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Packing Food & Perishables

Packing Food & Perishables

It is essential to check with your San Diego moving company to make sure that food and other potentially perishable items are allowed for transport. There are also municipal and national regulations and restrictions pertaining to items that are allowed to cross state lines.

Please be mindful that perishable items can attract vermin and similar pests that could cause damage your belongings. Consult with your San Diego moving company Coordinator about the best ways to safely move those perishable items you deem necessary to accompany you.


Frozen Goods

Frozen goods are often subject to transportation restrictions, so it is essential to communicate with your San Diego movers about items that are allowed and those that require special handling.

For short distances, a well-iced cooler or one equipped with dry ice is typically permissible. However, there are specific instances—particularly if you are moving 150+ miles—where third-party services can be utilized to transport frozen foods. These companies offer refrigerated trucks that will deliver your goods directly to a local cold storage facility for your pick-up once relocation is complete. Consult with your San Diego mover to find recommended cold goods companies to assist.


Canned Goods

While most canned goods are secure and safe for long-distance transport, keep in mind that their weight stacks up quickly, potentially adding cost to your overall move. Your moving company in San Diego will advise you about potential costs based on the weight on boxes in which you pack canned goods.

It is typically our recommendation that the replacement cost of so many cans of soup is less than the additional price of packing and transporting.


Dry Goods

Such items as rice, pasta, cake mixes, flour & sugar, and cereals—while not necessarily heavy—can also attract unwanted pests. All such Dry Goods should be sealed with strong tape. Likewise, smaller jars and shakers containing condiments, flavorings, herbs & spices should all be sealed and packed together in small boxes, then added with protective tape to larger containers.



Many San Diego moving services not only recommend that plants be left with family and friends, but there are state and municipal regulations—as well as U.S. Department of Agriculture mandates—barring their transport in many instances. At the least, it is commonplace that your moving company will ask you to sign a waiver stating that they are not responsible for any potential damage to plants.

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