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Long Distance Movers

Our experienced long distance movers in San Diego are asked a lot of questions by our clients. And one pretty common one is “Can I ride with the movers to my new location?” We can understand how you might want to do this. After all, you want to look after your possessions, you likely need to go where they are going, and it would be a simple way to get to your new home versus having to secure transportation via plane or drive yourself.

Question: Can I Ride with My Long Distance Movers?

Short Answer: You cannot ride along with your long distance movers

Long Answer: We cannot accept this request to ride along with the movers for several reasons:
• Your stuff may not actually move at the same time you do. If you have a dedicated truck, it might make it to your new location by the time you do, but if you are moving economically with a shared truck, it could be several weeks before your property is moved to your new location. Furthermore, our San Diego movers will likely make many stops along the way.
• Usually, the cab of the truck will be full of the people who are helping with your move, leaving no extra room for passengers. And even if there was room, our safety and security procedures would not allow for a non-employee to ride.
• Insurance policies prohibit us from having passengers in the back of the truck with their possessions. Also, doing so could result in serious injury or even death, so we don’t recommend doing this even if you rent your own moving truck.

One thing our long distance movers in San Diego are good at is helping solve problems. If you need help getting your transportation or any other aspect of your move sorted out, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to point you in the right direction!

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