we all know that moving can be expensive, even if you go with so-called “cheap” moving companies, you may not have to pinch pennies on your move or leave any of your prized possessions behind, if you know the strategies for negotiating a relocation package that covers your needs.
First, you need to know what you are going to be moving, and you might want to get a few San Diego moving quotes. This will allow you know how much your move will cost and ask for the most possible assistance.

Here are a few things you might need, and these should be included in the moving package:

• Movers costs
• Temporary housing
• Travel for you and your family, either now or at a later date
• Pre-move expenses to secure housing and scout locations
• Fees for breaking a lease
• New driver’s license or immigration assistance
You may also be able to get:
• Care for an elderly relative moving with you
• Assistance choosing a new school system
• Language/cultural training
• Moving expenses paid for expensive items like that grand piano, a wine collection, etc.

Remember, it can’t hurt to ask, but you should always know how little you are willing to accept and stick to it when requesting your relocation package. For a free quote, contact Move Central moving company for your long distance and local San Diego relocation needs.

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