The Best Times for Residential Moves

Much like Move Central of San Diego, most experienced residential moving companies know that the best times for residential moves depends largely on your own personal circumstances. It makes sense, right? Sometimes you need to move quickly, and sometimes you need to... The Best Times for Residential Moves

Protect Your Belongings for Moving

Whether you are moving in San Diego or moving from San Diego to somewhere else, you want to be sure that you protect your belongings for moving. Move Central takes the utmost care of your possessions, but with any moving company, accidents can occur that are sometimes... Protect Your Belongings for Moving

How to Find Affordable Movers

Are you looking for affordable movers?  We completely understand why you would be looking! Moving is expensive and there are lots of costs involved. You may have to put a down payment on a house or a deposit on a rental home. You may have to put a deposit down for... How to Find Affordable Movers

Moving Company Costs

Before you pack your first box it is important to know moving company costs so you can properly budget your move. When choosing a long-distance or local moving company in San Diego, you want to get the best value for your move. But before you contact a mover, we want... Moving Company Costs

Choosing an Office Moving Company

Choosing an Office Moving Company When choosing an office moving company in San Diego, there are just a few things to keep in mind. In this article, we will give you three simple things to look for, to ensure that the office movers you choose give you a cost-effective... Choosing an Office Moving Company

What is Vaulted Storage?

Moving and Storage Q & A: What is Vaulted Storage? When moving, many people find that they need to move a few things into storage. If you are already using a moving company that offers storage, you may wonder how their vaulted storage works for you, how safe your... What is Vaulted Storage?

Choosing a Storage Company

Choosing a Storage Company Most people don’t want to pay a fortune to store the stuff they aren’t using, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a cheap storage company. You are putting your items in storage for a reason: Because you want to be able to use them... Choosing a Storage Company

Scouting New Neighborhoods

Relocation Tips: Scouting New Neighborhoods Scouting new neighborhoods before a long-distance relocation can be a fun adventure, but our San Diego relocation specialists know that this excitement can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you don’t have a lot of... Scouting New Neighborhoods

Self-Storage vs. Full-Service Storage Company

Self-Storage vs. Full-Service Storage Company When you need to store away valuables, there are two choices: using a self-storage company or using a full-service storage company. Most people know that vaulted storage means greater security for their beloved belongings,... Self-Storage vs. Full-Service Storage Company

Tips for Moving a Vehicle

Tips for Moving a Vehicle Whether moving a car, truck, van, or boat– our professional vehicle moving service in San Diego has some great tips for keeping it in top condition and protecting your valuable investment during your move. Consult with your local moving... Tips for Moving a Vehicle

Office Moving Company Expectations

Office Moving Expectations When you hire a San Diego office moving company, you should expect a certain level of service that will ensure that you are hiring the right moving company for the job. In this article, we have provided a list of five things the moving... Office Moving Company Expectations

San Diego Long Distance Movers’ Tips

San Diego Long Distance Movers’ Tips for Choosing a New Neighborhood Our professional long distance movers in San Diego know that when moving to another part of the country, it can be hard to get your bearings. In this article, our San Diego relocation... San Diego Long Distance Movers’ Tips

Preparing for the Storage Company

Did you know that preparing your items for storage before the storage company picks them up is just as important as preparing your items for moving? That is because items can get scratched, damaged, or soiled if not prepared properly.  In this article, our San Diego... Preparing for the Storage Company

Furniture Movers

How Professional Furniture Movers Move Over-sized Furniture To professional furniture movers, moving an over-sized piece of furniture is really no different than moving anything else in your household. It is all about using the right tools, protecting your valuable... Furniture Movers

Negotiating Moving Rates

Negotiating moving rates effectively will save you some money and potential headaches.  While many people may think that searching Google for “cheap movers San Diego,” is the first step, the fact is that most people don’t want “cheap moving companies”,... Negotiating Moving Rates

Affordable Moving Tips

Affordable Moving Tips: How To Move On The Cheap Move Central’s affordable moving tips can save you anywhere from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars on your next move. The long distance movers at Move Central of San Diego, California know that many people are on... Affordable Moving Tips

Preparing Items for Storage

Preparing Items for Storage: Storage Company Tips During a move, and depending upon your specific moving needs, you may want to consider preparing items for storage either for a short or extended amount of time. The most convenient way to do this is by taking...

Relocation Tips: Negotiating

Relocation Tips: Negotiating Before you relocate, take advantage of Move Central’s relocation tips and learn how to negotiate your moving package before you sign the dotted line.  While we all know that moving can be expensive, even if you go with so-called... Relocation Tips: Negotiating

Office Moving Packing Tips

Office Moving Packing Tips Move Central’s office moving packing tips have been compiled by our experts to help you achieve a stress-free office moving experience. We know that moving an entire office can become an overwhelming process, especially without a good... Office Moving Packing Tips

Office Moving Tips

Office Moving Tips These Office Moving Tips by the experts at Move Central Inc., specifically covers moving day and what to do before the movers arrive.  Follow these Office Moving tips to make your office move run smoothly.  Note: the key to any successful office... Office Moving Tips