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Top 3 Home Buying Apps

Nowadays taking advantage of Home Buying Apps is time-saving and essential in the home buying experience.  Finding a new home can be a tricky process; everything has to be just right, from the square footage to the location to the price. Luckily, home buying no longer requires hours stuffed in a car or office with a real estate agent. A lot of the buying process can now be done on your smart phone or tablet, meaning you can find that ideal home faster and more effectively with the help of Home Buying Apps.
Below we have compiled our Top 3 Apps for Home Buyers. Have one to add to the list? Drop us a note in the comments and we will keep the list growing!

Top 3 Home Buying Apps

1. Zillow – Okay, so this may not be a shocker, but Zillow is definitely one of the most complete home buying apps out there. It not only gives detailed home descriptions of all of the houses listed on the market, but it also gives you neighborhood data and school data, so you can make sure your favorite house is also in a great location.
2. Walk Score – This fun little app lets you know how walkable the area around your new home is, meaning what amenities are near enough to walk to—like stores, schools, restaurants, and more. It also gives scores for bike-ability and transit scores for mass transportation options in the area.
3. RealtyTrac – This powerful app goes a step beyond property details to allow you to see what the current value of a home is and even what the owner still owes on the mortgage. And while this may be borderline creepy in some ways, it can help you make an offer that saves you thousands of dollars on your new home, so you will definitely want to check it out, especially before you make an offer.

We hope this makes your home buying process at least a little easier. Once you are ready for your move, contact our professional movers in San Diego. We would be happy to relieve some of the stress and strain of moving day for you as well!

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