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New Home Moving In Checklist

Once you have moved in to your new place, there are several things you will need to take care of that you may or may not have previously thought of. In this article, San Diego moving service, Move Central, Inc., is going to give you an easy-to-follow, new home moving in checklist of these sometimes overlooked items.

Get Your Utilities Turned On

Before the move, if possible, have your electricity, water, gas, and other needed services and utilities scheduled to be turned on as soon as possible, if not before you arrive. You will not want to go even a day without lights, air conditioning or heat, a warm shower, or your Internet service.

Start Rebuilding Your Support System

Once you have moved, you will want to start making new friends and meeting people. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and people at work, go to local restaurants and coffee spots, and join clubs or gyms where you can get to know the locals.

Register Your Car

To ensure that you don’t fall behind on taxes or licensing fees, you will want to contact the local revenue office and the state revenue office to give them your new address. This way, they will know where to contact you, and you won’t have to pay penalties or need to worry about fines for not being properly registered.

Update Your Voter Registration

If you will be absentee voting, make sure that you are registered well ahead of the day elections are held. You will need to check with the voting commission in your area to find out what the rules are, when election and absentee voting will be held, and where your designated polling station is. In most states, the National Mail Voter Registration Form is all you will need to complete, but you will need to determine the rules for your state.

Have Your Mail Forwarded

Once you fill out a change of address form at your local post office or online, you can have your mail forwarded to your new address from your previous address for six months. If you still need more time to update your address with your contacts, you can request a renewal that will extend forwarding services to a full year.

Find New Medical Providers

You never know when a medical need will arise; that is why it is best to always have your new family doctor or pediatrician lined up once you reach your new destination. You will also need to transfer all prescriptions to a new pharmacy and find out where emergency or urgent medical resources are located. And don’t stop with your human family, your fur babies will need to have a new veterinarian lined up in case of emergencies and to get any needed shots or medications.

Talk With Your Insurance Agent

You are likely moving everything you own to a new home, and you will want to make sure that everything is fully covered. Before the move, find out what your insurance will cover during the move and give the company your new address so they can update your home and auto insurance.

Subscribe For Newspaper Delivery

Call the local newspaper office and subscribe for newspaper delivery.

Keep All Receipts

A large manila envelope is a great way to keep any job-related moving expenses together so you can use them for any tax write-offs you may be eligible for.




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