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Office Moves: Labeling

Office Moves: Labeling

San Diego’s office movers, Move Central, always stresses the importance of office move labeling and organization to make your office move easier and less stress free. Proper labeling is even more crucial for an office or company move than it is for a household move. If not labeled properly your office equipment may wind up in the wrong office or even on the wrong floor.

Labeling for Office Moves

When you move with us, we will give you specific information to use on every label. Then, using a ballpoint pen, you will write the specific information on the labels to be used for your office.
You will then stick the labels on the top or front of each item to be moved, including but not limited to the desk, chairs, bookcases, computers, lamps, etc. You will also put these labels on the boxes of items you packed from your desk, file cabinets, or bookcases.
By doing a thorough job of labeling each item in your office correctly, you can ensure that all of your familiar office equipment will be delivered where it belongs. This will create less hassle and lost productivity for everyone involved in your move.
Whether your office is moving in San Diego or across the country, we hope these tips will help your move be easy and frustration free. As always, our full service, office movers in San Diego are always here to help.

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