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Mover’s Tips For Changing Address

When you move, you will need to officially change your address through the United States Postal Service so you can ensure that every important piece of mail gets delivered to your new home, in the case that you forgot to notify someone on your contact list of your new address. Here are our Mover’s tips for changing address.

Get A Change Of Address Form

There are three ways you can get a change of address form for submitting to the postal service. Number one, you can ask your mail carrier for a form when they come by to drop off your mail. Two, you can go to the post office and pick one up. Or three, you can go online to and fill out a form online. The last option will cost you a dollar, but for most people it is worth not having to make a trip to the post office.

Fill Out The Form Online

Click here to get the change of address form online.

Then review the privacy statement and policy and check the box stating that you have done it.

You will be asked whether you are planning to move permanently or temporarily. If you are moving for less than a year and then returning to your current location, you are making a temporary move according to the postal service’s definitions. If you are planning to move for longer than a year and you do not plan to return to your current home, you are making a permanent move based on the postal service’s definitions.

You should then specify whether your whole family is moving or if only a single person is moving. If only one person is moving, the postal service can still forward only the mail addressed to that person.

Specify which date you would like the mail to begin forwarding to your new address. In some cases, it will take up to ten days for your mail forwarding service to begin.

Input the address you are leaving from, as well as the address you are moving to.

You will need to submit a one dollar payment using a credit or debit card with a mailing address that is the same as your current address. The postal service uses this to verify your request and ensure that it is not fraudulent.

If you decide to change your address via phone, you will also have to pay the one dollar fee. The only way to request a change of address free of charge is to go to the post office or get a form from your mail carrier and submit it through the mail.

The Limitations

Submitting a change of address form does not mean that the postal service will continue forwarding your important mail forever. There is a six month limit for which your mail will be forwarded, and during this time it is a good idea to contact any companies or people sending you mail to your old address and changing your address with them, as you don’t want others getting your sensitive personal information. This can be done online or by phone.

Whether you are moving in San Diego or across the country, your San Diego movers, Move Central, Inc., hope these tips will help you on your journey to moving.



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