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Moving Tips for Driving to Your New Home

We are a long distance mover in San Diego, so we know how hard life on the road can be; because of this we know the top moving tips for driving to your new home.

Where do you sleep? Where do you eat? Which route is the best to take?  Yes, there are plenty of navigation apps and GPS gadgets out there these days, but the ones we have picked for this article go above and beyond navigation to make driving to your new home a whole lot easier and enjoyable. And because we are a mover in San Diego that frequently moves people up to 1200 miles from San Diego, you can trust that we know what we are talking about when it comes to long distance travel apps that really deliver!

Top 3 Apps for Driving to Your New Home

Here are our picks:
BringFido – Even when you’re not moving, this is a great one for people with pets. It helps you map out doggie parks and find lodging where pets are welcome.
TripCase – This is a good one whether you are driving or flying, but for driving, it can help you organize hotel reservations and rest stop plans in an easy-to-find spot. You can also allow your family or friends to “follow” your trip, so they know you are safe and where you are without having to check-in with them every few hours.
iExit – Planning in advance for stops can be done, but it can be tricky, and plans can change due to weather and traffic. With iExit, you can find out what is available at each exit, so you can decide as you go where to stop.
We hope that this list of great apps comes in handy on your next long-distance move. And because we are a long distance and local mover in San Diego that is dedicated to making moves great, we are always here to help with moving advice. Contact us today with any questions you may have for your upcoming move in or around San Diego!

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