5 Tips on How to Plan an Interstate Move

Moving great distances across the United States can be overwhelming for the whole family. When you decide to switch from one coast to another, finding a team of dependable and experienced interstate movers can be of great help. 

However, not all companies are equally trustworthy or readily available, so you should be careful. Luckily, if you live in San Diego, you might find a qualified team nearby. Read on to learn how to prepare for your cross country relocation in 5 steps. 

What do I need to do when moving to another state? 

What do I need to do when moving to another state? 

Firstly, you’d need to see whether your local companies can assist you with moving across state boundaries. While they might fulfil the technical requirements, you’re looking for a company that is legally licensed to relocate across the country. Make sure that you make the right choice, or find a way to rent a truck. 

If you’re using any specialized storage unit (container), you should know if the local regulations require that you get a permit before parking it on your property. Some states treat it as an additional residential unit, albeit you could leave it there for only a couple of hours. 

Finally, when you relocate from one US state to another, you’d need to find a way to update your address in your ID card and driver’s license. This means that you’d need to do some paperwork and obtain all the necessary documents from the authorities. Notify your post office, to make sure that your mail reaches your new address. 

How to prepare for a cross country move?

Not unlike a short distance relocation, the vital thing is to be prepared. Although your belongings might cross thousands of miles, don’t panic. Start by taking a deep breath and write everything down. Follow these five steps for peace of mind:

  1. 1. Make a thorough checklist

As the total cost of your relocation will be determined by the weight of the shipment, you should make a comprehensive list of your belongings. Your list should include everything that you’d need in your new home, as well as to-do’s that you need to check on the go. This will keep you organized and away from common mistakes while you relocate.

  1. 2. Declutter

If you’re looking to save on your move, reduce the number of boxes and furniture. Discard all trinkets and unnecessary stuff that would only occupy precious space in your new home. 

How to prepare for a cross country move?

However, don’t let everything go to the landfill, and make a donation pile instead. Make sure to donate clothes, linens, plates, children toys and pieces of furniture that haven’t been used for years.

  1. 3. Set a budget and buy supplies

Make sure to have a clear budget and that you save enough money, to cover unexpected costs if they occur on the way. To cut down the costs, some people tend to purchase previously used cardboard boxes, or old cushions or blankets. 

If you’ve assumed total responsibility, make sure to include a variety of protective materials: cling foil, sturdy cardboard boxes, additional layers of paper, bubble wrap etc. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, you can go for reusable plastic bins. 

  1. 4. Research your local providers

You should inquire with your local company to check whether they can assist you with your move. More importantly, you should make sure to select a verified and licenced company. Unfortunately, not all companies play fair. 

There are some providers that can take advantage of clients, keeping their belongings hostage for weeks or months, demanding additional payment. To be completely safe, always check if the company is registered and licenced to do interstate moves. 

  1. 5. Prepare your new home

Although your belongings might arrive on time and in good shape, you need electricity, running water, and heat in your new place. Unpacking in a house without utilities will only produce additional efforts. You would have to spend a couple of days chasing permits and local contractors to help out. For this reason, make sure that everything is ready before you move in. 

Where can I hire reputable interstate movers in San Diego, CA and the vicinity? 

Where can I hire reputable interstate movers in San Diego, CA and the vicinity? 

Being stressed out about relocating to a different state is completely normal. However, with Move Central in your corner, you have a chance to make your relocation hassle-free and worthwhile. Whether you’re moving to or from Mission Valley, San Diego or elsewhere in California, you can leave your worries behind. 

You can count on our client-focused staff to handle every aspect of your move with great care. We know how to implement best practices to make your cross country move feel effortless. If you’re in any doubt or would like to book your appointment with us, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Local vs. Interstate Move: What’s the Difference?

Travelling a long distance to settle down in a brand new environment can be quite exciting, but also challenging and cost-intensive. This is especially true if you don’t have a sound plan or a reliable organization to support you. 

How does an interstate move work?

Cross country moving to or from San Diego requires highly synchronized effort and expertise. This is why you should be informed about specific aspects of moving between different states and pick the best provider. Read on to learn more about all relevant details. 

What is an interstate move? 

The simplest way to define an interstate move is the transportation of personal belongings across different states. In addition consider the three types of moves according to mileage: 

  • Local move (less than 50 miles)
  • Mid-distance move (between 50 – 400 miles)
  • Long-distance move (more than 400 miles)

Interstate move usually involves long distance transportation, but not necessarily. For instance, you may travel for over 400 miles within California, which would be considered long distance. If you’re relocating across state boundaries, but the distance is less than 400 miles, it can be considered a mid-distance, or even local move. However, in the latter case, you’ll probably have to deal with different local regulations, such as obtaining necessary permits and other paperwork.

How does an interstate move work?

Like with any other relocation, you need to rely on your local resources. You need to consider the means of transportation, devise a manageable plan, and start packing your household items to keep them safe during transport. 

  1. 1. Contact a transport company

First off, you should consider your budget and how much your move would cost. You basically have two options: you can rent a truck and do everything DIY, or go for a more traditional option to outsource the transport logistics to a specialized local company. 

Your provider should give you an estimate according to the following 3 factors: 

  • Weight of the shipment
  • The overall distance
  • Additional services included

Make sure to select the option that best suits your needs and budget. Bear in mind that it’s sometimes better to go for a provider that gives you a more reasonable quote. A higher price should come with a higher quality of service, better vehicle, specialized packing supplies, broader experience, and less uncertainty. 

  1. 2. Pick a date

Transport companies usually have a busy schedule, so it’s best to call them at least a month ahead, if not a couple of months, to be completely safe. Keep in mind that a long-distance relocation can take days, if not weeks. 

Transportation across multiple states can be a complex task that requires a lot of patience. Make sure that the company gives you a clear estimate and a means to update you about the whereabouts of your belongings. 

  1. 3. Create a plan

When you set up an appointment, you’d need to make a plan and prepare for your interstate relocation. Apart from your household items, you need to make a long list of necessities and packing supplies.

 Also, make sure that you set aside some money for unexpected expenses, such as keeping some of the belongings in the warehouse. Your list should also include checking relocation paperwork. Lastly, you should make sure to coordinate your efforts with your relocation provider and other contractors. 

  1. 4. Pack up 

You want to make sure to avoid some common mistakes when moving across states, such as leaving everything for the last moment or not labelling your boxes. When you have sorted out all the things you need from the donation pile, start packing the boxes, prepare your furniture, and get ready for professionals to carry out the heavy lifting. 

  1. 5. Move in

When you finally reach your destination in Clairemont or anywhere else in San Diego and the vicinity, you’d be able to slowly unpack and unwrap your belongings. Go on a ride around the neighborhood to get to know it better. As a friendly start, invite your neighbors for a small homecoming party.  

Who offers reliable & efficient cross country moving in San Diego and beyond? 

Who offers reliable & efficient cross country moving in San Diego and beyond? 

Transferring from one state to another can be fraught with stress and uncertainty. Your safest bet is to find a reputable company that can get your belongings across state borders safely and without hassle. Here’s where Move Central steps in. 

We can assist you with every aspect of your move, from preparation, packing, truck loading and unloading, to furniture assembly. For your peace of mind, our trustworthy team members are fully licensed and insured. We combine cutting edge equipment and supplies with our vast experience to provide you with the highest level of service.

Don’t hesitate to call us today and ensure a stress-free relocation!