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Neighborhood Safety

Researching neighborhood safety in San Diego is always recommended before you move but we also recommend ongoing neighborhood safety which is something that happens long after the moving truck has left.

Before you move you may have done all of your research and found the safest place for your family to live. You may have installed a security system or even gone to meet some of your neighbors to get a feel for what kind of people live around you. Unfortunately, neighborhoods change, and sometimes rapidly. More so, it is often the best neighborhoods that are targeted by criminals.

Neighborhood Safety

The good news is that with some neighborhood safety tips you can protect your neighborhood and, therefore, protect your family, yourself, and your belongings. In this article, our San Diego relocation specialists will explain how to exercise neighborhood safety and how to set up a neighborhood watch so you can feel safe and secure after your San Diego relocation.

First, you will want to find people who are interested in becoming a part of the neighborhood watch. You can go door to door to talk to your neighbors, pass out flyers, or discuss it at your homeowner’s association meeting. To have a successful neighborhood watch, you want to have as many people involved as possible.
To garner as much interest as possible, you might consider having a social gathering, having food or a potluck to entice people to attend. You might even have something fun for the kids to do, like a movie or a bounce house, while the grown-ups talk.
Once you spark and interest, you will want to have a large meeting area, like the community clubhouse or a local civic center.
Finally, use the checklist found on the National Crime Prevention Council website to get ready for the meeting and/or contact local law enforcement to see if they would be interested in attending or presenting.

Whether you are moving to or from San Diego or you are moving somewhere else all together, we hope this article will help you with neighborhood safety.  Our family at Move Central is always here to lend a hand with any of your moving needs. Contact us with any of your moving questions or to get a free quote for your next move!

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