Top Tips for Picking a Moving Company

If you’re looking for advice on how to pick a moving company, it probably means you’re quite familiar with all the benefits of hiring professional movers, and that you’re finally ready to look into securing the services of a reputable moving company.

And that’s great. Why go through all the trouble of planning to move, if experienced professionals can do it for you? But, how to find the best San Diego movers? Easily, if you read through this list of tips. 

How to choose a moving company?

With plenty of rogue movers currently in the market, it’s quite reasonable to seek advice on how to choose a trustworthy moving company to help you with your relocation. Here are some tips that will help you navigate these treacherous waters easily and confidently.

  1. Licence – The first sign, and one of the most important signs that point to a good moving company is the fact that it is licenced, bonded, and completely insured. 
  2. Inventory – Every moving company that strives to become the best will, first, take an inventory of all the belongings in your home. This will help them reach an estimate.
  3. Estimate – Once the process of listing inventory is complete, professional movers should reach an as-close-as-possible estimate of the projected moving costs.
  4. Deposit – The first red flag of bad movers is the insistence on a big deposit. If a deposit seems too unreasonable, it probably is, and you should keep looking. 
  5. Name switch – There are moving companies that, in order to circumvent Better Business Bureau assessments, operate under a variety of different names. Stay clear of these movers.
  6. References – Good moving companies have previous satisfied customers talking about them. If none of your friends can recommend professional movers, you can always try the American Moving and Storage Association for recommendations.
  7. Blank contract – There are some moving companies that insist on you signing a blank moving contract. This is not something you should do, and you should never consider hiring such a company. 
  8. Hidden costs – Reputable movers need to be completely up front about any potential additional costs, such as for narrow streets, many flights of stairs, etc. 
  9. Protection – Finally, make sure that movers are prepared to take full responsibility for any possible damages to your property. This means they are confident in their abilities and prepared to admit mistakes. 

How do I hire a good moving company?

How do I hire a good moving company

Now that you’ve found a moving company that ticks all the necessary boxes, it’s time to take a closer look into all of the most important steps in the process of hiring movers. Now, make sure not to skip any of these.

  1. Screening – The first thing you should do when hiring a moving company is to perform some online background checks. See what the people say.
  2. Choice – There’s always that one moving company that seems like the best possible choice. And it usually is. But, just to be completely on the safe side, invent several movers to provide an estimate. 
  3. Participation – When it comes to the process of movers estimating the costs, make sure to be at their side and show them every single item you want to relocate. This is the only way to receive a realistic estimate. 
  4. Review – Once you’ve received several estimates from a couple of moving companies, it is time to sit down and review them until you decide on one that seems best to you. 
  5. Duel – The best thing, upon reviewing all the estimates, is to boil your choice down to two of them, and then perform an in-depth research into their business.
  6. Licence – Once you think you’ve come to a choice, never hire until you inquire about the said company’s licence and insurance. 
  7. Complaints – Finally, call the Consumer Complaints hotline and see if there have been any complaints against the company you’re set on hiring. If not, then hire away!
  8. The call – Call your movers of choice, set a date for them to come to your home and start packing your belongings, sit back, exhale, and relax. You’re all set. 

“Now that I know how to hire Diego’s professional movers, do you have a suggestion?”

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7 Reasons to Hire a Moving Company

The desire to go at it alone, even when it comes to moving, is completely understandable. But why, if you don’t have to? There are, really, countless reasons to save yourself the trouble and hire professional movers

Sure, you have to spend some time choosing the right moving company for you, as you certainly want to hire dependable professional movers. But, when you’re moving in San Diego, isn’t it better to ask about movers, than to plan every aspect of relocating your home on your own? It does sound better, but let’s see why hiring moving pros actually is better. 

Is hiring a moving company worth it?

Having to move, either by choice or by circumstance, is never an easy and straightforward process. It is only once you start gathering boxes all around the house that it will dawn on you just what kind of an endeavor awaits.

Enter professional moving companies – seasoned veterans of the “pack it up” game who can take care of literally every aspect of the moving process instead of you. Not only will this save you a lot of stress, but it will save you a lot of lost time should you choose to do everything on your own.

However, people tend to refrain from hiring movers because they think it costs a lot of money. But, think about it – if you choose to go it alone, you still need to hire a moving truck, buy the necessary supplies, etc.

And all that costs money. When you opt for a moving company, there’s only a single bill, one that saves you from the hassle and the stress. And can you put a price on a carefree move? Definitely not, which is why hiring professional movers is definitely worth it, no matter how you look at it.

Is it better to hire movers or move yourself?

Is it better to hire movers or move yourself

Let’s face it – you’re never going to end up moving yourself. It’s simply not doable. Well, it is, but at what cost? Packing a whole house, a whole life up to that point is a task that requires a lot of effort and that includes aspects you might not have even considered.

But, let’s say you decide to move all alone. Somewhere down the line, you start realizing that you might not be able to succeed. Then you pick up your phone, start calling friends and family, promising barbeques, beverages and other types of bribes.

You see where we’re going with this. This is why it is always better to “splurge” for a moving company right away, and save yourself a lot of trouble down the line. And it’s not really splurging because A – it’s necessary, and B – it’s not that expensive to begin with. 

Even if all this sounds a bit too good to be entirely true to you, although it actually isn’t, here are some of the biggest benefits of hiring experienced movers that will definitely tip the scales.

Why should I hire a moving company?

The single biggest reason is this – saving yourself the major inconvenience of actually having to move yourself. But, there’re more to hiring a moving company:

  1. Finger-lifting – That is, no lifting a finger. OK, you’ll have to lift a finger when pointing to the stuff you want moved, but other than that, you won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. 
  2. Efficiency – Experienced professional movers have plenty of moves under their belts, which means they’ve become rather good at helping people move quickly and without a hitch. 
  3. Stress – Or, rather, no stress on your part. Moving is stressful, and anyone who says otherwise has likely never moved home. However, movers take the stress completely out of the equation.
  4. Safety – Depending on what you have in your home, moving can become a dangerous undertaking. Imagine having to take a piano out of the upstairs room and into the truck? Moving companies know what they’re doing, and they do it as safely as possible. 
  5. Time – By not becoming preoccupied in the actual hauling of items from your old home, you’re left with a lot more time on your hands for other important tasks, such as setting up cable at the new place.
  6. Friends – Keeping them, that is. Although this is a joke, hiring a moving company will save you the potential blushes from asking your friends and family to come ‘round to help you move.
  7. Costs – In the long run, and when you carefully consider all the costs associated with relocating on your own, hiring “expensive” movers can actually save you some money down the line. 

There are plenty of hidden expenses you’re not aware of when moving alone, and it is those expenses that usually make people decide to hire a moving company.

What are the most dependable moving experts in San Diego?

If you’re about to move, deciding to hire the services of a reputable moving company is an excellent idea, especially in these trying times we’re finding ourselves in. No need to look for long though, as Move Central is here for you!

Our movers are the best in the business, and they will give it their all to ensure your move transpires smoothly. We’ve got all the necessary equipment to make short work of it, so there’s no need to worry. Wouldn’t it be better for you to take a stroll down Point Loma while we do the moving for you? We feel that it would, so why not contact us today?