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Home Seller Apps & Websites

Nowadays the way to stay ahead of the home selling curve is to utilize useful home seller apps and websites. Our residential moving company knows that selling a home in preparation for a move is no walk in the park. In fact, most people find the experience far from exciting, all the way up to the point until the closing has finally taken place. To make this process a little less stressful for you, our residential moving company has put together a list of our three favorite online tools for making home selling easier.

Home Seller Apps and Websites

1. SQFT – Pronounced “square foot,” this app makes selling your home without a realtor simple. You simply create your listing, and SQFT blasts it to over 450 online home selling outlets. Then, you can receive offers on the app and live real estate experts will guide you through closing. With this app, you only pay 1 percent commission, so you can save thousands on the sale of your home.
2. Sell House Essentials! – This iTunes app helps you plan and execute all of the tasks you need to complete before you put your house on the market and while it is on the market (like yard maintenance). It comes preloaded with standard tasks and can be customized with your own. It then sends reminder alerts to your phone until you mark a task complete.
3. Realtor.com – This website is full of great resources for home sellers. You can research homes in your area to see what your home might sell for, you can locate realtors, and you can get great tips from realtors on topics from getting the best price for your home to staging your home for a fast home sale.

It is our hope that these home seller apps and website tools will help make the process of home selling easier for you. When you are ready for your move, our residential moving company would be happy to help you with that as well. Contact us today for a free moving quote.

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