Office Moving Tips

Office Moving Tips

These Office Moving Tips by the experts at Move Central Inc., specifically covers moving day and what to do before the movers arrive.  Follow these Office Moving tips to make your office move run smoothly.  Note: the key to any successful office move is dependent on you to having the contents of your office ready for us to move when we arrive.
Here is a short list of some of the things that need to be done:
• Take down adjustable shelves and place pegs in a small, sealable bag and pack into a moving box. Label the shelves separately and place them on the floor.
• Unplug computers and disconnect cables. Wrap and place items like your keyboard, speakers, mouse, cables, and other small electronics in a moving box and label.
• Label large items like printers, computers, filing cabinets, copiers, etc.
• Empty wastebaskets and label.
• Ensure all office machines are serviced by professionals before the move. Remove paper and toner from machines and roll up cords.
• Leave files in file cabinets unless instructed otherwise.
• Empty contents of all storage cabinets, desks, and bookcases, and pack items into moving boxes and label.
• Label large or heavy pictures to be moved by the moving company. Small pictures should be wrapped and packed into a box labeled “fragile.”
• Consult with your San Diego office moving company to find out what else may be required for your particular move.

Whether your office is in San Diego county or outside of the area, we hope your move will be a breeze with these office moving tips. To get a free quote from San Diego’s affordable moving company contact the experts at Move Central today.

Office Moves: Labeling

Office Moves: Labeling

San Diego’s office movers, Move Central, always stresses the importance of office move labeling and organization to make your office move easier and less stress free. Proper labeling is even more crucial for an office or company move than it is for a household move. If not labeled properly your office equipment may wind up in the wrong office or even on the wrong floor.

Labeling for Office Moves

When you move with us, we will give you specific information to use on every label. Then, using a ballpoint pen, you will write the specific information on the labels to be used for your office.
You will then stick the labels on the top or front of each item to be moved, including but not limited to the desk, chairs, bookcases, computers, lamps, etc. You will also put these labels on the boxes of items you packed from your desk, file cabinets, or bookcases.
By doing a thorough job of labeling each item in your office correctly, you can ensure that all of your familiar office equipment will be delivered where it belongs. This will create less hassle and lost productivity for everyone involved in your move.
Whether your office is moving in San Diego or across the country, we hope these tips will help your move be easy and frustration free. As always, our full service, office movers in San Diego are always here to help.

Mover’s Tips: Using Trash Bags

San Diego Mover’s Tips: Using Trash Bags

Using trash bags for your move is a cost-effective way to save money and time will safeguarding your valuables.
In many cases, a large box can weigh up to a pound or more, while a trash bag weighs only ounces. Additionally, bags are super cheap and most likely something you have on hand…making it a win-win situation!  Although we do not suggest using trash bags for everything…we do recommend using trash bags for the following items:

Moving Wardrobes—This trick works best for hanging clothing. You can easily push together a few items of clothing, still on their hangers on the closet rod, and pull a trash bag up and over the top of them, using the drawstrings to close the bag just below the hook of the hanger. These clothes can then be left hanging until you are ready to move them.
Moving Stuffed Animals/Pillows/Bedding—These bulky items are lightweight, but putting them in boxes costs you precious space and money. They are perfect candidates for the trash bag treatment.
Waterproofing—Though these won’t keep all of the rain of your items, you can use them in place of more expensive alternatives to protect items in wet conditions.
Although using trash bags for your move can save you a few dollars and the inconvenience of purchasing more boxes on wardrobes and soft items, we still recommend specialized moving boxes for everything else.

For more tips from the premier moving and packing specialists in San Diego, stay tuned here or contact your local Move Central Expert today.

Packing Flat Screen Televisions

Packing Flat Screen Televisions

Packing flat screen televisions properly will save you time and safeguard your investment. Move Central’s movers and storage experts knows that your flat screen televisions are both expensive and fragile. Keeping your flat screen televisions safe during a move is one of your top priorities. When you let our full service movers do the packing, we will take all the necessary precautions to secure your flat screen. But what about when you are not utilizing our San Diego packing service?

Pack It In The Box It Came In—If you are one of the lucky few who saved the box, just slip it back in using the included packing Styrofoam, and you are set!
Buy A New Specialized Television Box—Specialty TV boxes come in a variety of sizes, and you can easily find them online or purchase them through us.
Add Some Padding—Bubble wrap or a soft, non-abrasive sheet or blanket packed into the box will ensure the screen is protected during the move.
Label It “TV Fragile”—Be sure to label your TV so it is handled with care. By labeling it on all sides “TV, Fragile” our movers will know where to put it and will understand not to stack anything on top of it if it is laid horizontally in the moving van.
Out of all of the San Diego moving companies out there, Move Central cares most about you, your moving experience, and your TV.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about packing or your next move!

San Diego Mover’s Tips: Using Plastic Containers

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Using Plastic Containers for a Move

Today, our San Diego packing experts will share how you can use plastic storage containers for moving when you choose to pack your own items instead of using Move Central packing service, San Diego.
Many people love using plastic storage containers and Move Central moving service, San Diego, knows there are several reasons why: They require no tape, are sturdy, have handles, and are usually easily stack-able.
Nevertheless, they are not foolproof, but here are a few tips our professional movers in San Diego have for using them wisely:

Don’t Over Pack—You want the lid to secure easily, the boxes to easily stack, and to be able to lift them. Be sure to leave at least three to four inches of space at the top.
Make Sure Items Are Dry—Because of the seal on these containers, packing damp or wet items could be a recipe for mold and mildew, and nobody wants that.
Stack Carefully—Two or three high is about all you will want to go, depending on their size and weight. You will also likely need to secure them during the move.
Don’t Forget The Label—As always, label these for later so you can unpack at your leisure and still be able to find things you need.
And remember, if you have any questions about your move, just ask the experts at Move Central, San Diego’s premier local and long distance moving company.