Feeling confident about your packing can help you feel good about your move.

That is why we are sharing the packing techniques our professional movers use to pack our clients’ valuables safely and securely.

If you choose to do your packing yourself, at least you can rest assured that you have done it correctly using these articles as your guide.

Tips For Packing Silverware

Packing silverware requires special attention, as you will want to protect the delicate metal and its finish, as well as keep sharp knives and forks from poking through boxes and causing injury to your help during the move. As one of the most caring and... Tips For Packing Silverware

Tips For Packing Wine Bottles

Wine is one of those items that can be very worrisome to move. Not only can wine bottles be broken easily, but wine can also be ruined if not packed correctly. The good news is that Move Central of San Diego, is here with all of the advice and tips for packing wine... Tips For Packing Wine Bottles