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Choosing a Security System for your New Home

Choosing a security system for your new home should be at the top of your To-Do list. When you move to a new home, you may attract the attention of people who are looking for opportunities to take advantage of your circumstances, especially when you don’t know your neighbors or how safe your neighborhood is. A good home security system can be great for keeping your family and possessions safe, as well as help you contact emergency personnel in the case of a fire or health emergency.

What are your options?

With technology developing rapidly, there are now several kinds of security systems available today, so you need to assess what features you want in a security system, as well as how much you would like to spend on one and if you want to pay monthly charges.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum, you can install small alarms on your windows and doors that will go off any time one is opened, and in some cases, when someone is just pushing on or prying a window or door.

A little more expensive option is to have these types of alarms that are connected throughout the house and set to alert emergency personnel if someone breaks in to your home. Some of these systems may also utilize motion detectors, though this option would not be as good for you if you have pets that are allowed to roam freely while the alarm would need to be set.

You may also consider using security cameras inside and outside of your home, which can be monitored remotely, and even through your smartphone. This will deter criminals from entering, as well as let you know if someone is on your property.

As you go even higher in price, you can get more sophisticated functions, including smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. These types of security systems will automatically contact police in the case of a break in or will call the fire department in the case of fire or carbon monoxide.

You may also be able to get medical monitoring services with some home security systems. This service will alert emergency personnel by pushing a button. This would be good option for people living alone, those with health problems, or the elderly.

Know Your Neighborhood

Having a security system can give you peace of mind and protect your possessions wherever you live. Before you move, though, we recommend looking up the city data for the area you are moving to see what the crime rate is and what types of crimes are commonly committed there. You can search for your city or zip code online, talk with local realtors, or contact the local police to find out about the crime rates and safety of each area.

If you are moving in San Diego or the surrounding areas, you can see the crime rate here. If you have any other questions about your move, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the most reputable moving companies in San Diego: Move Central, Inc. We are always here to help make your move a great one!


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