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Mover’s Tips For Moving With Pets

Moving with pets poses a few problems, mostly because pets sometimes have a hard time being in unfamiliar environments or having to stay crated up for an extended length of time. Since we know how much you love your fur babies and want the best for them, our San Diego moving company, Move Central, Inc., wants to give you our best tips for moving with pets.

A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

There are a few things you will need to consider when moving your pet, and you should plan ahead for your pet’s accommodations well before you make the move, to ensure that your pet enjoys a comfortable, safe move. These considerations include:

Adhering To State Or City Laws

States may have laws on pets crossing state lines, and cities often have their own sets of laws, restrictions, and licenses for pets. If moving across state lines, you should contact the State Animal Health Official of your new state to determine the laws in your new state. If you are moving to another town or municipality, contact that area’s city clerk to determine what you need to do to legally have a pet there.

Making Sure Vaccinations Are Up To Date

You may need to have a record of your pet’s vaccinations to prove that they are up to date. Get a copy from your current veterinarian and keep it with you in an easy-to-get-to location when moving. For a list of accredited vets in your new area, go to the AAHA’s website at https:/

Getting Your Pet An ID

Your pet should already have its rabies tags, but when moving to a new home, you will want to have another tag that includes the name your pet goes by, your name, your new address, and your phone number. This is just in the case that your pet gets loose or runs off on the way to, or once you reach, your new home.

Transporting Your Pet Via Airplane

As all airlines are different, you will need to contact them for prices and rules. Some other things to keep in mind when transporting pets by planes are: You will need to provide a crate for your pet. You will want to make your reservations as far ahead of your flight as possible, to ensure there is room for your pet. You should not feed your pet within five hours before your flight time, and water should be given no less than two hours beforehand. If you need help, our San Diego full service moving company would be glad to set you up with a trustworthy pet transportation company.

Transporting Your Pet Via Car

You will need a carrier or other restraint to keep your pet safe and secure during your ride. Be sure to bring food bowls, treats, food, and water for your pet. If you do not frequently take your pet on rides, you may want to get him or her used to it by taking a few short drives first. If you think your pet will be too stressed traveling, talk to your vet about medications that can relax him or her.

You will want to limit water and food right before getting on the road, but you may provide treats to keep your pet happy throughout the day. Also make sure to stop every few hours to let your pet stretch and have a bathroom/water break.

Make Your Pet Comfortable In Your New Home

Familiarity can be a great comfort to your pet in your new home. Make sure that your pet has its regular bed, chew toys, and feeding bowls ready for him or her when you arrive. If possible, also try to put them in similar spots in your new home that you kept them in your old home and keep your feeding schedule as close to the same as possible.

If you are moving with a dog, you will want to take him/her out walking as soon as possible to familiarize him/her with your new neighborhood and yard. If you are moving with a cat, you should keep your cat inside until he/she is comfortable in your new home so he/she won’t run away. Start by giving your cat access to just a room or two, and then let him/her start to explore further as he/she becomes more comfortable.

Moving with your pet can be challenging at times, but having a well thought out plan will ensure that both you and your beloved pet have an easy, safe move. If you have any further questions about moving with a pet, feel free to contact Move Central moving company, San Diego.

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