What to Sell Before Moving?

Knowing what to see and what to keep prior to moving is an important part of decluttering your house before moving. Also, decluttering is an essential for organizing a smooth move that will ensure that moving is as quick and efficient as possible. This is why you should always put an effort into getting your home ready for the move.

And this is something you should keep in mind when hiring professional moving services in San Diego. When movers arrive into a home that is prepared for the move, you can expect them to be a lot faster with the entire process, allowing you to settle into your new home sooner. So, here’s what you should sell, and what you can keep when moving.

What should I sell before moving?

When you’re planning a move, it’s unwise to keep all of your items and transport them to your new home. There are some belongings you should sell. On the one hand, it will help keep your new home clutter-free in the beginning and, on the other hand, you can earn some money to help pay for professional movers. Let’s see what items you should consider selling before moving:

  1. Furniture – Take measurements of the furniture in your existing home, and then see if it will fit in your new home. If not, you should definitely sell it rather than move it and try to find a place for it in your new house.
  2. Electronics – If you’ve got some old electronics around your home, and you’re no longer using it – sell it. The best way to get rid of old electronics is to list it online and wait a bit before a buyer comes.
  3. Clothes – You should always sort through your clothing before moving, and set aside the clothes you’re no longer wearing. Take all the clothing items that are still in great shape, and sell them in a garage sale.
  4. Toys – Similarly to sorting your clothes, you should also go through all of your kids’ toys, select ones that are in good shape and that your children are no longer interested in, and either list them online or sell them in a garage sale.
  5. Books, movies, and CDs – If you’re a collector of books, movies, or CDs, you should be aware of the fact that all these can fetch a pretty penny online, especially if they’re rare. A great way to earn some money while getting rid of the clutter.
  6. Tools – If you’ve got a garage overflowing with tools you’re no longer using, you should definitely sell them and earn some money prior to the move. Tools are heavy, bulky, and you don’t want to haul them if you don’t need to.

What should I keep before moving?

However, you should not sell everything when moving. There are some belongings you should think about keeping and moving to your new home. Here are the items you should always bring to your new home:

  1. Kitchenware: Kitchenware takes little room, it’s easy to pack and move, and it’s essential. Imagine coming to your new home, cooking a celebratory dinner, only to find you have nothing to eat it with.
  2. Paper records: Always bring all of your important documents with you. Keep items such as loan statements, medical records, and banking installments close, and bring them with you to your new home.
  3. Prescription medication: Medication is one of the most important things you need to take with you when moving. However, this is the item most people frequently forget. Medication comes in small containers that are easy to unwittingly leave behind.
  4. Photos: Memories are among the most precious items you have, and you should never leave your personal photos behind when moving. Make sure to pack them in the beginning so you don’t forget about them.
  5. Sentimental items: There are items you throw away during a move if you’re not using them, but there are also a couple of items you keep just for sentimental reasons. Bring these items with you, as you can come to regret it if you don’t.

Who offers the finest moving services in San Diego?

Getting rid of some of your stuff is only a single aspect of planning a successful move. It can only get more complicated from there, and you can easily get overwhelmed with it all. That is why you need to hire a moving company you can rely on to help you go through it all. Luckily, you always have Move Central to fall back on.

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Decluttering Your Home Before Movers Come

Decluttering your home before a move is one of the essential steps in planning a completely smooth move and speeding up the entire moving process as much as possible. Also, when decluttering, you should think about which items you want to sell before a move, and which ones to keep and move to your new home.

You should think about getting your home prepared for the move even if you’re hiring one of the reputable moving companies in San Diego. This will make their job a lot easier, and make the entire process of moving a lot faster and efficient. So, let’s see how you can prepare and declutter your home prior to moving.

How do I prepare to declutter my home?

Decluttering your entire home before moving is definitely not an easy task. You can’t simply start and expect your decluttering efforts to be quick, thorough, and efficient. Before you actually begin, you should prepare both yourself and your home for clearing up. Here’s how to prepare for detailed pre-move decluttering:

  1. Spot for paperwork – Paper usually makes up plenty of the clutter around the home. As people don’t tend to have a designated spot for paper, it’s all around the house. Before starting to declutter, pick a spot for all the paper that’s going to come into your home before the move.
  2. Set up folders – If you have a lot of paper in your home, you’re also going to need to create simple folders to place all the important papers in, such as bills. Put all the “important” folders in a single location so you always know how to find them easily.
  3. “Maybe” box – When decluttering, you’re going to throw some stuff away, and also keep some of it to move to your new home. But, what about the items you still can’t decide on? Instead of leaving them lying about, create a “maybe” box for all the items you’re not sure if you’re going to throw away or donate, or take with you.
  4. A 30-day plan – Decluttering is an extremely demanding and draining process when you try to do all of it in a couple of days. That is why you should create a longer decluttering plan and do a tiny fraction of it every day, instead of a huge load all at once. And, this way, you’ll hardly make a mistake.
  5. Decluttering weekend – However, you should also leave a single weekend before a move to finalize all your decluttering efforts. Clear your schedule for that weekend, set up a decluttering plan, and get it done without a hitch.
  6. Purchase supplies – You’re going to need supplies if you’re going for a whole-home declutter. You should always buy the following before beginning the process: boxes,  trash bags, permanent markers.
  7. Stop buying – Finally, don’t continue buying as much stuff as you used to. This will only create new clutter that you will have to clear prior to moving, which will create plenty of additional work for you. Tone it down before settling into your new home.

How do I declutter before moving?

Now that you’ve prepared for decluttering your home prior to moving, it’s time to actually begin the process itself. You still might find it difficult to find your feet in the beginning, but once you clear out a single space, you’ll start feeling better about it and really get cracking. Let’s see how you can go about decluttering your home:

  1. Ask your friends and family – Depending on the size of your home, going at it alone could prove too difficult and time consuming. Instead, ask your family members and close friends to come and help you out.
  2. Visualize the space – Take a moment, scan the room, and try to mentally prepare to declutter it. Think about what you’re going to do first, where you’re going to place the items you want to throw away, and how you’re going to organize the items you’re keeping with you.
  3. Start off easy – In order to get started, get rid of some of the “easy” items first. For example, throw away some old shoes, empty bottles, or old medication. This way, you’ll start feeling good and productive before moving on to more complicated stuff.
  4. Room-by-room – One of the most important aspects of decluttering is to do it systematically. So, instead of doing a bit here and there, you should enter a single room, clear it, and then move to another part of your home.
  5. Rearranging – Then, once you’ve decluttered a room, rearrange it slightly in order to make it as easy as possible for the professional movers to grab everything you need them to and place it in the moving truck.
  6. Expiration date – Once you get to the kitchen, make sure to check the expiration date on all the perishables, and immediately get rid of the food that’s no longer good to eat. This will make your home safer in addition to making it free of excess clutter.
  7. Bulky items – Always remove the largest items first, as they will not only give you more space to continue decluttering, but will also give you a sense of accomplishment, as they make the previously cluttered up space feel a lot more spacious and organized.

Who are the leaders among moving companies in San Diego?

Relocating to a new home is a difficult experience, both emotionally and physically. It doesn’t matter if you’re just moving from Mission Hills to another neighborhood in San Diego, or if you’re going to a completely different state. You’re still moving your life. And that’s never easy.

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