Moving To & Living In Poway, CA – Ultimate Guide 2022

The suburb of Poway is a bit unique compared to many of the others located around San Diego. While most picture sandy beaches, ocean views, and palm trees, this town offers its residents more of a rural vibe.

Known as “The City in the Country”, more than half of the area’s 40 square miles is open land dedicated to horse trails, six local parks, and over 55 miles of hiking routes. And while it is the only city in the county that hosts an annual rodeo, it is far from being the old-western cowboy town many people think it is. Poway’s zip code is 92064.

Instead, it has become a central hub for large, high-end neighborhoods and upper-class living. A handful of famous celebrities were born in this area and many new ones have moved here due to the nice lifestyle it provides.

If you are thinking about moving to Poway, we’ve put together this detailed list of the top things you should know. Some of it is fun history and other pieces are key details to help you decide if it’s somewhere you would like to live. Take a look and see if this is the place for you!

1. Famous People of Poway

With a population of just over 50,000 residents, Poway is recognized far and wide for generating a number of great people.

The area has raised a variety of well-known athletes in multiple professional sports. The late hall-of-fame baseball player, Tony Gwynn, and former manager, Bruce Bochy, both came from San Diego and were part of the Padres organization. The NFL San Diego Chargers also featured stars from the area in Philip Rivers, Luis Castillo, and linebacker Shaun Phillips.

A handful of famous musicians were born in Poway too, including Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus, and Scott Raynor from Blink-182, as well as David Kennedy, a guitarist for Angels & Airwaves.

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2. Poway Restaurants and Places to Visit

Covering about 40 square miles, you don’t have to go far in Poway to find great places to eat or fun things to do. Some of the area’s top restaurants include Brigantine Seafood, Villa Capri Trattoria & Wine Bar, and Hamburger Factory. But one of the most popular places is the Poway Sushi Lounge, where diners can enjoy delicious rolls and bento boxes in a contemporary-style scene.


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Sushi Lounge, 12622 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064, USA (858) 748-0070

To avoid boredom, many local residents like to get out of the house and go on adventures around town. A great activity nearby is hiking the Mt. Woodson Trail to the unique Potato Chip Rock. Another awesome hiking trail is the Iron Mountain Trailhead on the far east side of the city.


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Brigantine Seafood, 13445 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064, USA (858) 486-3066

You could also catch a train ride or visit the museum at Old Poway Park. The park hosts a weekly farmer’s market on Saturdays where locals sell fresh produce and other goods.

3. Poway Cost of Living

Anyone who has ever lived or even visited California knows it is a bit more expensive than other parts of the country. Except for healthcare, which is about 15% less than the national average, the cost of living in Poway is a bit higher. When it comes to food and groceries like milk, eggs, bread, and other necessities, there isn’t a big difference but you can expect to pay around 4% more on average.

When it comes to local transportation, the city is serviced by the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS). Due to the high amount of traffic and commute times around San Diego, riders typically pay about 36% more than other cities around the country, though it is less than California’s overall average. Even utility services like electricity, gas, and water are a bit more expensive at about 15% more than the US average.

4. Large, Upscale Homes

But the true test of whether someone can afford to live in this city or not is their ability to afford a house. The average price of a home in Poway is currently about $732,900, making it a popular destination for business executives, successful healthcare professionals, and famous celebrities.

Though it isn’t the most expensive city in California, that amount is nearly 3.5 times the national housing cost average. With this kind of investment, you’ll obviously want to shop around for homeowners insurance to ensure you find the best rates.

Upscale home in Poway, CA neighborhood

And while renting is a fairly rare occurrence in the area, the average cost to rent a home is between $2,380 per month and $4,020 per month. The final price will, of course, depend on the number of bedrooms and the size of the home itself.

5. Calm & Quiet Neighborhoods

Poway is frequently recognized as one of the most popular suburbs around San Diego. Residents enjoy the comfortable and quiet lifestyle around town, the beautiful homes, and the rural neighborhoods. With a large shopping center in the middle of the city, you’ll find everything you need and more to enjoy living there.

And having one of the lowest crime rates in the area, Poway has even made the Safewise list as the only place in San Diego County among California’s top 50 safest cities.

6. Top Schools in San Diego Area

Parents of both young children and teenagers will be happy to know that the Poway Unified School District is constantly ranked among the top ten districts in the state. The area is home to over 40 schools, including 26 elementary campuses, 11 middle schools, and 6 high schools.

Kids in school working on paper together

The top-ranked locations for younger kids are Chaparral Elementary, Garden Road Elementary, and Painted Rock Elementary. While Meadowbrook Middle School and Poway High offer strong programs for students as they get older. Even with the typical high California population, most of these schools are able to maintain a good teacher to student ratio with the majority of class sizes staying under 30.

7. Top Jobs Around Poway

Even as the United States unemployment rate has recently fallen below 4%, Poway blows the national average out of the water at 2.3%. Some of the area’s top companies include the local school district, General Atomics, Mitchell1, HM Electronics, and more.

Lots of residents also travel to neighboring cities like Escondido and La Jolla for work as well. With many other employers like the University of California San Diego and the Children’s Discovery Museum nearby, Poway is the perfect place to plant your roots if you’re looking for a nice, comfortable commute.

8. You Will Love the Weather

What can be said about San Diego weather that hasn’t already been said? As a suburb of this fantastic city, Poway offers its residents the same cool, comfortable temperatures all year long. With 90°F being considered a hot day, the long summers are wide open to enjoy outdoor activities even in the mid-afternoon around places like Lake Poway.

Lake Poway during summer in Poway, CA

And even though winters can get down into the low 40s, you’ll rarely need more than a light jacket if you plan on going out for the evening. Partly cloudy days and only about 15 inches of rain annually, there’s nothing stopping you from hanging out in the great outdoors whenever you feel like it.

Moving to Poway?

This is just about everything you can expect when living in Poway. Comfortable weather, fabulous homes, great schools, and more await anyone looking to make this place their new home.

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Best Colleges in the Bay Area: Your Comprehensive List

Are you interested in learning about best colleges in the Bay Area?

College creates so much opportunity. 19.6 million students attended American colleges and universities during the fall of 2019. 

Many students went to certain areas of the country to study. Some of the best colleges in the world are in the Bay Area. Yet the sheer number of California colleges can make it hard to tell which ones are best. 

What are the San Francisco colleges that are most well-known throughout the United States? Where should you go if you want a good liberal arts or science education? What are your best options for specialized schools? 

Answer these questions and you can find the right college to live and study at. Here is your comprehensive guide. 

Stanford University

Ask people about the best San Francisco colleges, and they’ll tell you about Stanford. Stanford has more than 7,000 undergraduates and 9,000 graduate students.

Despite these high numbers, Stanford has an acceptance rate of 4.3%. It is one of the most selective schools in the country, yet it is also one of the best.

It has a wide range of course offerings, with most classes having a student-to-faculty ratio of 5:1. Many Stanford graduates have gone on to become major scientists, winning Nobel Prizes and other accolades. You can find laboratories dedicated to research on lasers, the Internet, and business. 

But Stanford is a great community for artists as well. The campus is home to several art galleries, including ones dedicated to contemporary American art. You can find five separate choirs at Stanford in addition to theater and comedy groups. 

University of California, Berkeley

The University of California has campuses all over the state. Each one has its own special qualities, but the Berkeley campus is one of the best. You can choose any Berkeley neighborhood and then attend classes at the campus. 

Tens of thousands of students go to UC Berkeley. The university offers more than 100 Bachelor’s degrees in programs ranging from engineering to ecology. The university also offers a wide range of graduate programs, with many undergraduates working alongside graduate students. 

The campus has more than 30 libraries, each with thousands of books in them. You can find the papers of Mark Twain as well as Egyptian papyri in Berkeley’s archives. 

If you want to get involved in politics, Berkeley is a great place to go. The campus produced numerous activists who supported the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. Students continue to be involved in many causes today. 

Santa Clara University 

Santa Clara University is located in Santa Clara. This is a city of more than 100,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you want to go to an urban school near a city that is not too big, you should go to Santa Clara. 

Santa Clara has over 5,000 undergraduate students, with an additional 3,300 postgraduate students. It is a Jesuit school, but non-Christian people can attend. 

The main school at Santa Clara is the College of Arts and Sciences. It contains more than two dozen programs, including neuroscience and psychology. You can also find independent schools for business, education, and engineering. 

The university is home to several centers that discuss interdisciplinary issues. The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics is a forum for discussion of ethics in different subjects, such as biology. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute runs classes for students who are older than 50. 

You can find a number of student-run groups. The school’s yearbook has been in operation for more than 110 years. KSCU is a student-run radio station that allows students to talk on many different programs. 

University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco (USF) is another Jesuit university. It is located within San Francisco itself, making it a good option for people who want to live in a San Francisco neighborhood

USF is well-known for its international programs. Students can go all over the world to study abroad, earning academic credit for any major they are pursuing. 

For students who want to stay in California, they can pursue many different majors. Options in the humanities include critical diversity studies and performing arts. Science options include kinesiology and psychology. 

USF has some of the oldest student-run theater groups in the country. You can also find an improvisational team, a marching band, and a dance program at the university. USF is home to many fraternities, sororities, and professional societies that represent most major subjects. 

San Jose State University

San Jose State University (SJSU) lies inside of downtown San Jose. It attracts many students from the Bay Area, so people who want to know about the Bay Area should consider SJSU as a strong option.

The university organizes its academics into nine separate colleges. Like many universities, it offers a separate school for business and engineering. But SJSU offers courses in education, health sciences, and the humanities. 

SJSU has a strong tradition of Greek life. All nine groups in the National Pan-Hellenic Council have branches at the university. The Spartan Marching Band is incredibly popular, with members from all fields of study on campus. 

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Music students can attend classes at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. It is a very small school, with only a few hundred students in attendance at any one time. But it has produced many notable musicians, including Broadway actors. 

Any type of musician can attend the Conservatory of Music. Students can also take classes in conducting, historical performance, and composition. The conservatory has relationships with other Bay Area colleges, allowing students to learn about how neuroscience relates to music. 

The conservatory allows students to pursue their own projects during Winter Term. A student can pursue a project beyond the scope of their curriculum, or they can study something in their classes. They receive an advisor who guides their work and helps them gain new skills. 

The school is committed to helping undergraduate and graduate students enjoy their life in San Francisco. It has agreements with several transit companies, giving students discounts on ride-sharing and public transportation. It is easy to find dependable relocation services and transition into life at the school. 

Dominican University of California

Dominican University of California has fewer than 2,000 students. This makes it a good alternative to larger state universities.

The campus is located in a residential area, giving it a quiet and more deliberative environment. It is a short walk from national parks like the Muir Woods National Monument. You can go for a hike or for a camping weekend. 

Academics are focused on interdisciplinary programs. English students can pursue a track in creative writing, cultural studies, or performance studies. The university offers many minors such as leadership studies that draw on different programs for business students. 

Faculty members encourage students to pursue major projects. They can submit their papers to peer-reviewed publications and give speeches at academic conferences. As a senior thesis, a student can write a novel, business plan, or research paper. 

There are dozens of student clubs at the university. A society of nuns founded the school, but students have formed secular groups like student governments. 

San Francisco State University

The California State University system is independent of the University of California system. It runs nearly two dozen schools throughout the state, including San Francisco State University (SFSU). 

San Francisco State University is located in the southwest portion of San Francisco. It is within a short walk of the Pacific coast. 

The university offers a diverse range of study areas. Language students can choose Chinese, Italian, and Japanese classes.

Students can satisfy their individual major requirements by taking interdisciplinary classes. Creative writing students are required to take literature classes, but they can take ones in Jewish studies or queer studies. 

Classes are designed to be affordable to people of all backgrounds and income groups. In particular, the college appeals to veterans. SFSU has its own office dedicated to veterans’ admissions, helping active-duty service members and others. 

Mills College

Mills College is a women’s college located in Oakland. Oakland is east of San Francisco, but it is located within the Bay Area. 

Mills is one of the first colleges in the country to welcome transgender and genderqueer students. Students who self-identify as women or who were assigned female at birth can apply for admission. The college is small, with fewer than 1,300 students in attendance. 

All students are required to participate in a core curriculum. The students develop skills in critical analysis, scientific inquiry, and experimentation. But each student may take different courses to meet these general requirements. 

They can then pursue one of many different majors. Many students at Mills pursue English literature, biology, and economics. If a student chooses to, they can take an accelerated program to earn a master’s degree in less time. 

Students can swim in outdoor pools and use a tennis center for free. Student clubs include campuswide newspapers, research journals, and literary magazines. 

Menlo College

Business and psychology students can attend classes at Menlo College. It is a small college based in Atherton, a town southeast of Redwood City. 

Though the college is reserved for business and psychology, it offers a range of degree programs. A student can sign up for marketing, management, and real estate degrees.

The college also offers separate programs for professionals who want to pursue adult education. The Ethics in Action Research and Education Center focuses on ethical issues in business. The Rendanheyi Silicon Valley Center trains executives in modern business techniques. 

Menlo has a number of student-run programs. The college has successful baseball and basketball teams, including for women. Non-athletic students can join clubs for photography, accounting, and growing vegetables. 

Ohlone College 

Students looking for a good community college experience can go to Ohlone College. It has two campuses, with one of them located in Fremont. 

The college appeals to international students and military veterans. High school students who want to enrich themselves in college life can take Ohlone classes while still in high school. 

Ohlone divides its classes into several different divisions. It offers a deaf studies division, one of the few amongst community colleges in the United States. Students who are hard of hearing can take classes with professors trained in American sign language. 

Classes are designed to give students skills in their chosen careers. Students who are looking for a career in entertainment can take classes on lighting and stagecraft. Artists can take drawing and 3D modeling courses. 

San Francisco Art Institute 

Art students can go to the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). SFAI is one of the oldest art schools in the country, and it is the oldest one on the West Coast. 

SFAI is committed to social justice. It offers dozens of scholarships for students from underserved backgrounds. The college has also committed to efforts to increase the amount of BIPOC staffers and faculty. 

Painters, sculptors, and photographers can attend classes at SFAI. Interdisciplinary students and students who operate in new genres can pursue individual majors at the school. All majors involve coursework, studio time, and historical study. 

Many students become involved in public education. They can teach courses for high school students or members of the public. They can go to a drawing studio and work alongside San Francisco residents on their pieces. 

The Best Colleges in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is brimming with American’s best colleges. If you have good grades, you should consider Stanford alongside Ivy League schools. 

UC Berkeley and San Jose State University are two good all-around options. Students looking for a Jesuit education should go to Dominican University. Interdisciplinary students can go to San Francisco State University. 

Mills College is a great women’s college. Ohlone offers a great community college experience, while the San Francisco Art Institute is perfect for all artists.  Move to your dream school in no time.

Reasons to Move to Lakeside

Looking for Lakeside movers?

There are many reasons why people move to Lakeside, from the green spaces to the great schools. You already know hiring a mover skilled in local Lakeside moves is a must, but here are five reasons you should move to this community, home to 22,000.

Lakeside is often described as a quaint, quiet town. Being a rural suburb away from the hustle and bustle of San Diego, this makes sense. It’s actually less than a half hour from San Diego. You’ll find lots of friendly people here, with a family-oriented mindset. Whether you move here to relax and raise a family, or to have a quiet retreat at the end of a long commute, Lakeside gives you many reasons to set down roots.

Home Values and Income

The median home value here is $735,000, with values rising more than 25% in the past year.

with a median rent of $1,600, which means it’s a pretty affordable area of CA compared with the rest of the state – especially being so close to San Diego. Nearly 70 percent of residents own their own home. Lakeside also attracts many military families due to the presence of the U.S. Navy’s two large housing complexes for dependents.

The median household income in Lakeside is $75,000, which is more than the national average of $65,000.

Home to Turning Point for God, founded by pastor David Jeremiah, Lakeside has a reputation for being a “cowboy town” or “rodeo town,” thanks to its simple rural setting. This is made evident by the many ranches and horses that dot the area.

Lakeside started out in 1886 with 6,600 acres that surrounded Lindo Lake, purchased by the El Cajon Valley Land Company. They built the Lakeside Hotel, a beautiful 80-room Victorian inn. This community enjoyed many years of prosperity due to its location along the railroad system.

Today, there are three nearby reservoirs as well as the lake:

  • San Vicente Reservoir
  • El Capitan Reservoir
  • Lake Jennings

Now that we know a bit about Lakeside and its history, let’s take a further look at the reasons why people move here.

1.    It’s Located Away From the City

Just 25 minutes from downtown San Diego and the coast, Lakeside draws many families and retirees who crave peace and quiet yet who want to be somewhat close to the city for recreation. Many professionals also choose to live here, dealing with the half hour commute to the city but with the ability to retire at the end of the day in a quiet neighborhood.

Lakeside is conveniently located 15 minutes from most of the freeways, so it’s relatively easy to get to other areas of the region.  

2.    It Offers Lots of Activities

Between the three reservoirs and Lindo Lake, you’ll never be at a loss as to what to do when it comes to outdoor recreation. The reservoirs are regularly stocked with fish by The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, so if you love to fish for rainbow trout, catfish and large-mouth bass, you’re in luck.

You can go wake boarding and Jet Skiing in the reservoirs and lake, as well as go hiking and biking and even horseback riding on the surrounding trails. River Park, nestled along the San Diego River, is a popular choice with a trailhead leading to the peak of El Cajon Mountain. 

If you enjoy gambling, there are many Native American casinos in Lakeside, the most popular of which is the Barona Resort & Casino, just north of Lakeside. Others include Viejas Casino and the Golden Acorn.

3.    It is Diverse

Lakeside enjoys top ratings from neighborhood ranking systems when it comes to diversity. This community is home to many nationalities, including Native American, Latino and Filipino, which have been populating the area since about 1950. The age ranges of the residents varies widely as well, with each age group comprising up to 15% of the population. About 44% of residents have some kind of college experience or at least an associate’s degree.

4.    It’s Got Many Social Groups

There are many active social, service, and charity groups in Lakeside, which means if you’re into volunteering, you will have your pick of places to help out at. There’s plenty for the kids, too, with a variety of youth soccer, baseball and football leagues. Other social attractions include the Cactus Park BMX track, Boys and Girls Club, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Elks, Optimists, Soroptimist, Future Farmers of America, 4-H, Boy and the Girl Scouts, and the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

5.    It’s Got Excellent Schools

Lakeside is served by two school districts: Grossmont Union High (18 schools Grades 9-12) and Lakeside Union Elementary (14 schools Grades PK-12).

The schools here consistently get excellent marks for factors such as test scores, academic performance, and graduation rates. The top five schools here include:

  • Lakeview Elementary
  • Riverview Elementary
  • Lakeside Farms Elementary
  • Lindo Park Elementary
  • Lemon Crest Elementary

Many of these schools have achieved an A+ rating, with excellent teacher to student ratios.

As you can see, there are many reasons why moving to Lakeside CA is a great idea. From its recreational opportunities to its population growth and good schools, it’s time to start planning your move to this San Diego suburb.

Contact Lakeside Movers

Ready to make the mover to Lakeside soon and need Lakeside movers? Based right here in San Diego, we can get you started on your journey to Lakeside. Our Lakeside movers have vast knowledge of this area because we live and work here every day. Just contact us for a free quote on residential and commercial moves at 619-775-3560 or fill out our online form.

Ultimate 2022 Guide to Living in Coronado | Why You Should Move There

Looking for the most beautiful beaches, waterfront properties, resort-style living and all the amenities you could want? Then you should consider moving to Coronado. A small island city off the coast of San Diego, Coronado offers the best of beach living to the West Coast’s most affluent natives. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know before buying or renting a home in Coronado, from schools and demographics to the best neighborhoods and local activities.

Who Lives in Coronado

Coronado is best known as a tourist city and a top destination for well-to-do professionals seeking resort-style living. In total, the city is home to about 24,000 people, with a median age of 37 and an average household income of $142,000 per year. About two-thirds of people living in Coronado are married, and 40% of the local population is made up of families with kids under the age of 18.

Coronado is evenly split between homeowners and renters. The city is also relatively split when it comes to education. Just above 20% of Coronado residents did not attend college; 27% completed their Bachelor’s degree, and another 25% went on to attain a graduate-level degree. Eleven percent of residents here speak Spanish, either primarily, or in addition to speaking English. The main area code in Coronado is 619, and the main zip codes are 91932, 92118, 92135, 92155, and 92178.

Coronado Cost of Living

Living in Coronado means you’ll pay some of the highest living expenses in San Diego. The median home value in Coronado is $1.3 Million, and 68% of all homes in Coronado sell for more than $1 million. In contrast, less than 5% of all homes in Coronado sell for less than $500,000. Renters will also have to pay a hefty price to live in Coronado; the median rent asked in the area is $2,268.

While housing is the most expensive aspect of moving to Coronado, other local amenities are also costly. Goods and services, groceries and utilities all cost more here than the American average. Fuel here costs about 30% more than the national average, so commuters will want to keep an eye on transportation costs when settling in Coronado.

Schools in Coronado

Public schools in Coronado are part of the Coronado Unified School District. The main high school in the area is Coronado High School, which has a 9/10 rating from The school offers a challenging course load, including options for Advanced Placement studies and a STEAM program to encourage exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. The city is also home to the Coronado School of the Arts, which provides 200 students with “intense pre-professional” studies.

Best Coronado Neighborhoods

Modern home along the beach in Coronado.

Wondering where you should live in Coronado? The city is made up of several distinct smaller neighborhoods, each with its own unique style. To help you get started on your home buying journey, here are a few of our favorite areas in Coronado.

  • The Shores: For the best in beachfront property, you’ll want to look at the beautiful homes in Coronado’s Shores neighborhood. Three local theaters provide ample entertainment for any night out.
  • The Cays: If you own a boat or yacht, The Cays is the Coronado neighborhood for you. Some homes in the Cays have their own private docks, while others further back enjoy large plots of land and access to The Cays Yacht Club’s marina. The neighborhood also has beautiful parks, including an off-leash dog park for you and your furry best friend.
  • The Village: The core of Coronado Island, the Village is the city’s center of commerce and entertainment. The Village is a perfect option for people who want to be able to walk or bike to the beach, local restaurants and more.

Coronado Jobs

As we mentioned, Coronado attracts affluent professionals, many of whom make at least $100,000 per year. The most common specialties in Coronado are in Real Estate, Science & Technology, and Public Administration. Residents of this city also have easy access to the larger economy of San Diego (both the city and the county!), which is a growing hub for the country’s top tech startups and healthcare companies.

What’s the Weather Like in Coronado?

If you love sunny weather, moving to Coronado might be perfect for you. This SoCal city benefits from 265 days of sun every year, which is significantly more than the national average of just 205. The average temperature here usually stays between 50-77 degrees but can swing as high as the mid-80s or as low as the 40s. Similar to most of San Diego County, Coronado rarely sees snow, and the area only gets about 10 inches of rain per year. In short, Coronado is a California paradise on the water!

Top Attractions in Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

The Hotel Del Coronado, viewed from the shoreline on a sunny day.

Founded in 1888, the Hotel Del Coronado has more than a 130-year history as a San Diego icon, and one of the most well-known beachfront resorts in the nation. In addition to being an excellent example of Victorian architecture, the hotel is the second-largest wooden building in the nation. Over the years, celebrities and Presidents alike have visited the Hotel Del, including the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Carter and more. The Hotel Del has also been featured in films like The Stunt Man and Some Like it Hot.

When it opened, the Hotel Del was the largest resort in the world, and it continues to strive towards excellence with beautiful rooms and suites, multiple dining options and a variety of upscale amenities for guests. Pet-friendly accommodations welcome visitors with dogs of all breeds and sizes and resort stores offer boutique shopping, while the onsite spa provides luxurious massages and treatments that bring visitors back time and again.

Coronado Beach

Surfer out on Coronado Beach early in the morning.

Coronado beach spans 1.5 miles along the San Diego Bay and is one of the most famous beaches in America. The area first came to prominence when the beach was featured in the 1958 hit film “Some Like it Hot,” Coronado Beach is frequently ranked at the top of the list for beaches by numerous magazines and websites.

The Beach itself runs from the front of the Hotel Del Coronado to the area in front of Sunset Park, where the beach is open to locals and their dogs, too! The beach is wide and flat, making it perfect for everything from wakeboarding to beach walking and sunbathing. Be aware, the beach can get crowded between locals and tourists, so aim to get here early in the day to find good parking and the perfect spot on the sand.

Coronado Beach is also where you’ll often find Bill Pavlacka, also known as “The Sand Castle Man.” Famous for his beautiful sand structures and sculptures, The Sand Castle Man works with the sand on the beach to create a new art piece every day. Want to know where to find him? It seems his favorite area is right in front of the Hotel Del.

Coronado’s Best Restaurants

Miguel’s Cocina

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Craving classic Mexican cuisine? Stop by Miguel’s to satisfy your every desire! The menu includes everything from burritos and enchiladas to sizzling fajitas, all served with rice and beans for an unforgettable experience.

Bluewater Boathouse Seafood Grill

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Enjoy a romantic evening along the water when you visit the Bluewater Boathouse Seafood Grill. Fresh seafood is brought in daily for preparation by the restaurants expert chefs, with signature dishes like Rock Lobster Tail and Lemon Pepper Mahi Mahi.


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For casual dining that will leave you wanting more, take a trip over to Brigantine on Orange Avenue. Choose from pub-style large or small plates, or try the classic Oysters Rockefeller while enjoying the restaurant’s friendly atmosphere.

Moving to Coronado

Coronado Island is a premier destination, whether you’re coming for a few days, or settling here to stay. For more information on living in and around San Diego, check out the articles and guides on our blog.

If you need help moving to your new home in Coronado, trust Move Central to make your experience effortless. To get started, give us a call today!

Changing Your Address in California – The 2022 Complete Guide

Renting a new apartment or buying a new house in California is an exciting step in your life. You get to discover new restaurants, meet new people, and explore an entirely different area. While moving can be exciting, it can also be a lot of work.

Going beyond the standard process of moving your belongings, you also have to do things like get a change of address in California. Getting a driver’s license, tax, and USPS change of address can be a hassle, but there are ways you can make the process easier.

Many of these address updates can be done online. In some cases, you can even do them before you move. For example, USPS lets you schedule when you want your mail forwarded, so everything automatically starts arriving at your new address when necessary.

Ideally, you want to make these changes as soon as possible. If you forget to update your address, you could miss out on an important bill or insurance document. All it takes are a few simple steps to start changing your address in California.

Post Office

A USPS change of address can easily be done online. If you want your mail forwarded to the new address and to change your address, you can simply go to their website and update your information. They charge a $1 fee so they can verify your identity through your debit or credit card.

California USPS

Another option for changing your USPS address is to visit your local post office and ask them for the Mover’s Guide packet. Fill out the form and return it to the letter mail slot or a postal worker. Within the next five days, you should get a confirmation letter at your new location.

As USPS forwards your mail, pay attention to the senders so you can update those addresses. USPS will only forward your mail for about 12 months, so you need to update your details with other third parties before then. Changing your USPS address is the most important address update as it allows all your mail to arrive at your new place whether you updated the addresses or not.

California DMV

Thankfully, a California DMV change of address does not require an in-person visit. As long as you already have a license or identification card in California, you can change your address online. To get a California driver’s license address change online, visit their website and update your information.

Keep in mind, this option only works if you already have a California license or identification card. If not, you will need to do a California driver’s license address change by mailing this DMV 14 Change of Address form or by visiting the DMV in person. The form also lets you update your voter registration at the same time.

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If you need to replace your license showing the new address, the state charges a $28 fee. According to state law, you must finish changing your California DMV address within 10 days of moving. The state needs an accurate address to send you important documents and they will give you a penalty if you don’t update your address on time.

Tax Agencies

The next step in getting a change of address in California is updating your details with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Unless you are expecting a tax refund or document, you can just update your address when you file your next tax return. All you have to do is use your new address in the address box.

California IRS

If you need an immediate address update, you can call the IRS, mail in an address form, or tell the IRS in person at the nearest office. This is the IRS Form 8822 Change of Address document. You will need to have your address, date of birth, social security card, ITN, EIN, and photo ID ready when you update your information.

Utilities – Changing your Address

Your old utility companies will still need to send your last bill after you move, so make sure they have your forwarding address when canceling services. If you have updated your USPS address, you should still get your final statement and other information forwarded to your home. But it’s always better to change it with them firsthand to avoid late fees.

Once you arrive at your new address, make sure you talk to the utility company or city officials in charge of your new services. You will need to open up a new account and some of these updates will include initial service fees. For phone and internet companies, you can go online or call your provider to update your address and have the services moved.


Your insurance company needs to know your location as your insurance rate can vary based on where you live. You should get a change of address in California right away for your homeowners, renters, and auto insurance, so they can update your premiums.

California Insurance

In most cases, you can call your insurance company and immediately update these details for free. Many insurance companies also offer convenient options online. Just make sure to update your address right away so you don’t miss out on an important bill or updated insurance cards.


Like most modern companies, the majority of banks will let you change your address online. Go to your bank’s website and log in to your profile page, where you should be able to update your personal information.

If your bank doesn’t have an online option, you can call the customer service center for help. You can also go to your local branch to update your information with a personal banker. Make sure you bring any cards connected to your account and your ID so they can verify your identity.


While many companies use email and online portals, subscription boxes and magazines still arrive in your mailbox. As part of the process involved with changing your address in California, you need to update all your subscription services. Companies like Hello Fresh, Dinnerly, and MightyNest let you update your profile with a new address.

Many magazine companies will also let you update your address online, although some of them require you to email or call customer service. For example, the National Geographic and the Smithsonian Magazine require you to call or email customer service to change your address. As long as you get a USPS address change first, you should still receive these subscriptions until your address has fully updated.

Family and Friends

While most people use email instead of snail mail now, your loved ones will still want to send you seasonal Christmas cards, gifts, and other items. If you want to tell your loved ones about your new address right away, send out a Facebook notification or update your status. You can also send an email to all of your family members who are online.

Social Media Updates

Updating everyone online might be the easiest option, but you can also have some fun with your address update. If you plan on hosting a housewarming party, send out invitations which include your new address. You can design party gifts like pens or magnets that have your new address on them.

Another option is to use a creative service like Vistaprint to update your friends. Vistaprint lets you print postcards with the photo and details you choose, so add a picture of your new place with your address. You can even make the postcard into a holiday photo of your family enjoying your new home.

Getting Ready for Changing Your Address in California

While getting a change of address in California requires a bit of work, you can make the process easier by following the steps above. But to make your move as simple as possible, ensure you tell USPS first. USPS will forward your old mail to your new address, so this technique prevents any of your important documents from getting forgotten.

As you’re planning for your upcoming move, you can make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible by hiring our team of professional movers to help you! Contact Move Central today to see what we can to ease the transition. Give us a call at (858) 230-8281!

How to Find Reliable Oakland Moving Services

Are you looking for a reliable moving partner in Oakland? Here at Move Central, we provide high-quality moving services as well as valuable techniques to assist you in making a smooth transition to a new place. Whether you are moving from a large office or a small apartment, our experienced movers and professionals will take great care of your possessions. If you’d like to get started on your move, contact us and get a free quote today.

Reliable Oakland Moving Services

You deserve a pleasant moving experience. Our moving services can make your relocation relaxing, whether it’s across Oakland or to a different state. We provide local and state-to-state moves, as well as storage and packing services.

Our unique methods are designed to make your move a one-time event without the stress of multiple trips and haul-aways. We’ve done the thinking, so you don’t have to worry about any of the planning or the hassle.

Due to our experience and professionalism, we have the skills, resources, and knowledge to complete all types of moves, including:

  • Residential moves
  • Commercial moves
  • Local moves

Providing Solutions For Every Moving Need

Whether you need help with packing or prepping your valuables for transport, we let you experience a comfortable and relaxing moving experience. No matter how far you’re going or how much stuff you have to move.

Residential Moving

At Move Central, we have an expert team of dedicated staff backed up by years of experience creating a stress-free house move on your terms. The company offers several services such as packing, transportation, and storage.

If you’re in need of trustworthy movers to help you with your move, Move Central is the right place for you. Our professional approach ensures that your belongings are handled with care and precision.

Commercial Moving

Commercial moving isn’t easy. If you fail to hire the right business movers, it can cost you both time and money. Luckily, there are our Oakland movers who specialize in working with business owners who are relocating their workspace to make your transition go smoothly.

For all your commercial moving needs, no one matches the expertise and experience found at Move Central.

We’re a trusted moving partner for every project, including:

  • Office relocation
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  • Transferring heavy machinery

Local Moving

We realize moving is not always a pleasant task, which is why we have developed an innovative and efficient business model. We’re a moving company that helps ensure customers receive the highest quality and value for their hard-earned possessions.

Our Oakland Movers Do it All

We’ve done the thinking, so you don’t have to worry about any of the planning or the hassle. When working with us, you can expect a team of professionals to oversee each stage of a project.

Packing & Unpacking

We ensure that all your things and belongings are professionally packed. Our crew will go from room to room, packing all your items and making sure nothing gets left behind! We also offer a customized plan according to your packing needs. When you need partial packing of your items, we can tailor that to your preference.

The best Oakland moving company will deliver your goods to your new place, take them in and unpack them so that everything is ready once you arrive.

We want you to feel comfortable in the process of your move, so we can assure you that your items are safe and secure from the beginning to the end of the job.

Loading & Unloading

Are you looking for an Oakland moving company that handles your belongings well? Then look no further with Move Central. We’ll handle your items with care, whether they’re glass, antique, heavy, or light items.

Our movers are experienced in handling a variety of moves and relocations with careful attention paid to the proper handling of furniture and fragile items.

Storage & Delivery

Offering a secure and spacious place to keep and secure your belongings at an affordable price is one thing we do. From household goods to valuable artwork, you can rely on our expertise to protect your belongings day in and day out.

Our storage and delivery services are the best in the business. We’ll deliver your belongings to you, or pick up your items from other storage places, with care and speed.

Our Moving Process

We have a unique moving process that is expertly tailored to your needs, from start to finish!

Get a Quote

You may call us or book an appointment for us to get a free quote. The best moving services are at your fingertips.

Packing & Loading

Our professional crew arrives at your place to carefully pack and then load your items.

Safe Transport

We deliver your items to your new location with utmost care. Our goal is to bring your belongings to your new place in the same condition as it was packed.

Unpacking Items

We’ll cautiously unpack your things according to your instructions. Done — no hassle on your side.

Professional Team

We know it may be frightening to leave some of your belongings with a company you barely know, so rest assured that we are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Move Central does business with the latest safety standards and best practices in mind in order to get your belongings moved to the location you want. Along with that, we place special emphasis on customer service so your move is as convenient as possible.

Why San Diego is a Great Place to Live

Thinking of moving? Maybe you’ve had your eye on San Diego for a while now but still aren’t sure if it’s right for you. We’re here to tell you why San Diego is a great place to live, whether you’re coming here for a corporate relocation or as part of a family move. It can be stressful to move and pack on your own, which is why having a local moving company skilled in San Diego relocations is imperative.

San Diego is a great choice for anyone looking for a new place to call home. About 1.4 million people live here, a city perched on the majestic Pacific coast. It’s just 120 miles south of Los Angeles and adjacent to the Mexican border. As the eighth-largest city in the country and second in the state, San Diego is a beautiful city revered for its warm climate, deep-water harbor, and stretches of pristine beaches. It’s also a hub for the healthcare and biotech development industries.

Dubbed “the birthplace of California,” US News rates San Diego as the 36th best place to live in the nation and 51st in top places to retire based on quality of life, the cost of living, and the job market. If you have kids, you will love that San Diego has a top-rated school system. And if you’re looking for a job, no worries: the unemployment rate is lower than the national average.

This Southern California beach city has so much to offer, especially if you love the beach. You can sunbathe, search for seashells, sit on the sand, swim and so much more. If you’re more into art, you’ll be in heaven with the wide variety of museums and art galleries to visit, like the San Diego Air and Space Museum, the USS Midway Museum, San Diego Museum of Art, Space 4 Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and the Murals of La Jolla.

What to Do?

Interested in laid-back beach living? Want the hustle and bustle of the city? What about the peace and quiet of the suburbs? You can find it all here.

San Diego is home to the immense Balboa Park, which happens to be the site of the San Diego Zoo. You’ll also find many art galleries, museums, artists’ studios, farmer’s markers and gardens here. And don’t forget about its deep harbor which hosts an active naval fleet(USS Midway is open to the public).

Speaking of Balboa Park…it boasts more than 16 museums, several performing arts venues, scenic gardens, playgrounds, trails, and theaters. Don’t miss La Jolla Cove, La Jolla Shores Park, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, Birch Aquarium and Petco Park.

You’re in luck if you’re into world-class dining, professional sports games, festivals, bars and pubs, and cultural attractions. Because San Diego covers such a large metro area, you will constantly be amazed by its maze of distinct neighborhoods that bring community members together – something you don’t often see throughout the rest of California.

Do you love to hike? Check out Torrey Pines in Del Mar. If you’re more into panoramic views, Potato Chip Rock in Poway is your destination. And for all those thrill seekers, head to San Elijo Hills for a daring trail that climbs Double Peak (the highest point in San Diego County).

Best Neighborhoods

There are lots of neighborhoods to choose from in San Diego, whether you love the relaxed vibe of the beach or the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. Here’s a look at the most popular areas.

San Diego has many nice neighborhoods, some with established history and some with new developments. The cost of living and housing rates are both high here, but this is offset by a high employment rate with a median household income of $71,481.

Downtown/Gaslamp Quarter

This area is popular with young up and coming professionals and college students thanks to its upbeat and trendy homes. But you will pay a premium for those homes! In return, you will get close access to eclectic restaurants, pubs, dueling piano bars and chic night clubs. This is an ideal place to live if you work downtown.

Pacific Beach

For the laid-back, beachy people, try Pacific Beach Drive and the Crystal Pier for its classic Southern California vibe. Known locally as PB, hit up the shore to do some surfing and bar hopping. But because it’s the beach, it can get touristy. If you don’t like tourists or crowds, try another neighborhood.

Mission Beach/Mission Bay

Featuring more than two miles of oceanfront, Mission Beach sites on a sandbar nestled between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay. With lots of restaurants, cafes, and boutiques to choose from, you can easily find a relatively affordable rental on either side of the Boulevard. If you love the outdoors, Mission Bay Park will be a great hangout for you, home to the largest waterpark like it in the whole country. It takes up more than 4,200 acres and has 27 miles of scenic shoreline where you can swim, sail, jet ski or just sun bathe.

Normal Heights

If you’re looking for a commuter neighborhood, this is it. You get close access to Interstates 805, 8, and 15, plus access to the popular Adams Avenue, AKA “Antiques Row.” This is where you can pop in a bookstore, peruse vintage boutiques, or sip a cappuccino in a café. You will love the live music and festival scene here too. Don’t forget to check out the Adams Avenue Street Fair in September, Adams Avenue Unplugged, and Art Around Adams.

Ocean Beach

Surfers love it here. This ocean-side neighborhood boasts a bohemian look and feel. Located at the south side of the mouth of the San Diego River, Ocean Beach’s claim to fame is its wide, sandy beach.

Now that you know a little bit about San Diego, we hope you choose to make your new home here!

Contact Move Central San Diego Movers & Storage

Did you know we’re based right here in San Diego? We offer the most targeted and focused results because we live here too. To get started with a free quote, contact us at 619-775-3560.

Top 8 Reasons to Move to San Marcos, CA in 2022 | Move Central

Nearly perfect weather, easy access to amazing beaches, unique nature, fantastic nightlife, and amazing things to do are only a few perks that come along with living in California’s southernmost metro area.

Quite simply, people love living in San Diego.

And that statement includes many of the big city’s nearby suburbs like San Marcos. Located about 45 minutes north of San Diego, it still offers many of the same benefits and feelings.

If you’re on the fence about moving to San Marcos, make sure you read this list of eight reasons why we think it is an awesome place to live.

1. Secondary Education Hub of North County

San Marcos is home to some of the top colleges in the northern part of San Diego County. Palomar College is a 2-year school offering Associate Degrees in programs like Business, Architecture, Biology, and Health Professions like dental hygiene. California College San Diego has a campus in San Marcos offering specialized programs in business, IT, and healthcare.

San Marcos Campus of California College San Diego

The most prolific student population in the area can be found at California State University San Marcos with over 14,000 currently enrolled. The university has 4-year programs in everything from social sciences and marketing to human sciences and journalism. It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the western half of the United States.

2. Great Neighborhoods in San Marcos

Even with a population of over 96,000 people, San Marcos is often considered a neighborhood of San Diego. But a city with that many people is bound to have some great neighborhoods of its own as well. In fact, many associations like San Elijo Hills are communities with award-winning home designs that keep both comfort and beauty in mind.

Aerial view of neighborhood in San Marcos, CA

Some of the top neighborhoods you’ll find in San Marcos include:

  • Sage Canyon
  • Coronado Hills
  • San Elijo Hills
  • Discovery Hills
  • Twin Oaks Valley
  • Rancho Coronado
  • Buenavida
  • Grandon Estates
  • Richmar
  • Stone Canyon
  • Grandon Estates

By the way, San Marcos zip codes are 92069 and 92078

3. San Marcos, CA Restaurants and Places to Visit

Want something to do inside or do you prefer the great outdoors? Well, you can choose from both when it comes to things to do in San Marcos.

Outdoors adventurers will love visiting places like Double Peak Park for hiking and beautiful views or Sunset Park for sporting facilities, frisbee golf, as well as a place for dogs to run and play. You could also stop by Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park for a look at the beautiful landscapes and catch a peek at the local peacocks.

And when you’re in the mood for an indoor experience, stop by the Palomar College Planetarium for a fascinating show under the 50-foot Astrotec dome. Or if you’re up for a short drive, you can head north to the Deer Park Winery & Auto Museum in Escondido. Enjoy a drink while you check out the rows of old school cars.

Now, it’s time for some food and luckily for you, San Marcos has some of the best places to eat in North County. At the top of your list should be to visit Old California Restaurant Row for over 15 different eateries to choose from. You can enjoy well-known spots like Buffalo Wild Wings and IHOP or try something new at places like Cocina Del Charro, Sublime Alehouse, 10-Twenty Prime, and over 10 others.

Even once you’ve had the chance to try every last one of the stops on Restaurant Row, you’ll still have numerous options for grub around town. Stop by Mama Kat’s for chicken & waffles, sandwiches, salads, and homemade pie for dessert. Or you can head over to The Bellows for wood-fired flatbreads, pasta, seafood, steaks, and more.

Mama Kat’s

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Mama Kat’s, 950 W San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92078 (760) 591-4558

The Bellows

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The Bellows, 803 S Twin Oaks Valley Rd #107, San Marcos, CA 92078 (760) 290-3912

4. Some of the Best K-12 Schools Around

Though we mentioned the colleges in the area, the city of San Marcos is also known for its successful primary schools. Recognized as one of the top five school districts in San Diego County, San Marcos Unified School District serves over 20,000 students. Parents are proud to say their kids do very well at these schools and receive a solid education from kindergarten through their high school graduation.

Top elementary schools in the area include San Elijo Elementary, Discovery Elementary, and Paloma Elementary. The most popular middle schools are San Elijo and Woodland Park. While the top high school in the area is easily San Marcos High with its high test scores and a nearly perfect graduation rate.

5. Local and Nearby Jobs in San Marcos

With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state at 2.7%, the residents are well educated and jobs are easier to come by in San Marcos. Within the city’s boundaries, many of the top employers include school programs such as San Marcos Unified School District, Palomar College, and California State University San Marcos. A couple of other major employers around town are Hunter Industries that manufacture irrigation systems, as well as four separate North County Health Services locations.

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Thanks to its convenient placement next to cities like Escondido, Vista, and Carlsbad, many people who live in San Marcos have simple commutes to their places of work. Some of the top employers in these surrounding areas include San Diego Safari Park, Palomar Medical Center, DJO Global, and many others.

6. It’s Easy to Get Around Town

While most people who live in San Marcos have their own car or truck, even those without will have an easy time traveling through the city. Conveniently connected to the SPRINTER commuter rail system, anyone can easily get to Escondido, Vista, Oceanside, and then back home. It is also part of the same network’s Breeze bus service that has routes all over the city.

Speeding rail train in California

If you’re looking at heading out of town, you’ll find a few airports nearby such as McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad or San Diego International Airport.

7. Only the Best Weather

It is difficult to compare the mild, comfortable climate San Marcos enjoys all year to any other place in the world. Cities around San Diego are simply blessed with great temperatures during both summer and winter seasons.

The area rarely sees more than 10-12 inches each year and summer temps average out to around 72 degrees. Even winter leaves you needing little more than a light sweater to keep warm. And less than 20 miles from the nearest beach, people living in San Marcos truly have it made.

Are You Ready to Move In?

This city’s award-winning neighborhoods, top-rated schools, and unbeatable weather are just a few of the many reasons worth moving to San Marcos. You’ll always have lots of fun things to do, delicious places to eat, and have a variety of awesome places to work.

It also offers a great San Diego feel without having to live in the crowded scene of such a big city. People living here quite simply love everything this awesome community has to offer. Home to new families, college students, and even retirees, there is something for everyone here.

Do you require assistance with your transition? The professional team of movers here at Move Central is fully staffed and prepared for any scenario. Each team member is trained to provide the best customer experience possible.

Feel free to fill out the Request a Quote form at the top of this page for a free moving estimate! Or give us a call today at (858) 230-8281 to learn more about our services.

Moving to Escondido, CA – 9 Things You Need to Know in 2022

Named after the Spanish word for “hidden”, the shallow valley of Escondido is well suited to its name. Even though it is one of the oldest cities in San Diego County, the years have been kind to Escondido as it has grown into one of the most popular parts of town.

The first recorded discovery of this gorgeous area was back in 1776 by a Spanish explorer named Juan Bautista de Anza. More than 100 years later the Escondido Land and Town Company purchased the land and incorporated it as a city. Starting as a small town of only 500 residents at the time, it has since sprouted into a thriving community of beautiful homes and friendly locals.

Anyone moving to Escondido will love the great weather, local amenities, and calm atmosphere. To help you learn more, we’ve put together this list encompassing everything you need to know about this unique city.

1. The City of Choice

Residents, visitors, and tourists alike love this city and everything it has to offer. Marketed as the “city of choice”, people living in Escondido are far enough away from the big city to avoid the overwhelming traffic and outrageous housing costs. Compared to the 1.3 million people living in San Diego, the Escondido population currently rests comfortably around 152,000.

With an average resident age around 33 years old, you’ll find a mixture of locals ranging from young families up to a fair share of retirees. One of the many reasons for the “city of choice” adage comes from how many people decide to make Escondido their final home.

2. San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Odds are you’ve heard about the San Diego Zoo, one of the most popular zoos in the world. But did you know there is also has an extension to the park located about 30 miles away in Escondido? The Safari Park covers over 1,800 acres of land and offers visitors a look at some unique wildlife you won’t see at its namesake zoo.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

From the Asian Savanna and Tiger Trail to the Elephant Valley and the African Plains, you’ll feel like you’re skipping across continents as you move through the park. It has been one of the best things to do in Escondido since its opening in 1972. Hop on a safari ride to see some amazing animals like African Rhinos, cheetahs, gorillas, and more than 300 other species.

3. Creative Fun for Kids

Started with the intent to spark innovation and creativity in little minds, the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum is a great place to take your kids all year round. The activity center maintains a consistent weekly schedule with events like music, dancing, art, world culture, and more.


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They also play host to many special events and workshops like baby storytime and family nights. Whether you want to rent the museum space for a birthday party, send your kids there for seasonal camps, or simply enjoy a quiet day doing art, it’s a perfect place for any parent and their children. If you want to head into the big city, there are plenty of fun things to do with kids in San Diego as well.

4. Housing in Escondido

Though it’s well below the San Diego rankings, you’ll still need to be prepared for fairly expensive housing prices. The average cost of a home in Escondido is $522,800, an increase of 5.6% over the past 12 months. The market is sizzling as real estate experts are predicting a similar rise in the next year.

With rental options ranging from about $1,600 per month to $3,100 per month, there is a fairly decent spread of apartments, townhomes, and condos to choose from in the area as well. As the cost of rent in Escondido averages $2,460, you’ll want to ensure your income can manage that type of payment.

5. Escondido Neighborhoods Based Around Your Needs

Your desired living arrangements and lifestyle will play a key factor in choosing where you’ll end up. If you’re looking for a family-oriented area, the best neighborhoods in Escondido are on the south side of town. You’ll find larger lots and homes befitting a family lifestyle in places like Felicita and Vineyard.

Neighborhoods in Escondido

But if you’re moving to Escondido for retirement or desire a smaller home that’ll be easier on the wallet, you may be better off looking in the northern part of town. Communities like Hidden Meadows and the Escondido Country Club neighborhood are popular options among locals.

6. Cost of Living in Escondido, CA

Although the housing market follows the Californian trend of being expensive, you may be surprised to know that most other aspects related to the cost of living in Escondido are near or below the national average. You’ll pay less for health-related costs while paying about the same rate for groceries and utility expenses.

When you head to the store for some of the bare essentials, you’ll find a gallon of milk for less than $3.50, a dozen eggs for about $3, and a pound of chicken breasts for less than $4. Basic home utilities cost about $119 per month for a one bedroom location. And when it comes to local transportation, most Escondido residents drive their own vehicles.

7. Escondido Schools

Elementary and high schools in Escondido rank well among others in the California education system. The areas top two high schools include Classical Academy High School and Escondido Charter High School. Both have a good student to teacher ratio and offer extracurriculars to keep students engaged. Parents with younger children may want to take a look at either Heritage K-8 Charter School or Bernardo Elementary.

Any soon-to-be college students will have only two options to choose from in they want to remain in the immediate area. John Paul the Great Catholic University offers degree programs in business and the creative arts, while Palomar College specializes in technical and engineering fields.

8. Escondido Food and Drinks

From American and Mexican to French and Vietnamese, the food in Escondido is just as diverse as the California population. Grab some delicious tacos or burritos from Lourdes Mexican Food or try some Vietnamese pho from Pho Truc Xanh.

Places to eat in Escondido

If all you’re craving is a thick, juicy burger, one of the most popular places to eat in Escondido is Burger Bench. One look at their menu will have you racing to their doorstep. No matter your culinary preferences, Escondido is sure to have a restaurant that’ll fit your needs.

9. Best Weather in the World

Whether you’ve lived in the area before or only visited, you probably know the cities surrounding San Diego are widely known for having some of the world’s most comfortable climates. Escondido weather joins the ranks with average summer temps rarely going above the upper 80s and winters almost never dipping below the 40s.

Another perk of living in Escondido is that you’re only a 30-minute drive from the nearest beach. You can enjoy the outdoors all year long with little more than a light jacket to keep you warm in the evenings.

We Can Help With Your Move

If you’ve read this far, you are obviously getting serious about moving to Escondido. Once you have determined your new living arrangements and have a date set, Move Central is here to help you with the next step. Our Escondido moving company has been serving the area for over 10 years. We strive to provide customers with a simple move from the first contact to unpacking the last box.

Get in touch with us today to learn about our Escondido moving services. We can help you with everything from packing and moving to affordable storage solutions. Give us a call at (858) 230-8281 for a free quote!

San Diego Furniture Donation Pickup Guide | 2022 Complete List

When you move to a new home, there are often furniture pieces and other items you can’t take along with you. Luckily, San Diego furniture donation pickup services can help make your moving process a little easier. Whether you donate furniture before, during, or after a move, these donations can help you gain added space in your new home.

Instead of simply leaving your furniture on the sidewalk with a cardboard “free” sign, you can have someone arrive to pick it up from your home. In addition to saving you time, this means your furniture can make a difference in someone’s life. It also allows the charity to bring in extra money which can be used to help other people in need.

The Benefits of Donating Furniture

Obviously, donating furniture helps you free up space both in your moving truck and your new location. When you use San Diego furniture donation pickup, you don’t have to worry about moving it yourself. A small team arrives to handle all the work for you.

There are also some great tax benefits to donating furniture and other items around your home. For example, if you have a nice bedroom set, you could get as much as a $1,000 write-off for it. Washing machines, dining room sets, and other items can also lead to additional charitable deductions.

Tax benefits of donating furniture

To ensure you qualify for the deduction, there are a handful of details you’ll need, including things like a receipt from the charity in question. Major donation centers offer slips when you make a noncash donation. Make sure to keep this receipt somewhere safe for your tax records.

Whether you are moving to San Diego or moving away from the city, donating furniture helps you get rid of old, unneeded items. It helps people in need of furniture get quality pieces and can even help you get that tax write-off. With free furniture pickup available, it is easier than ever to get rid of unwanted furniture and simplify your moving process.

Things to Remember When You Donate

To get the most out of your used furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind before you donate. For a furniture donation, you can only write off the item at its fair market value. This is essentially the price point at which a buyer would be willing to purchase it.

The charity will normally offer a list of the prices you can get for the furniture item and its condition. This information comes directly from the IRS, so it’s important to follow their recommendations come tax season. Another guideline is that your total deduction amount must be less than half of your adjusted yearly gross income.

Though it would be a kind gesture, keep in mind your donation won’t qualify for a deduction if you donate the item to someone in need. The furniture must also be given directly to a charity to count for the deduction.

You must be mindful of the donation item’s condition as well. If the furniture is unsafe or worn out, the charity can’t use it. Each piece must be in good, working condition to be sold. As long as your items are in good shape, you can donate your bed sets, bookshelves, couches, end tables, and more.

When Should You Donate?

With San Diego furniture donation pickup, you can donate furniture at just about any time the need arises. All you have to do is determine where you’d like it to go. If you want a tax write-off, make sure to choose a reputable charity.

Once you know where you want to donate, pull out your agenda and call the charity. You can schedule a San Diego furniture donation pickup at any time during normal their business hours. Some charities even offer weekend, evening, or other pickup times.

San Diego furniture donation

For your own convenience, it is best to donate your furniture before you finish moving to San Diego or another city. This will limit your costs as your San Diego moving company won’t have to include those items in their estimate. But the charity you choose will be more than happy to pick up furniture during and after your move as well, if needed.

The Best Furniture Donation Companies in San Diego

Luckily, there are a number of different San Diego charities who can pick up your furniture and other donations. If you are struggling to figure out where to donate furniture, these charities can help.

1. Pick Up Please

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) offer free donation pickups for individuals in San Diego. When you donate to the Pick Up Please organization, your items benefit veteran support services and communities. All you have to do is go online or call to schedule your pickup.


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San Diego’s Chapter 427 of the VVA offers help to victims of Agent Orange. Many of these victims have suffered from health problems, diseases, and birth defects because of the herbicide. The organization works to build awareness about the problem through public events and speeches at town hall meetings.

They also partner with local organizations to help veterans repair their homes. Chapter 427 helps the community by feeding the hungry and helping the homeless. And if that wasn’t enough, they offer college scholarships to the children or grandchildren of veterans as well.

2. Goodwill

Goodwill first arrived in San Diego County in 1930. Since then, the charity has taken old, unwanted items and given them a new life. Each year, this process keeps millions of items from ending up in local landfills.

With the revenue from these second-hand items, Goodwill provides community members with jobs and other opportunities. They offer training programs so individuals can gain independence, new skills, and financial stability. In addition, Goodwill gives anyone who is looking for a job support through their free employment services.

For a Goodwill donation pickup, you can call or email a location in your immediate area. While some organizations offer immediate pickup options, Goodwill does not always provide them on demand. You’ll want to plan ahead, as they can occasionally have as much as a two-week wait.

3. The San Diego Rescue Mission

Started in 1955, the San Diego Rescue Mission works to combat homelessness and hunger. Over the years, it has developed short-term shelters, soup kitchens and long-term solutions to homelessness. In 1960, it started the first shelter in the county for women and children.

In recent years, the organization has done things like start a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for the homeless. It offers programs like the Haven of Hope Preschool, vocational training, recuperative care, and therapeutic services. All of these programs are designed to help the homeless and needy in San Diego County.

If you want to help people in need, you can start by donating your gently used items to their cause. If you’re unable to drop off the items, you can arrange a pickup through their online donation form or by calling the organization.

4. The Salvation Army

Each year, The Salvation Army helps 25 million Americans, as well as people in over 130 countries around the world. Started in 1865, this historic charity works to feed the hungry, overcome poverty, provide shelters, and stop domestic abuse. Throughout the world, it works to end human trafficking and help disaster survivors.

In San Diego, the Salvation Army helps the community through programs like educating children, assisting veterans, and caring for the elderly. The charity has programs for combating alcohol and drug addiction. In addition, it offers training programs for the unemployed.


If you want to donate your household items, you can easily schedule a pickup by calling one of their San Diego locations or by filling out their online request form. The organization also offers a convenient value guide if you plan on using your donation for a tax deduction.

Schedule Your San Diego Furniture Donation Pickup and Prepare For Your Move

Scheduling a San Diego furniture donation pickup might be an easy, convenient way to get rid of your unwanted items, but it can also help those in need. By donating to a charity, you can do your part in supporting programs as large as ending world hunger or as small-scale as helping a veteran in need.

Your donation also gives you unique tax benefits which can help lower your yearly tax bill. Whether you need a pickup before, during, or after your move, these charities offer a convenient way to get rid of old furniture and help your local community.

Once you have donated these items and you’re ready to move, Move Central is fully staffed and ready to help with your transition. Contact us to request a free quote!

How Much Do Movers Cost in Orange County?

Trying to figure out how much do movers cost without understanding all of your moving costs in Orange County, CA, can be a complete nightmare. Not only is moving a stressful situation in the first place, but it can also quickly become expensive.

So just how much does it cost to hire movers? The answer depends on many variables we will cover in this moving guide.

If you want to learn more about the best movers in Orange County, CA, then you came to the right place. We will cover all the information you need to pick the right company for your needs, and we will point you in the direction of someone you can reach out to for additional information!

How Much Do Movers Cost?

How much do movers cost in Orange County? The answer to that question varies based on where you live, how far you need to travel, and how much stuff you need to be moved.

Of course, the Orange County movers company you decide to partner with also has its own rates that they charge. On average, you can expect to pay between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for movers.

move central moving trucks

Average Moving Costs

The average cost to hire movers local to you is around $80 to $100 per hour for two movers. If you need more people, you can expect to pay more per hour and person.

Some companies charge you more per hour or charge you per hour and per person. The total cost you pay for a local move depends on how long it takes to load, move, and unload your belongings. If you have a lot of things, you can expect to pay more for the total cost of your move.

Long-Distance Moving Costs

If you are looking to make a long-distance move to orange county, the overall cost will be more significant. On average, it costs approximately $5,000 to move more than 1,000 miles. If you live farther, you will want to consider that additional mileage cost.

Local Affordable Movers Orange County

If you need local movers in Orange County, you can expect to pay hourly for their services. You can expect to pay between $80 to $100 per hour, as mentioned earlier.

This number can either be higher or lower depending on how many items you need moved. For example, if you want to move a one-bedroom apartment, you may only need a mover team for about three hours. If your home is fully furnished, you can expect to pay around $230 to $500.

Large Home Movers

If you have a larger home with about three to four bedrooms, the cost of your overall move will be significantly higher than someone moving out of an apartment. If you have a fully furnished three-bedroom house, you may need a team of movers to get all of your items transported.

The team may need about seven to ten hours to complete the job. The estimated cost for this type of project is approximately $600 to $1,000.

move central moving trucks

Long-Distance Overall Cost

Whether you are moving to or from Orange County, CA, there are many reputable moving companies you can choose from. Most moving companies won’t charge you per hour when moving a long distance.

Instead, these companies will charge you per mile and the total volume of your items. Depending on the size of truck you need and the types of items you have, you can expect to pay between $1,000 to $8,000.

For example, if you move from Orange County to Phoenix, the cost to move your things may be around $3,000. If you need to move further out, to maybe somewhere like Houston, TX, you can expect to pay approximately $5,000 to $6,000.

Factors That Affect Moving Costs

A few key factors will affect your overall total moving costs. For example, the size of your home and the location where you need your items to go are major factors that determine your overall cost.

Distance and Travel Fees

As you now know, the further you travel, the more you can expect to pay in fees. If you move locally, your move will be much cheaper than moving halfway across the map. Keep in mind that if you do need to move outside of your state, there may be other fees in addition to paying per mile.

Specialty Items

Moving your family’s grandfather clock or other delicate antiques will require additional special handling. Movers charge more to transport more oversized items such as pianos and art.

Because these items require more movers, special handling, and extra care, you can expect to have an additional charge tacked onto your bill.

Most movers recommend that you move your own family heirlooms, jewelry, and other important items to reduce their liability if these items get lost during transit. If you decide to add these items onto the moving truck, ask the moving company if they have extra insurance to cover your high-value items.

Size of Your Home

As mentioned earlier, smaller homes and apartments cost less to move than a larger four-bedroom home. If you need to move your household a long distance, you will pay more.

To better understand how much your overall move will cost, your moving company may want to send someone to inspect your items. They can do a quick walk-through of your home to provide you with a better estimate of how much it will cost to move your items.

Accessibility of Your Home

If you live in an apartment complex without an elevator or there isn’t a close enough parking spot for the moving crew to set up, they may charge you an additional fee.

The many flights of stairs they have to travel and carry your items up or down can take extra time and care. Keep in mind that you live in an area where there is not enough space for the movers to drive their truck through; they may also charge you if they have to walk a distance.

Extra Stops

If you need items moved to your home and a storage unit, there will be an extra cost. You can expect to pay more if you need to load or unload items in multiple locations.

Additional Moving Cost Considerations

You can opt-in for extra add-on services such as storage and packing services. These additional features will cost you whether you move locally or long distance.

Packing Services

If you want movers to pack and unpack your home on your behalf, you can expect to pay an additional $200 to $500 or more. There may be additional fees for the supplies used, and you will need to pay for labor.

Most moving companies charge per hour for labor. The extra cost of having a moving company pack and unpack your home may be worth it.

When you let them pack your home for you, you save on time and the stress of packing up your home. This is great, especially if you have work and other obligations you need to tend to.

Storage Unit

If you need to store your items in a storage unit or a portable container, you must factor that cost into your moving budget. Storage units are fantastic if you need to store things you won’t need in your new home.

You can expect to pay around $50 to $200 a month for this storage unit or portable container. The total cost you pay each month depends on the storage location and the size of the unit you need.

move central storage fleet

Moving Insurance

As mentioned earlier, you will want to ask your moving company if they have insurance to cover any damages done to your items. They may have additional policies you can purchase from them to protect your items during transit.

You can also purchase your own insurance policy for your items if you want. The cost for a personal policy is around 1% to 5% of the value of the things you wish to insure.

Should I Tip My Movers?

Just like any service you receive, you have the option to tip the person who served you. If you want to tip your movers, you can do so.

Make sure that you review the moving company’s policy on moving to see if they add it to your bill or if there is a way you can tip the people who helped you move. In general, it is best to tip the movers around 10% of the total move cost. Of course, tipping is optional.

Saving Money on Your Move

There are several ways you can reduce the cost of your overall move. Of course, the price set by your moving company is a factor you can’t control, but you can donate your items to reduce your moving load.

Sell Unwanted Items

If you have items that have been sitting in your storage unit or your closet for months or years, you may want to let them go. You can donate your items to your local Goodwill or other thrift stores for them to sell.

If you want to sell your items, you can take some things to a pawn shop, or there are many different excellent apps you can use. For example, you can use LetGo to list your items for people to purchase.

If someone is interested in buying your item, they will send you a message, and you can either ship them the item or meet them in a public location to make the exchange. If you are a Facebook user, there is a Facebook Marketplace where you can also sell items.

Adjust Your Move Date

The demand for movers is much higher in the Spring and Summer seasons. If you can help it, you should move your moving date to be in the Fall or Winter season. During this time, movers are more readily available, and their prices are much lower.

Book Your Move Early

Moving companies tend to charge more if you book last minute. This is because they need to make sure that they have the proper staff on hand to make your move happen. If you know well in advance that you need to move, try to book your moving company at least one to two months in advance.

How to Choose a Mover

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the many different moving options available to you in Orange County, California. So how are you to find the best mover for you?

You can look at the companies review or check them out on the Better Business Bureau. You also can ask friends and family members for a referral. You will want to partner with a company that has insurance over their employees and the vehicles they use to transport your items.

Some companies offer you coupons for using their services to help minimize the cost of your move.

If anything, talk to the moving company and ask any questions that you need answering. If the moving company is unwilling to provide you with vital information or you feel uncomfortable, you may want to look for a better moving company.

move central truck fleet

Hire the Best Movers Today!

Now that you know how much do movers cost in Orange County, CA, it is time to partner with a reputable moving company. A professional mover can cost you hundreds, if not a few thousand dollars depending on the size of your home and the distance of your move.

Reducing the number of items you need to move can significantly affect the overall price of your move if you are looking to save.

Contact us now if you are ready to get your own personal quote for your move to or from Orange County, CA! Move Central is a powerhouse moving company in California dedicated to making your move as easy as possible.

Living in LA: All the Fantastic Reasons to Move to Los Angeles

Did you know that Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States and the largest city in California? In addition, Los Angeles is growing at a rate of 0.05 percent per year.  

There are many benefits of moving to Los Angeles, but is a move to Los Angeles right for you? If you’re considering this culturally diverse and dynamic city for your next home, keep reading and learn why you should in this guide to moving to Los Angeles. 

Things to Do in Los Angeles

One of the significant advantages of living in Los Angeles is the variety of things to do here. 

You will never be at a loss for things to do in Los Angeles. Whether you enjoy hitting the club at night or hikes during the day, Los Angeles has something for everyone. 

We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite places that you’ll want to visit over and over again. 

Griffith Park

For those that love the outdoors, Griffith Park is a great place to visit. Here you will find swimming, hiking, biking, running, and more. 

Not quite convinced? Even if you’re not a fan of the great outdoors, Griffith Park has something for you. Griffith Observatory

The observatory has a unique architecture. It has also gotten a lot of cinematic exposure. Because of this, it’s one of the most famous landmarks you’ll find in Southern California. 

It’s also the most visited public observatory in the world. This observatory sits 1,134 feet above sea level, and you can see it throughout most of Los Angeles. 

It was built in 1935 and features planetarium shows, public telescopes, interactive scient, breathtaking views, space exhibits, and more. The cherry on top? Admission is free. Los Angeles Zoo

Looking for something to do with the kids? The Los Angeles Zoo is located within Griffith Park. 

Spend the day wandering the zoo and seeing all the animals. You don’t even need to take kids if you don’t want to. 

This zoo has over 1,200 animals and 7,500 plants it cares for. This makes it a great place to visit for animal and plant lovers. Travel Town Transportation Museum

Do you love trains? This museum in Griffith Park is the place for you. 

This is an outdoor museum that recognizes and celebrates the impact railroads had in Southern California’s history. Here you will find actual freight and passenger cars, locomotives, cabooses, trolleys, and horse-drawn cars. 

You can even pay to take a miniature train ride around the perimeter of the museum. Autry Museum of the American West

Yet another museum in Griffith Park, this museum looks at the history and mythical stories that shaped the American West. 

Here you will see how native American, Western, Spanish colonial, pre-Hispanic, and Latino art bring the experiences and history of the American West to life. Greek Theatre

This outdoor theatre was built in 1929. It is one of the most historic entertainment venues in Los Angeles. 

The stage has been graced by many big names in both entertainment and music. You can watch a show under the stars with amazing acoustics at this theatre. Hollywood Sign

The iconic Hollywood sign has several viewing points within Griffith Park. While this may feel less local and more touristy, it’s an experience you need to have at least once in your life. Flora and Fauna

There are over 150 different plant species recorded in Griffith Park. This includes wildflowers, ferns, vines, grasses, shrubs, and trees. 

One tree only found in the Los Angeles area is the Southern California Black Walnut. 

You may also get the opportunity to spot various animals that have made the park their home. This includes mule deer, mountain lions, bobcats, skunks, opossum, raccoons, coyotes, and gray foxes. 

If insects are more your thing, you can find native insects that live within the park. This includes two butterflies that are do not occur in the surrounding area.

Within the park, you will also find lizards, snakes, and over 200 species of birds. There is no shortage of wildlife in this park for those who love the great outdoors. 

La Brea Tar Pits Museum

The La Brea Tar Pits Museum has some of the best-preserved fossils in the world. For those who love dinosaurs and their history, this is the place to be. 

This museum is a prehistoric experience in the heart of Los Angeles, and new discoveries are getting made every day. There are multiple ways you can experience the tar pits when you visit.  

Catch a Live Recording

Do you have a show that records live that you love? If it records in Los Angeles, this could be your chance to catch a show. 

Some shows you can even attend and watch get recorded for free. If you want to step into the entertainment side of Los Angeles, this is the perfect opportunity to get a peek at a little bit of the behind scenes action. 

LA Dodgers, Lakers, and More

If baseball or basketball is more your scene, you have a few teams to choose from. You can cheer on the Dodgers at the Dodger Stadium. 

Visit the Staples Center to cheer for the Lakers, Sparks, or Clippers. 

You can also catch the Kings playing a hockey game at the Staples Center if that’s more your style. 

The Nightlife

If you love the nightlife, Los Angeles will be right up your alley. Here you can find many rooftop bars to try. You’ll also be able to visit various clubs.


We can’t discuss all the things you can do in Los Angeles without talking about the beaches. Whether you’re a surfer, want to go for an ocean swim, run on the beach, or just sit on the beach and listen to the waves crash against the shore with a book, the beach is the place for you. 

If you’re looking for a beach that is not so crowded, check out some of the beaches that are hidden local secrets. 

Whale Watching

If you’ve never seen a whale or dolphin in the wild, you have to go whale watching at least once. If you live in Los Angeles, you can go multiple times. 

This is a relaxing daytime outing where you can enjoy nature up close. Be wise when choosing your tour company; some companies offer guarantees so you can come again if you don’t see anything. 

The Day Trips

There are many places you can visit in California that are just a day’s trip away from Los Angeles. That’s one of the great things about living there; the possibilities are endless. 

Joshua Tree National Park

One place you may want to visit often is Joshua Tree National Park.

This drive will take two to three hours, but the sights are worth it. Pack your tent and climbing gear and spend the weekend exploring this National Park. 

Even if you’re not a climber, this is a great place to visit with stunning views. 


Malibu is about a 45-minute drive from Los Angeles, making it the perfect day trip. You can hit the beach, go surfing, visit the stores and restaurants, or go for a hike. 

San Diego

San Diego is another excellent California adventure. From visiting Old Town to eating at local eateries such as Dan Diegos, a visit to San Diego is worth it. 

Here’s the good news you can drive or catch the Pacific Surfliner Train. If you decide to drive, the drive is just over two hours. 


Drive 30 minutes and visit the happiest place on earth. This day trip is great if you have kids, or if you’re a kid at heart. 

You can find tons of attractions and things to eat on this day trip. It’s bound to be a day you remember for years to come. 

Palm Springs

The drive to Palm Springs is just under two hours. 

Palm Springs is a relaxing little resort town. The town is beautiful, with a ton of shops to wander around and unique restaurants and coffee shops. 

You can see the stars on the ground. This is an excellent stop on the way to Joshua Tree or even as a day trip of its own. 

The Music Scene

There are multiple places you can visit to be a part of the music scene in Los Angeles. If you move to Los Angeles, you will have the ability to build connections. 

This is great if the music business is where you want to be. 

Jam Nights

Throughout Los Angeles, you will find places that offer jam nights. These are nights where musicians can network and find touring and session work. 

Even if you’re not there to find work, jam nights are a great place to wind down and relax. 


Showcases are offered by several places. This gives up-and-coming artists the opportunity to showcase their talent. 

Some of the places that offer showcases are School Night, WFNM, and Breaking Sound. 

Hot Spots

There are many places within Los Angeles that provide music, even if you’re just looking for entertainment. If you love going to the bar and listening to live music. 

You are sure to find a place in Los Angeles. This city is bustling with opportunities for musicians and music lovers alike. 

Places to Eat in Los Angeles 

If you’re a foodie, you need to be in Los Angeles. As of 2018, Los Angeles boasted over 29,500 restaurants

In a culturally diverse city, there are options for everyone. 


If you love Seafood, the options are endless in Los Angeles. Restaurants all over the city offer fresh seafood. Pick your poison and get to know what your favorite restaurant is. 

If you have no clue where to start, check out some of these seafood restaurants in Los Angeles

Grab Some Spice

Maybe seafood isn’t really your thing. That’s okay; it’s not for everyone. With Los Angeles being so close to Mexico, you will not be disappointed in the Mexican food you find here. 

If you love Hispanic-inspired food, there are some great places to check out in Los Angeles. 

One restaurant Habana even offers Cuban-inspired food. You’ll find a variety of authentic Hispanic foods throughout the Los Angeles area. 

Be sure to hit up some local taco trucks and send your taste buds on a culinary journey. 


If you love sushi, you’ll love living in Los Angeles. There are many restaurants to choose from when it comes to sushi. 

Sushi first became popular in Los Angeles in the 1960s and has continued to expand. No matter your budget, there’s a favorite sushi place somewhere in Los Angeles for you. 


Ramen in Los Angeles is a big thing. You will find Ramen bars all over Los Angeles. You’ll never view ramen the same way after you eat it in Los Angeles. 

One of the more well-known places to grab ramen is in Little Tokyo at Daikokuya. There are also Ramen bars where you can mix and match your noodles with your favorite ingredients. 


Did you know that Los Angeles is known as the burger capital of the United States? McDonald’s and In-N-Out both began in Los Angeles. You will find many drive-thru burger places in Los Angeles. 

However, you will also find burger shacks and elevated burgers too. If your favorite meal consists of fries, a burger, and a milkshake. Los Angeles is where you want to live for the many options. 


Of the many restaurants in Los Angeles, a large amount consists of donut shops. Who doesn’t like a good donut?

Donuts first came to California in 1975. A Cambodian refugee by the name of Ted Ngoy opened the first store that year. His shop was called Christy’s Donuts. 

He then helped other Cambodian families start their own donut shops. Whether you like a classic Krispy Kreme or a fancier donut, you’re sure to find some mouthwatering delights in Los Angeles. 


One of the great lures of big cities has to be the food options. However, for those that are gluten-free, it can often be challenging to find a meal that won’t make you sick. 

In Los Angeles, this isn’t a problem. You can find many gluten-free restaurants in Los Angeles. Craving something sweet? You’ll also be able to find a variety of gluten-free bakeries. 

Korean, Thai, and Chinese Food

If none of the options so far have you hungry, there’s more. You will find an array of Korean, Thai, and Chinese food restaurants in Los Angeles. 

Within these restaurants, you will be able to find everything from comfortable classics to traditional dishes with a twist. 

Food Trucks

There’s nothing better than a good food truck. In Los Angeles, there is a mid-city food truck corridor. 

However, how do you pick the best food trucks? You don’t have to play Russian Roulette with your food truck choices. 

You can find the food variety you love and pick a great food truck to visit

Italian Food

If you’re on the hunt for some great Italian food. You’ll find it in Los Angeles. 

Whether you’re looking for something a little more affordable or high-class, Los Angeles has it. Get ready for some great pasta at various restaurants across the city. 

Famous Restaurants

There are many famous restaurants scattered throughout Los Angeles. If you want your restaurant to be as famous as the celebrities you might spot, then Los Angeles is a great choice. 

These restaurants have earned their fame in a variety of ways, and each will delight your tastebuds with a unique experience. 

Shopping in Los Angeles

If you’re a shopper, you won’t be disappointed in your choices while living in Los Angeles. Whether you like frequenting mom-and-pop stores or famous chains, you’ll find it in Los Angeles. 

The options listed below are just a few of the many available in Los Angeles. If you move to Los Angeles, these are the type of shopping areas you’ll have the ability to frequent often. 

Pop-Up Shops

Have you ever been to a pop-up shop? These shops are time-limited, and they have a particular goal in mind. 

If you have been to a pop-up shop and loved it, they’re one of the excellent reasons to move to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, you’ll find an array of unique pop-up shops to browse and buy from. 

Robertson Blvd

Head to West Hollywood and get your shopping game on here. You will find clothes, Starbucks, and other great options. 

If you love fashionable shopping experiences, then you’ll find it there.

The Grove

Do you enjoy outdoor shopping? If you move to Los Angeles, you can visit The Grove frequently. 

This outdoor shopping area features stores that include Nike, Sephora, Nordstrom, Topshop, Banana Republic, and more. You can shop, take a walk, catch an event, or ride on the trolley. 

Whether you make a purchase or not, you’ll enjoy the time spent at The Grove. 

Melrose Avenue

This area features a ton of boutiques you’ll love. There are many stores you can visit. 

However, they have one thing in common; you’re bound to find something truly unique. You’ll also find a store called Crossroads Trading Co. here. 

At this store, you can buy and trade clothing. If you love vintage shops, you want to check this store out frequently when living in Los Angeles. 

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo drive is probably one of the most famous shopping areas in Los Angeles. This area is not only fun to shop in but to wander around and explore and window shop. 

The stores here are more high-end, so if you’re on a budget, window shopping might be the activity of the day for you when visiting Rodeo Drive. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired and find the pieces you need to create the same look from another more budget-friendly store. 

Fashion District

Speaking of clothes on a budget, the Fashion District is a great place to shop when you’re on a budget. There’s a lot of shopping in this interest for wholesale businesses. 

However, don’t let that deter you; a lot of retail shoppers find their way too and can get some great clothes at discounted prices. 

The Weather

We can’t talk about the reasons to live in Los Angeles without talking about the weather. During the height of summer, you’ll see temperatures that, on average, get up to around 85 degrees

For the rest of the year, the temperatures range from the 60s to the 70s. You’ll rarely see those super cold days in Los Angeles.

If you hate winters that chill you to the bone and summers that leave you in a puddle of sweat, moving to Los Angeles is a perfect choice for you. If you miss the snow, you can always drive up a nearby mountain for a change of pace. 

Schools in Los Angeles

Like many cities, the schools in Los Angeles are dependent on the school district you live in. However, if you don’t like the schools in your neighborhood, there are over 1,000 private schools in Los Angeles for kids to enroll in. 

 As your kids enter high school, their options continue to expand with Arts schools, STEM schools, and other magnet schools that will uniquely prepare your child for the future. 

With thousands of schools in the Los Angeles area, both private and public, finding the right school for your child is possible. 

Colleges in Los Angeles

There are some pretty exceptional colleges in Los Angeles. These colleges include Cal-Tech, UCLA, and USC. 

While you might not be ready to head off to college, all of these schools also hold extension classes if you love to learn. There are also community colleges in the Los Angeles areas that you can take classes at if you want to expand your education. 

The Suburbs

Do you like the idea of a big city but not the reality? We get that. The big city is not for everyone. 

However, there are tons of suburbs all around Los Angeles that will make you feel like you’re outside the city. However, you’ll still have the ability to enjoy what the city has to offer. 

Living in a Los Angeles suburb allows you to escape from the city while maintaining close proximity for outings, work, and more. 


Los Angeles is a diverse area. You’ll find a ton of diversity in Los Angeles. It’s was actually rated the most diverse city in the United States in 2015. 

There are many benefits to living in diverse areas. 

More Lifestyle Options

When you live somewhere where everyone is the same, it makes it difficult to stand out and be unique. Living in a culturally diverse city gives you options. 

You can spend your time, eat, and wear what works for you. You will encounter people who are against you even in culturally diverse cities. However, having people who understand you and support your choices can help. 

Tolerance and Open-Mindedness

In more culturally diverse areas, you tend to see more open-mindedness and tolerance. These values in a diverse area help society thrive. 

More Creativity

One great thing to learn in life is that having different thoughts and opinions is excellent. In fact, it’s a good thing for society. 

Bringing together different minds can help to create unique solutions for communities. By being tolerant and open-minded, you can allow for the many voices within your community.  

The Celebrities and Movie Industry

Even if you claim not to be starstruck, it’s okay if you get a little excited when you see someone famous (just respect their privacy). There are not many better places than Los Angeles for star sightings. 

Even if you don’t work in the film industry, it’s likely you will know someone who does or know someone who knows someone who does. 

Los Angeles is also a great place to live if you decide that you want to work within the film industry. Whether you want to be on camera or behind the camera, this is where you need to be. 

Self-Care in Los Angeles

It doesn’t matter where you live; you need time to take care of yourself. Yes, there’s a ton of places where you can get your retail therapy on; however, if you prefer different forms of self-care, Los Angeles has the answer. 

Los Angeles is great in that it’s a community that encourages healthy living. You’ll find many opportunities for self-care in this vast city. 


Maybe your style of self-care is a long bike ride. You can head down to the Pacific Coast Highway and have some time to be quiet and relax while seeing gorgeous views. 

If your self-care includes a little more of a challenge, there are a ton of bike paths you can hit up in the Los Angeles area, including some paths that are a little more advanced. 


If you prefer the downward dog to biking downhill, you won’t run out of options when living in Los Angeles. There are yoga studios all over the city. 

You might even be able to find those goat or puppy yoga classes you’ve been looking for. 


If your version of self-care involves marijuana to help you calm and chill, you can do that in Los Angeles. In California, you can buy marijuana recreationally or with a prescription. 


If you’re looking for a day of mani-pedis or relaxing at the spa, there are many possibilities in Los Angeles. You’ll get some time to relax and breathe and treat yourself with the many options when you live in Los Angeles. 


Do you love to travel? When you fly out from the LAX, there are tons of places you can go without having to worry about transfer flights. 

LAX is the second largest airport in the United States, making it a travel hub. When you’re traveling often for work or pleasure, why not make it easy. 

Art and Culture in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for art and culture, you’ll find it in spades in Los Angeles. You can go to the opera, listen to the Philharmonic orchestra, go to the theatre, or go to an art museum in Los Angeles. 

There are many opportunities to experience and see the art within Los Angeles. Just wandering around the city, you will see art everywhere. 

Family Fun for All Ages

If you’re moving with your family, don’t worry. You will never run out of family fun activities to do in Los Angeles. 

One thing you may want to do is visit the Santa Monica Pier. Here you can grab some pizza, ride the Ferris wheel, and spend quality time with your family that will create essential memories for your children. 

The Vibe in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a different vibe. People tend to be more relaxed and casual in California

Jeans, flip-flops, and a t-shirt are commonly seen. In the winter, a hoodie might get added to complete the look.

However, don’t worry, even though it’s more laid back, there is still a lot of fashion. There are plenty of opportunities to dress up and look great. 

Start Your Move to Los Angeles

Are you ready to start your move to Los Angeles? Los Angeles is an amazing place to live. The food, art, music, and entertainment scene are unparalleled. 

Whatever you love, you’ll find it in Los Angeles. Are you already packing your boxes? 

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A Local’s Guide to the Best Bay Area Neighborhoods

The Bay Area is one of the most popular places to live in the United States. It’s home to more than 7.7 million people. With its eclectic communities, rolling hills, outdoor access, tech giants, and outstanding public schools, it’s no wonder why. 

If you’re moving to the Bay Area, you have a lot of ground to cover when deciding where to live. Cities and neighborhoods can be dramatically different from each other and cater to vastly different kinds of lifestyles. 

With so many options, it’s hard to know where to start. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best Bay Area neighborhoods. Read on to learn about our top picks for neighborhoods both inside San Francisco and in the larger Bay Area.  

Best Bay Area Neighborhoods: Inside San Francisco 

We can break up bay area neighborhoods based on whether they’re inside or outside of the city. San Francisco is a dense, diverse place with dozens of neighborhoods squeezed into just 47 square miles. 

If you’re planning on moving to the Bay Area, the first question to ask yourself is whether you want to live inside or outside of San Francisco. 

In general, living in the city is more expensive than living in one of the surrounding areas. But it also affords you access to some of the bay area’s best restaurants, clubs, bars, and shops. 

These are our top picks for the best neighborhoods in the Bay Area that are located inside San Francisco. 

Noe Valley 

Noe Valley is one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in the city. Unlike the rest of San Francisco, you’ll regularly see kids playing in the streets and congregating on doorsteps. 

This neighborhood is quite hilly, but the streets are clean and safe to walk around at night. Streetcars give you easy access to downtown and the Mission. 

Noe Valley features a great farmer’s market and a tidy dog park where residents frequently congregate. The area is mostly residential, so you’ll have to leave the neighborhood to get some good food. 

The average cost of rent is $2,875, and the average price of a home is 1.9 million. If you plan on moving here, make sure you have the cash to back it up. 

Dolores Heights and Eureka Valley are two nearby neighborhoods that are quite similar to Noe Valley, with lots of quiet residential streets. They also have great access to outdoor spaces like Kite Hill Park and Billy Goat Hill. 

The Castro 

Located in the heart of the city, the Castro is one of the most fun and lively neighborhoods in San Francisco. It is historically the LGBTQ+ center of the city, well known for being a haven for queer people. 

The Castro is famous for its LGBTQ+ community, amazing nightlife, homey restaurants, and adult shops. Although it’s a very safe neighborhood, it’s not always the most family-friendly. 

The Castro has possibly the best nightlife in the city. Revelers spill out onto sidewalks outside of world-famous bars and clubs like Twin Peaks Tavern. It’s an incredible place for queer people to express themselves and connect with their community. 

Mission Dolores Park and Corona Heights Park are two lovely outdoor spaces in this neighborhood. It’s a flatter, more walkable community than some of San Francisco’s hillier neighborhoods. 

The GLBT Historical Society Museum and the bright rainbow crosswalks down Castro Street make this the perfect neighborhood to celebrate Pride all year long. 

The average cost of rent in the Castro is $2,700, and the average home costs $1.7 million.

The Sunset District

Just south of Golden Gate Park lies the Sunset District. Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset, and Parkside are somewhat more economical groups of family-friendly neighborhoods. 

Inner Sunset is home to some of the best food in the city. You’re always a short walk away from authentic dumplings, pho, or spicy Sichuan cuisine.

The average cost of rent here is $2,500, and the average cost of a home is $1 million. Many diverse families live in the neighborhood since the prices are a good bit lower than other places in the city. 

Outer Sunset is a primarily residential area. Most people who live out here have cars, as it’s hard to get to other parts of the city without one. This means that parking can sometimes be a struggle. 

Outer Sunset also boasts direct access to Ocean Beach. This makes it a great neighborhood for surfers, or people who love to have picnics by the ocean. The trade-off is that the Bay Area’s famous fog is very thick in these neighborhoods. 

The average cost of rent in Outer Sunset is $2,571, and the average cost of a home is $1.6 million. 

Best Bay Area Neighborhoods: Outside San Francisco 

Outside of the city, the main areas people live in are the North Bay, East Bay, and South Bay, also referred to as the Peninsula. Each area has a vastly different vibe. 

Some bay area neighborhoods have an energizing nightlife scene with dozens of live music venues, clubs, and bars. Others roll up the sidewalks at 6 pm. 

Some neighborhoods draw people who want easy access to the outdoors. Others can provide the big city feel of San Francisco with a lower price tag. 

Where you chose to call home will depend on where you work, how far you want to commute, whether you want to live in a house or apartment, your lifestyle, and many other factors. 

If you’re planning to move long distance to the Bay Area, make a numbered list of your priorities and find a neighborhood that meets as many of them as possible. 

The North Bay 

Just across the Golden Gate Bridge lies a nature lover’s paradise. The North Bay is the least populous and least urbanized part of the Bay Area. It is home to hundreds of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, as well as protected beaches and the world-famous Muir Woods. 

Unfortunately, this area also comes with the highest price tags in the entire Bay Area. Rent and home prices rival San Francisco itself. 

There’s also a distinct lack of public transit options, particularly because the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) doesn’t run to the North Bay. You’ll also have to pay a toll every time you want to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, which can make commuting a pain. 

If you want to live among the hills and redwoods and are prepared to shell out for a high cost of living, the North Bay could be for you. 


Sausalito is the first neighborhood you’ll come to after crossing the Golden Gate bridge. This area is known for its Richardson Bay houseboat enclaves and stunning waterfront views. 

Sausalito is a great place for commuters who work within the city. Driving to San Francisco typically takes between 30 and 40 minutes depending on traffic.

The Sausalito Ferry is another commuting option for those who want to take the scenic route. The ferry takes travelers past Alcatraz Island and drops them off in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district. 

The average rent in Sausalito is $3,632. The typical home value is $1.4 million. It’s a gorgeous area, but the price tag is high. 

Mill Valley 

Just north of Sausalito lies Mill Valley. This scenic community is nestled between rolling hills dotted with old-growth redwood trees. 

This neighborhood is an incredible destination for hikers and cyclists alike. Muir Woods lies to the southwest, and Mount Tamalpais to the north boasts sweeping views of the entire Bay Area. Travel west to Stinson beach to enjoy miles of protected coastline. 

Mill Valley is one of the best bay area neighborhoods for families. Schools here routinely score A and A+ grades on Niche. The community is also very family-oriented but doesn’t boast a particularly exciting nightlife. 

Mill Valley is home to very few apartment complexes. Most of the community consists of single-family houses and very expensive ones at that. 

The average rent in Mill Valley is $2,500. The average home value is $1.6 million. 

San Rafel 

Further north is San Rafel, a somewhat more affordable community next to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. It boasts a mix of single-family homes and apartment complexes that are generally more affordable than what you’ll find in Mill Valley or Sausalito. 

This neighborhood has a more middle-class vibe than its fancy neighbors to the south. San Rafel is known for its family-friendly farmer’s market with vendors and live music every Thursday. 

The neighborhood’s 4th Avenue is lined with local breweries, coffee shops, and ethnic restaurants. China Camp State Park to the east is home to excellent hiking and bicycling trails. 

San Rafel isn’t the most ideal neighborhood for people commuting into the city. It takes 45 minutes by car and a full hour by bus. 

The average rent in San Rafel is $2,700. The average home value is $1.1 million. 

The East Bay 

Some say that the most authentic San Francisco experiences are actually found in the East Bay. Gentrification and the rising cost of living have pushed a lot of the Bay Area’s artists, musicians, creatives, young professionals, and working-class people out of the city. 

A large portion of the bay’s younger crowd is making the more authentic and affordable neighborhoods in the East Bay their home. It is an eclectic, artsy, vibrant mix of cool neighborhoods, many of which are extremely walkable. 

The BART runs throughout the East Bay, which makes getting into San Francisco a breeze. Oakland and Alameda residents can also use the ferry system for a peaceful commute across the bay. 

The East Bay also offers easy access to hiking and biking trails in dozens of nearby parks. Reinhart Redwood Regional Park, Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, and Tilden Regional Park are all popular destinations. 


If you’re on the hunt for a big city vibe without the exorbitant San Francisco price tag, Oakland is for you. This hip neighborhood is home to incredible and authentic cuisine, award-winning theaters, and vibrant nightlife. 

Some parts of Oakland are safer than others. But there are many wonderful areas for both singles and families. 

Lake Merritt is a bustling area home to high-rise apartment buildings and a paved 3-mile path around the lake itself. This neighborhood offers easy access to Grand Avenue, which is lined with coffee shops, outdoor patios, and the historic Grand Lake Theater. 

This is one of the best Bay Area neighborhoods for singles. You get to live right in the middle of the hustle and bustle at a much more affordable rate than what’s offered in San Francisco.

To the north lies Rockridge, a quieter neighborhood lined with gorgeous craftsman homes. You’ll be close to College Avenue, which is packed with excellent restaurants and shopping options. 

Further west across Highway 13 lies Montclair, Piedmont Pines, and Glen Highlands. These hilly neighborhoods are mostly residential and close to some of the gorgeous protected nature areas nearby. Many homes offer stunning views of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge. 

Commuting to the city takes only 15 to 30 minutes via the BART, 30 minutes via the ferry, and 30-60 minutes by car. This makes Oakland one of the best Bay Area neighborhoods for young professionals. 

The average rent in Oakland is $2,700 and the average home value is $800,000. This is a bit more affordable than what we’ve seen in the North Bay but still well above the state average


The centerpiece of this neighborhood is the University of California, Berkley. As such, the community is made up of a lot of college-age students and recent graduates. It’s a great neighborhood for young people looking to make friends. 

The vibrant collegiate culture of Berkley can be found most on University Avenue and Shattuck Avenue. North Berkeley is home to incredible eateries like Chez Panisse and the Cheese Board. 

The community prides itself on its tree-lined streets and walkability. There is BART access in North and Downtown Berkely, which can put commuters in the heart of San Francisco in 30 to 40 minutes. Driving will take 35 minutes to an hour depending on traffic. 

Berkeley also boasts lots of outdoor access. It’s bordered by Tilden Regional Park to the east. The neighborhood is also home to Indian Rock Park and the Berkeley Rose Garden. 

The average rent in Berkeley is $3,038 and the average home value is $1.3 million. These prices are much higher than in Oakland and are comparable to those in the North Bay. 


Off the southern coast of Oakland is the island of Alameda. This community and family-oriented neighborhood is made up of tree-lined streets, craftsman homes, and a bustling downtown corridor. 

The beaches in Alameda provide residents with access to the bay and gorgeous views of San Francisco. The community also has several quiet parks that are perfect for walking your dog or going on a family outing. 

The western tip of the island is home to breweries, distilleries, and a monthly antique fair. It’s a fun afternoon spot, but Alameda doesn’t have the vibrant nightlife of Oakland or Berkeley. This quiet neighborhood is more suited to families and established professionals. 

The BART doesn’t run to Alameda, but you can take the ferry into San Francisco. The average ferry ride takes only 20 minutes, making it the shortest ferry commute on our list. Driving takes 35 to 60 minutes, depending on traffic. 

The average rent in Alameda is $2,591 and the average home value is $1 million. This rent price is lower than most of the neighborhoods on our list, but keep in mind that there are fewer apartment complexes in Alameda than there are in other East Bay neighborhoods. 

The South Bay 

The South Bay, also known as the Peninsula, is home to the headquarters of tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook. It is also the location of the prestigious Stanford University. 

If you’re looking for places that are more affordable than the heart of San Francisco, these neighborhoods are not it. Atherton, in San Mateo County, is the most expensive place to live in the entire United States. The average home price in this neighborhood easily tops $7 million. 

Despite this, there are still affordable places to live in the Peninsula. You just have to know where to look. 

The South Bay is home to luxury shopping centers, fine dining, and upscale hotels. Most of the neighborhoods in this area have a quieter, more laid-back feel than San Francisco, which makes them perfect for families. 

La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve, El Corte de Madera Creek Preserve, Redwood Park, and Kings Mountain border South Bay neighborhoods to the east. This gives residents plenty of access to hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails. 

San Mateo 

San Mateo is ranked as the 29th best place to live in the U.S. The climate is sunny, the vibes are casual, and the public schools are phenomenal. 

The downtown corridor has plenty of restaurants and bars. They’re not as authentic as the ones you’ll find in the East Bay, but the food and drinks are phenomenal nonetheless. 

Coyote Point to the north is an excellent place for a picnic or walk with your family. San Mateo has easy access to the waters of the bay. If you’re craving a visit to the ocean, the Pacific coastline is less than an hour’s drive away. 

This neighborhood doesn’t have BART access, but the city is only 30 minutes away by car, 45 in heavy traffic. Most of the Peninsula is serviced by Caltrain, which can get you into San Francisco in about 40 minutes. 

Many people who live in this area are employed by Facebook, Google, or another Silicon Valley tech giant. The headquarters for these companies are just a 20-minute drive away, making it a great neighborhood for commuters. 

San Mateo is made up mostly of single-family homes with occasional townhouses and apartment complexes here and there. The average rent in this neighborhood is $3,202 and the average home value is $1.4 million. 

Palo Alto 

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is an upscale community home to Stanford University. The community is safe and vibrant, with gorgeous tree-lined streets and excellent walkability. 

This walkability contributes to a real sense of community among residents. It’s one of the safest places in the Bay Area, making it a great neighborhood for families. 

Palo Alto is located near the Santa Cruz Mountains, which block a lot of rain from hitting this area. As such, the neighborhood has 261 sunny days per year, which is great for people looking to dodge San Francisco’s famous fog. 

Palo Alto is also uniquely bike-accessible. There are bike lanes on almost every street and people know how to drive respectfully around cyclists. If you’re looking to commute by bike to work, this is a great community for it. 

Residents also have easy access to the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, the Foothills Nature Preserve, and the Los Trancos Woods. All of these parks have plenty of hiking and mountain biking trails, another thing that makes Palo Alto perfect for cyclists. 

This neighborhood is only a ten-minute drive to Google and Facebook headquarters. It takes about 40 to 60 minutes to get into San Francisco by car, or you can hop on the Caltrain for an hour-long ride that will help you avoid traffic. 

Palo Alto is another extremely expensive neighborhood. The average rent is $3,799 and the average home value is $3.1 million. 

San Jose 

San Jose is located at the southernmost point of San Francisco Bay. It offers a nice mix of urban and suburban living, which makes it perfect for both singles and families alike. 

This neighborhood has a whopping 300 sunny days per year. The year-round sunshine plus its close proximity to the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Diablo Range, and Castle Rock State Park draw in tons of nature lovers. 

Google’s headquarters are only a 20-minute drive from downtown San Jose. Facebook’s headquarters are 25 minutes away. 

San Francisco is an hour to an hour and a half long drive away from this neighborhood, which makes it less than ideal for people commuting up into the city. On Caltrain, it’s a full 90 minutes. 

But, this distance from San Francisco propper does make the housing and cost of living in San Jose a bit more affordable than its other Peninsula neighbors. 

The average rent in San Jose is $2,985 and the average home value is $1 million. Although the prices are still high, this neighborhood is much more viable for young professionals than San Mateo and Palo Alto. 

Choosing Your Bay Area Neighborhood 

The Bay Area is a wonderful place to live. Whether you’re looking for a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood or one with exciting nightlife, there’s a neighborhood out there for you. 

Once you’ve settled on a few of the best Bay Area neighborhoods that sound nice, start researching more about them. Think about what your priorities are and hunt for places that cater to your desired lifestyle. 

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Is Carlsbad, CA a Great Place to Live?

Carlsbad, CA is a well-known tourist destination attracting a record 3.9 million visitors during 2019.  The city’s popular for its lovely beaches, great climate, and awesome things to see and do.

If you’re toying with the idea of moving to Carlsbad, or even spent some time there recently, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to live in Carlsbad year-round. 

Keep reading for the low-down on living in Carlsbad.

Carlsbad CA weather

Carlsbad boasts a Mediterranean climate with short warm summers boasting cloudless skies. Winters in this part of the world are long and cloudy, with cool temperatures.

It rarely snows in Carlsbad, with the last snowfall recorded being just 2 inches in 1967. It does rain a lot during winter, with an average of 2.28 inches of rainfall during the wettest month, which is February. 

Cost of Living in Carlsbad

Carlsbad is one of the best places to live in San Diego thanks to its climate and seaside environment.

Unfortunately, great weather and gorgeous beaches come at a high cost in Carlsbad, with living expenses averaging about 70% more than the national average. You need to earn at least $75,000 per year to live comfortably in Carlsbad. 

Real estate is particularly costly, with an average home price of $814,289, 219% higher than the US average. Is that out of your league? You may qualify for Carlsbad’s Affordable Housing Program launched this year.

The average rent for an apartment in Carlsbad is $2,785, but you can find cheaper ones if you’re prepared to downsize your living arrangements. 

The most popular Carlsbad neighborhoods include:

  • Bressi Ranch
  • Calverra Hills Village
  • Carlsbad Village
  • Peacock
  • La Costa
  • Loma Alta

If you’re looking for more affordable neighborhoods in this area, you should search in the following places:

  • South Beach
  • Kelly Ranch
  • Rancho La Costa
  • Rancho Carlsbad
  • Bressi Ranch

It’s best to get in touch with an experienced real estate agent to help you find somewhere to stay in Carlsbad.

Jobs in Carlsbad, CA

Carlsbad ranks among the best cities in California for wage growth and offers plenty of job opportunities as the leisure and food industries come back to life.

The city is a mecca for the golfing industry and home to numerous golfing goods manufacturers, like Callaway Golf Company, Odyssey Golf, TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Company, Titleist, and Cobra Golf.

It’s also a top area for tech jobs, with many available opportunities. 

Major employers in the city include:

  • Viasat, Inc
  • Taylormade
  • Nordson corporation
  • Ionis Pharmaceuticals
  • Medtronic, Inc.

Software engineers are the highest-paid professionals in Carlsbad, earning an average of $94,687 per year, but the average salary in Carlsbad is $81,000 and the average household income is $110,478. 

Around 5.3% of the 114,000 population of Carlsbad CA are without jobs. 

Schools in Carlsbad, CA

The Carlsbad Unified School District has an A+ for quality, placing it among the top-rated districts for education nationwide. 

There are five elementary schools, two high schools, and three middle schools with an A rating in Carlsbad. This places the city at the pinnacle of primary education.

Carlsbad’s most highly-rated schools include:

  • Kelly Elementary School
  • Pacific Rim Elementary School
  • Aviara Oaks Middle School
  • Valley Middle School
  • Carlsbad High School
  • Sage Creek High School

There are 13 colleges within 20 miles of Carlsbad. These include ten private universities and colleges, two public colleges, and one community college. 

The excellent educational opportunities in Carlsbad make it a great place to raise a family, and around 17% of the city’s population consists of school-age kids. 

Things to Do in Carlsbad

You’ll find an abundance of things to do in this area for families, couples, and singles. The city has a seaside vibe, and the locals are exceptionally welcoming, so it’s easy to make friends, too.

These are some of the best things to do in Carlsbad, CA.

Outdoor Activities 

Carlsbad’s mild climate means you can enjoy outdoor activities almost year-round. The only thing Carlsbad lacks is opportunities for snowy adventures. 

There are plenty of other ways to fill your days in Carlsbad, though. State Parks

Carlsbad Caverns is one of the most popular natural areas in San Diego County, with 119 limestone caves hidden beneath its surface. Above ground, you can explore rocky canyons and ancient sea ledges while surrounded by desert wildlife and flowering cacti.

South Carlsbad State Beach is a top hit for camping enthusiasts, with its 223 campsites, some overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

It’s a popular spot for lapping up the natural beauty of the area while enjoying surfing, swimming, fishing, and kayaking. Other Natural Attractions

Although it’s not a state park, The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch is another astonishing natural showcase. Here, you can wander among 50-acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers.

Other natural showcases include the Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation Nature Center with its nature reserve and coastal wetland and the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center which showcases local fauna and flora.Beaches

The glorious Pacific coastline offers many other opportunities for sun lovers to enjoy wonderful sugar-sand beaches. Carlsbad’s best beaches include:

  • North Carlsbad beaches
  • Terramar Beach
  • Tamarack Beach
  • South Ponto Beach

The beaches are safe for snorkeling, surfing, swimming, and scuba diving, but you can also enjoy beachcombing, picnicking, and fishing along these shores.Golf

Carlsbad is a hotspot for fans of golf with five golf courses close by.  

The 400-acre Crossings at Carlsbad is a public golf course that blends beautifully into the environment, while still offering serious challenges for players.

Situated just minutes from the ocean, the par-3 Rancho Carlsbad Golf Course boasts over 7,000 yards of Arnold Palmer designed excellence. If you want to brush up on your golfing skills, the Kip Puterbaugh Aviara Golf Academy is also located at this Golf Course.Legoland

Legoland California is a top attraction for both kids and adults in Carlsbad. The park has over 60 rides as well as interactive attractions for families to enjoy together.

The Sealife Aquarium with its 200 marine species is a must-see during your visit to this park. Leo Carillo Historic Park

Founded by renowned actor Leo Carillo, this homestead features a visitors’ center, a reflecting pool, hand-crafted adobe buildings, and historic equestrian facilities.

You can walk around this interesting place on your own, or join one of the fascinating Saturday-morning guided tours.Trail Riding

Carlsbad has so much natural beauty to enjoy, locals and visitors alike enjoy heading out on horseback to explore more. There are many horseback riding stables offering guided rides and lessons in the vicinity.

Some of the best trail riding destinations include the surrounding beaches, deserts, and farmlands.

Things to Do Indoors

On rainy days, there’s plenty to do in Carlsbad. Some top indoor activities in and near the city include:

  • Indoor go-karting
  • Trampolining
  • Climbing walls
  • Wellness spas
  • Theaters and cinemas
  • Shopping Malls

Culture and art buffs will enjoy the Museum of Making Music, GIA Museum, and the Craftsmanship Museum.


Carlsbad stands out as a foodie destination with no shortage to get your three daily meals and also has some outstanding restaurants for brunch to suit those lazy weekend mornings. 

Favorite local restaurants include:

  • Campfire for wood-fired American fare
  • Beach Plum Kitchen for a laid-back breakfast
  • Spirito’s Italian Diner 
  • The Compass offers classic American food
  • Miguel’s Cocina for Mexican eats

Do you love artisan beers? There are five craft breweries in the vicinity, while wine lovers will enjoy Witch Creek Winery and Carruth Cellars Tasting Room. 


Apart from restaurants offering fine dining and fast fare at dinner time, there are plenty of thumping nightspots in Carlsbad.

You can sip on cocktails at Golden Tee Cocktail Lounge, karaoke at the top of your voice at The Alley, or dance the night away at Coyote Bar and Grill.

If you prefer the bustle of the big city, San Diego and LA aren’t far away. Events 

Carlsbad is ideal for numerous outdoor and indoor events all year round. Some of the best annual occurrences include:

  • The Carlsbad Music Festival 
  • Carlsbad Street Fair
  • Carlsbad 5000 Marathon
  • Makers’ Market Holiday Showcase
  • Bridal Expo & Wedding Festival

Apart from these major occasions, you can look forward to many community and neighborhood gatherings like the weekly State Street Farmers’ Market, holiday get-togethers, and sports events.  

Are You Ready to Get Going? 

With all these great things to offer, it’s not surprising that Carlsbad neighborhoods made it into the top ten on America’s Best Places to Live list in 2019.

Now that you have an idea of what it’s like to live in Carlsbad, CA, you can make an informed choice about whether it’s the right fit for your family.

If you’re still on the fence, you’ll find plenty of short-term accommodation options in Carlsbad where you can spend some time lapping up the vibe in this friendly place. 

Have you already made up your mind?

Whether you’re moving from in or out of state, we can help you plan your move. Browse our blog for helpful tips on a stress-free move, and get in touch to request a free quote for your move to Carlsbad, today.

Best San Diego Local Moving Companies for 2022

Moving to another city is an exciting yet hectic life event, and you need all the support you can get to ensure that your relocation is as worry-free as possible. Hiring the best local moving company is crucial so that your belongings are transported securely to your new house or apartment.

Some of the best indicators of reliable professional movers in San Diego include valid registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), valid DOT number, and a member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).

Additionally, customer reviews and feedback are good first-hand sources to determine the mover’s dedication to delivering the best services to their clients.

Without further ado, here are the three best local moving companies in San Diego that you can rely on to help you move effortlessly into the city.

Move Central

First on the list is Move Central, a company based just outside of San Diego, California, and offers their moving services throughout the city and across the state. When you book them, they can schedule you with a free on-site or in-home estimation, so you never have to pay beyond your budget.

Move Central is composed of a team of professional movers in San Diego who have the experience and drive to deliver the best services to their customer base. The company employs rigorous screening of employees, and this is how they foster their client’s trust and loyalty—by having reliable team members who support the company’s good reputation.

You can hire Move Central for your moving or relocation needs. They offer a full range of services such as packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, local or long-distance moving, storage, commercial moving, and more.

Move Central is also lauded for its excellent customer support. Clients praise them for being efficient movers in San Diego, with their belongings arriving in excellent condition. The company has some of the best equipment, tools, and people, making it the best moving company in San Diego.

Best Fit Movers

Making it to the list is Best Fit Movers due to their dedication and experience. They do local or long-distance moving and offer different moving solutions that meet the client’s requirements. They belong to the list of best local moving companies in San Diego because of their friendly yet professional approach to their business.

Best Fit Movers cater to the greater San Diego area and many cities in California. They work according to an individualized plan for their customers, providing a tailored moving experience that benefits and satisfies their vast clientele.

Some of Best Fit Movers services include full packing and unpacking, long- or short- term storage, fine art moving and antique moving.

Atlas Transfer and Storage Co.

Experience tells a lot about a company, and Atlas Transfer and Storage Co. has been in the business since 1925. They are one of the oldest and most trusted local moving companies in San Diego, and the quality of their services lands them to this shortlist.

Being in the industry for so long, the Atlas team is acclaimed for being professional, client-oriented, attentive to detail, and always available to support their customers. The company is based outside of Poway, California.

Like the other best moving companies in San Diego, Atlas offers individualized services to their clients. They customize the process based on the customer’s requirements, whether it is for moving, storing, or packing. Their staff is always courteous and efficient so that the moving experience is hassle-free and fast every time.