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Mover’s Tips For Safely Moving Electronics

Here  are Move Central’s mover’s tips for safely moving electronics because we know how much you love and need your electronics. We also know that moving them can seem like a daunting task, especially when you consider all of the valuable files, photos, work, and personal data you may have stored on electronics like computers, laptops, and tablets.

The good news is that all you need to move your electronics safely from one home to the next is a little extra planning and the right moving supplies. In this article, we will give you the tips we give our clients to help them move their electronics without heartache or irreplaceable loss.

Tip 1: Get An Estimate Of Your Equipment’s Value

Before moving, it is a good idea to put together an estimate of the value of your electronic equipment. This will include your computer, tablets, printers, monitors, laptops, and any other electronic of value. If you can’t remember how much something cost at the time of purchase, you can research the current retail value of similar items. Then, to make an accurate estimate on your items’ current values, consider their age and condition. This will help you get the right amount of insurance from your mover, and San Diego movers, Move Central, Inc. always offer full-value insurance that covers damage or loss.

Tip 2: Pack It Up Tightly

If you want to pack your electronics yourself, and you have the original box your computer or other electronics came in, that is the best way to pack it up for a move, using whatever packing material you still have. However, our San Diego full service moving company is highly-qualified to pack your equipment correctly and securely for you.

If you don’t have the original box or packing material, simply use a durable box that will allow for you to place your equipment snuggly inside once you have wrapped it with bubble wrap. If there are any spaces that allow your electronic item to move around once packed, you can crumple up newspaper (unprinted is recommended) to stuff in the extra spaces. You can purchase all of the supplies you need to pack your electronics safely from our San Diego local moving company.

Tip 3: Watch Out For The Weather

Your electronics can be affected by extreme temperatures. In hot weather, items can become warped. In cold weather, condensation can occur. As either of these can render your electronics useless, we recommend that you back up any important files to an external hard drive or to the cloud before moving. If you choose a physical hard drive, pack it somewhere it won’t be damaged by the temperature, like your necessity box.

Printers, in specific, can also be affected by heat. If you are moving in hot weather, our San Diego movers recommend that you take the toner and ink out of your printer and carry them with you.

You may also check the owner’s manual to see if any other special instructions apply when moving your printer or other electronics.

Tip 4: Check Your Items At Delivery

Because electronics can be affected by so many factors, our moving company in San Diego recommends checking them and marking them as delivered once they arrive at your new home and then letting them acclimate to the temperature in your home before using them.

If you find any loss or damage, immediately notify your moving company for assistance.

Move Central, Inc., Your San Diego moving service, wishes you a fantastic move!


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